Moonstruck: Awakening

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Chapter 8

Several hours later, James and I finished up another grueling session. I don’t know whether I was indeed getting stronger at a miraculous rate, or if it was because we’d only been training for half the day, for whatever reason, I actually managed to be standing that afternoon when Gabe walked in. Barely.

Nodding at his friend, Gabe came over to me, stopping just a little too close for social convention, but not so close as to be intrusive. Hell, I wouldn’t mind him standing a little bit closer.

“How’re you feeling,” he asked in a low voice that I just wanted to wrap around myself. Something about his voice always elicited a response in me, raising my heartbeat, quickening my breath, tightening things lower.

“Like I could take on an army,” I replied, the sarcastic tone I’d intended, coming out as flirty and coy instead.

A smile quirked the corner of that sexy mouth and my eyes dipped to follow the movement, my blood heating in response as I imagined tasting the full, luscious curve of his lower lip. A low, almost inaudible growl came from Gabe and James cleared his throat.

“Yeah, I’m just going to leave you two to it then,” he said, making a big production of leaving, closing the door firmly behind him.

We ignored him and continued to look at each other. Maybe it was the adrenaline from training or something else, but my hormones seemed to be running rampant. As soon as Gabe had walked in, I’d been fighting the urge to claim him, mark him, do something to let the world know he was mine.

My thoughts briefly flicked back to the annoying woman from the store, the bimbette with the fake boobs. The possessiveness she’d shown towards Gabe had infuriated me and I’d wanted to smack her down, put her in her place. My earlier irritation with the woman came flooding back, cooling my rapidly growing lust, enough to allow me to step back in an effort to gain control of the situation.

“So I met one of your packmates earlier,” I said with forced casualness, walking to the corner of the room to grab my drink bottle.

“Did you?” I knew the disinterest in his tone was feigned. Me meeting one of the pack in an uncontrolled environment was exactly what we’d been trying to avoid, potentially disastrous. His lack of reaction told me someone had already related the incident to Gabe, probably Laura, while I’d been training with James.

“Yup.” I took a long drink of the water. “Interesting woman.” I glanced at Gabe over my shoulder. “If you like the plastic look,” I said, then bent over slowly to place the water bottle on the ground. Straightening I turned and found Gabe’s eyes focused directly on where my ass had just been displayed.

“I guess,” he said, his heated gaze traveling up my body. The pull I felt towards him was undeniable, and I found myself walking back to him, taking my time, refusing to be too eager. My mood was so strange; playful, seductive, but with an edge that bordered on jealousy.

“You like the plastic look then?” The height difference between us was notable, as close as we were. My eyes raised to meet his, my expression challenging.

He gave a disappointed shake of his head, as though he thought I was better than that. “No games, Em. Just ask me what you want to know.”

“Fine. Have you fucked her?” Where the hell was this coming from? I had no right to ask that, but something compelled me, I had to know.

Gabe raised his eyebrows at my bluntness. “No.” That was it, no explanation or expanding. Just that simple denial. I believed him, though I couldn’t let it go.

“Why? She seems like a sure thing.” The heat of his body radiated off him, the faint scent of him drifting towards me, making me want to breath deep, take it all in. I wanted to get closer, even as it seemed like my words were designed to push him away.

“Low hanging fruit isn’t always the ripest, Em. And not all males go for the easiest conquest. What exactly is your problem here?” Watching me closely, he knew what was bothering me, I could tell. He just wanted me to admit it.

“Why would I have a problem?” Raising one hand, I pushed some loose hair out of my face, trying to act casual and failing miserably. “I’m just saying she came across as pretty possessive for someone who hasn’t slept with you. Maybe she thinks it’s just a matter of time.”

Agitated, I struggled to stand still. It was hard to be so near and not touch him, the almost overwhelming urge to close the distance between us was becoming too hard to fight.

“I can’t control how people talk about me. I’ve never given her any indication that I’m interested.” Finally, he took half a step closer, till only a deep breath separated us, his head dipping closer to mine, the intensity in his expression and his proximity causing my breath to catch. Jesus, I wanted him so much, I had since I’d first heard his voice, but now I was all but lost to my desire to touch him. “She means nothing to me,” he said softly, his warm breath whispering across my lips. “So why does it bother you?”

“It doesn’t bother me.”

“Em,” he chastened.

“Fine. She acted like you belonged to her.”

“And who should I belong to?” His head tilted, aligning our lips, staying just out of reach till he had the answer he wanted.

“No one,” I whispered, breathless with anticipation, desperately needing him to close the gap. “Yourself.”

“Tell the truth,” he chided, relentless.

Swallowing, I finally admitted the truth, both to Gabe and myself.

“Me.” The word was barely audible, little more than a sigh, but it was what he’d waited to hear. He let out a low growl that resonated through me, causing things lower in my body to clench with desire, closing the distance between us. His arms came around my waist and ribs, strong bands holding me in place and I felt a brief moment’s panic at the constriction.

He must’ve sensed it, because he eased his hands off, settling them at my hips, his fingers digging into my skin.

Pulling away, Gabe let his head fall back, his eyes closed, his breathing ragged. He was battling for control, and while it was nice not to be the only one feeling so wild, I’d thrown caution to the wind and control was not what I wanted from him. Leaning forward and going up on tiptoe, my palms slid up over his shoulders, bringing myself closer till I could reach the corded muscles of his neck. Opening my mouth, I nipped at his throbbing pulse, licking away the insult caused by my teeth, tasting the slight saltiness of his skin. It was so good, I wanted more. Lowering a little, I took another bite, gathering his skin between my teeth, not roughly, licking my tongue along what I’d gathered, sucking, savoring the flavor of him. He inhaled sharply, his fingers clenched again on my hips, this time pushing me away, creating some space between us.

“Damn it, Em. Give me a second here. I’m trying to go slow.” He met my eyes again; the fierceness of his expression should have been intimidating, but it thrilled me.

“Take your time,” I said, taking a deep breath that expanded my lungs, brushing the tips of my overly sensitive breasts against his chest, causing a beat of pleasure to roll through me. “I’m just entertaining myself.”

“Tease,” he said, but he grinned while he did it. One of his hands came up and gently clenched in the hair at the base of my scalp, holding me securely. “It’s my turn to be entertained.”

His lips descended again, taking mine, his tongue probing, licking into my mouth, encouraging me to respond. Eager to participate, it soon became a dance, a give and take, the coming together and parting of our mouths, only to come back to each other again and again, as we kissed for what seemed like forever.

His hand on my hip drifted up, tracing the indent of my waist, briefly cupping my shoulder before traveling up and along my arm where it was hooked around his neck. A quick squeeze and its path reversed, back down over my shoulder, along my side, resting on my hip, repeating. At any other time the light, gliding touch would be soothing, gentle, affectionate. But with his kisses clouding my senses and his hard body held against me, the slow touch was inflaming, frustrating, the tease he’d just accused me of being. Gliding so close to my aching breast, grazing the side, but not touching, not fully the way I wanted, needed it too. Back down along my waist, cupping my hip, dipping down a bit more over my ass cheek, but never stopping, never enough pressure for what I really wanted.

I moaned at the frustration, pushing my hips closer to his, feeling his firm erection nestled between us, just a bit too high with his tall frame for what I really wanted. He nudged back in response and I circled my hips slightly. His breath caught and that drifting hand finally settled back down on my ass, pulling me closer to him.

He broke away again, still holding me close, but far enough so he could speak.

“We need to slow this down a bit, Em, much more of this and I’m not gonna be able to stop.” In contradiction to his words, he used the hand still tangled in my hair to draw my head back, exposing my neck. Bending me back over his arm, it was Gabe’s turn to graze his teeth along the sensitive nerves, biting down ever so softly on the skin where my shoulder began, bringing a groan from me.

“What if I don’t want to stop?” The words were out of my mouth before I’d even realized I’d thought them.

Gabe stilled against me, drawing in a deep breath that he released with a shudder. He pulled back to meet my eyes, his expression eager and intent.

“You need to be sure about this. I’m okay with just this, I’ll wait till you’re ready. But it will be really hard to stop later on if we keep going. Don’t get me wrong, if you say stop, at any time, I’ll stop. But if you’re not ready to go further, I think we should calm it down a little, otherwise, I’m going to embarrass myself.”

His logic was an unwanted moment of truth. It would’ve been easier to give in to the moment, be swept away by the lust, deal with the consequences and regrets later. But Gabe was right, I had to be sure, and clear on what I wanted. I slid my right hand from where it was clenched behind his neck, cupping his jaw and appreciated his raw honesty as much as I cursed it.

“I want you. I want this, now, with you.”

“Good,” he said fiercely, clutching me tight again. “Because you belong to me, too.” Then his mouth claimed mine again and I was lost.

He felt so good against me, I wanted more. Letting go of his jaw, I slid my hand down his throat, over his chest, along the bunched muscles of his abs and down to the bulge of his erection. Cupping him where he was trapped between our bodies, the back of my hand brushed against my most sensitive place, so we both moaned at the sensation. Frustrated with all the cloth between us, I wanted to feel his skin.

I gave another squeeze of my hand where it rested on his length, then pulled back. Reaching for the hem of his shirt, I raised it, pulling it over his head with a little help from him.

Leaning back, I took a moment to admire the view, studying him. Well defined muscles without being bulky, the man didn’t have an ounce of fat on him and bronze all over. Raising my hands to smooth them over his chest lightly covered in hair, I followed my instinct and leaned forward, placing an open mouth kiss on all that lush skin laid out before me.

He stood still, letting me take the lead and set the pace. My hands wandered, tracing the contours of his body, up his chest and over his shoulders, slipping my hands down his arms till I gripped his biceps where they were banded and tight from his restraint.

Tilting my head back to meet his kisses again, we stood there, straining against each other, reveling in the delicious friction and trying to get closer.

“Em, I’ve got to touch you. Let me touch you, please.” Though his words were begging, his voice was demanding and I nodded, wanting that too. This time Gabe grabbed the bottom of my top, pulling it up over my head. The shirt had a built-in bra that was supportive enough to contain me, so not wanting to get my new bra sweaty, I’d left it off when I’d changed earlier. When Gabe pulled my top off, he encountered my bare breasts and zeroed in on them with fervent glee.

Both his hands came up to enclose my breasts, pushing them together and burying his face in them, turning from one side to the other, kissing and sucking, teasing first one nipple, then the other, humming in appreciation. Letting out a sound of my own, I let my eyes close and my head fall back, threading my hands through his hair to keep him there while I enjoyed the sensation.

Threading one arm around my waist, Gabe showed off his incredible strength by bending me back so far he was practically supporting my weight, pushing my chest out and giving him better access. Slowly making his way up, Gabe stopped to pay tribute to my neck once more and I shivered, shards of pleasure shooting through me as I felt his teeth gently grasping my skin.

Needing more, I employed a move James had shown me earlier that afternoon, hooking my leg around Gabe’s ankle and pushing back, tripping him over and following him down onto the mat. Given that from my position I’d had zero leverage, I knew that Gabe had allowed the move, but I didn’t care how we got there, just that we were on the floor, Gabe spread out below me just where I wanted.

Straddling his hips, I took a moment to grind my core against his erection, circling my hips then rubbing back and forth in imitation of what was to come. I arched my back and moaned at the sensation, I felt like my nerves were on fire where we touched and was worried I was going to burn up. Surely this couldn’t be normal, it was so intense. After all that I’d been through, this kind of intimacy should be the last thing I wanted.

I was distracted from my momentary doubt by the feel of Gabe’s hand on the bare skin of my waist, sliding up my sides to cup my breasts.

“God, you’re so hot. Perfect,” he muttered, then surged up, and I once again felt the wet heat of his mouth on their peaks.

A moan was about the only thing I could articulate and I enjoyed his ministrations for a little longer before taking control again. Tracing my hands down my own body till I reached his hand, I grabbed his wrists and yanked, pulling them up over his head and leaning forward till he fell back and I had him pinned on the mat, hands on either side of his head. He could’ve easily broken my hold, but control is control. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s taken by force or given willingly.

“Stay there,” I whispered in a husky voice, and I rocked back on my knees, pushing up until I was standing above him, straddling his knees. Taking a step back, till I stood just behind his feet, looking down at the man on the floor.

His head lifted up a bit, watching me intently, his hands moved to clasp together behind his neck, supporting it. His biceps bulged and abs clenched, his arousal showing plainly through his shorts, legs spread, just slightly apart, well-defined thighs and calves, ending in ratty running shoes.

“Lose the shoes,” I commanded, looking him in the eye. Toeing off his shoes and even managing to take his socks off without moving his hands from behind his neck was impressive and did wonderful things to those flexing muscles. He kicked them aside, then raised an eyebrow, as if to ask, ‘what next?’

Licking my lips I studied him and smiled. This was all mine. Time to show him what he got in return, I toed off my own shoes, then reached for the waist of my yoga pants, pulling them down my hips, taking my underwear with them and bending down, slid them past my knees. Kicking them the rest of the way off, I then stood there, naked and completely exposed to his gaze. His heated look flicked down my body, taking it all in and suddenly, I felt completely empowered.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yeah,” his voice a low rumble.

“Do you want what you see?” This time I took my hands and ran them down my body. This was the first time in my memory that I’d touched myself this way and it felt different from Gabe. I knew just where and how to touch myself to get the best response. Pausing at my breasts, I lifted and cupped them, feeling their weight, squeezing gently and clenching my thighs in response. Letting my hands wander further down, I felt the indentation of my waist, my hips flaring out, the smooth skin of my lower belly, going even lower still, till my fingers found my core, separating my lips and feeling the wetness that was gathering there.

My hips gave a little involuntary thrust when I hit my clit, a small moan at the jolt of pleasure I felt coming from my lips. On the floor below me, Gabe gave an aborted movement, a small sit up, as if he had tried to get up, but was holding himself back. His arms, still behind his neck, tensed, as if that grip was the only thing holding him back from me.

“Yeah,” he breathed again, but I don’t know if it was in answer to my question or in agreement to my self-exploration.

“Lose the pants,” I commanded. The words barely left my mouth before Gabe’s hands sped down to the waist of his shorts. Pulling them out slightly so they wouldn’t get caught on the way down, he efficiently shucked them, kicking them away to join the rest of our discarded clothing.

Leaning back, he turned the tables, offering himself up for my visual delight. One hand returned to behind his head, the other mimicked my earlier movement, running down his chest and abs, till he cupped himself in one huge hand, giving a few slow, thorough strokes, watching me with a smoldering expression.

“Fuck,” I whispered softly. I wanted so desperately to lick every inch of that body laid out on offer before me, but I doubted I had the self-restraint for the amount of time I’d need for that. Maybe next time.

Dropping to my hands and knees, I crawled my way up his body, sinuously stalking up those legs, pausing to drop hot, open-mouthed kisses, below his navel and another above his left pectoral. I shifted till my knees were braced on either side of his hips, still keeping myself suspended above him.

The hand that had cupped himself came up to the back of my neck and directed my head up to meet his kiss, which was feral and hot. Teeth clashed and tongues intertwined, it was like we were trying to absorb each other. But other than that contact, he wasn’t touching me, keeping to his word that we were doing this my way.

Overcome with a wave of desire, I finally lowered my hips, settling myself down over his hard length, feeling his heat rubbing between my legs, rubbing in just the right spot sent pleasure rocketed through me. We moaned into each other’s mouth and his hips bucked. Finally, his other hand came out from behind his neck and he reached down, grabbing my hip with bruising force, urging me to rub harder and faster.

My slickness coated him, covering his length and we slid together easily. I shifted and the head of him nudged at my entrance, but the angle was wrong. Reaching down between us, I grasped him, angling him up to meet me, positioning his erection so I could push down. Once it was right, I sank slowly, his girth stretching me, filling me completely. Resting my forehead on his, I closed my eyes, concentrating on him, his breathing and the place where we connected. His hands gripped my hips and the strength in his fingers distracted me, bringing back the darkness.

No, I wouldn’t let the darkness in. Opening my eyes, I stared down into the gaze of my lover, drinking in his face, focusing on the here and now, not the then and there. Gabe seemed to realize something was wrong and he gentled his grasp, sliding his hands up and down my sides in a gentle caress.

He twitched inside me, just a small pulse and it set off a corresponding response in me.Sitting still on top of him, his dick buried to the hilt, my clit pressed against him. Giving an experimental roll of my hips, I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure that came with it. Gabe’s fingers clenched, a quick spasm, then gentled again, the only indication that he was struggling with control.

But the darkness passed and I was ready for fulfillment, desperate for the peak that was teasing my nerves. After a quick, thorough kiss, my hands braced on the mat on either side of his head, I started moving, a rolling motion of my hips, pumping his length in and out of me. God, it felt good. I was caught up in a wave of pleasure and my movements became automatic and instinctive. After a time, I sat up, straightening my back, thrusting out my breasts and changing the angle and depth of his penetration.

Gabe took advantage of this, his hands snaking up to knead my breasts in rhythm with my movements, his gaze fixed on my face as I writhed above him. The room filled with sounds, skin hitting skin, our labored breathing, the moans and groans and hums of excitement. The scent of his overheated body drifted up, adding to the stimuli.

Leaning back, I moved my hands to his thighs, rolling my hips, rubbing myself against him. This new position was too much and I cried out as I slipped over the edge to my orgasm. My stomach and thigh muscles clenched and I flung myself forward, burying my head in Gabe’s neck, stifling my cry in his shoulder as the pleasure went on and on and my internal muscles gripped him in a fierce possession where he invaded my body. It wasn’t till I tasted salty, coppery blood that I realized I’d bitten him.

Shocked, I tried to rear back, to see the damage and apologize for hurting him, but one hand came to the back of my head, holding me there, groaning and grinding against me in apparent ecstasy. Taking the hint I licked and sucked on the area, taking in his salty sweat and blood, kissing and biting some more, without breaking the skin this time. The heavy hand from behind my head disappeared and he let out another muffled groan a moment before both hands came down to grip my hips.

Bending his knees and bracing his feet on the floor, Gabe used those powerful thigh muscles to pound up into me. Still sensitive from my orgasm, I cried out again, unable to do anything but stay still and take it as he used my body to find his completion. Not that I minded, not in the least, all I could do though was hold on through the onslaught of sensations.

I became aware that Gabe was muttering ‘god, god, god’ under his breath, in time with his thrusts and I knew he was close. Pushing down to match his thrusts, I again bit at his shoulder, sucking in as the sensations shot through me and Gabe slammed me down on to him one last time, letting out a roar of completion, his head arching backward as his hips ground into mine. I felt him spill into me as he came and gripped him tight, circling my hips to draw out the sensation.

We collapsed back, still joined, Gabe prone out on the mat, me sprawled out on top of him, my cheek resting against his shoulder, both trying to catch our breath. For a while, that was the only sound in the room. Gabe’s arms came up around me, hugging me close, leaning his face into the top of my head and making me feel cherished. I reveled in the closeness and would’ve been happy to just lay there and fall asleep, the sweat from our exertions a drying coolness on my back.

“Shit,” Gabe cursed softly and some of the mood dissipated. I stiffened slightly, not so mellow or cherished.

“What,” I asked warily, not sure I wanted to hear the answer.

His hand came up to cup my jaw, tilting my face up to look into his concerned gaze.

“We didn’t use protection. God, I’m sorry, I should have thought of that! I never go bareback, I just got caught up.”

It took a second for me to catch up with him and my stomach clenched when I finally understood his words. We’d just had unprotected sex. A mixture of emotions shot through me, not the least of which was panic, but I pushed it down. What’s done was done. No point panicking until there was something to worry about. That thought led to another and suddenly, it wasn’t an unwanted pregnancy I was worried about.

“Oh god,” I said, feeling sick to the stomach. I had no idea what my medical history was before I’d blacked out, but I was more concerned about what had happened to me in the short time I could remember. “Oh god,” I said again, covering my mouth with my hand.

“Shh, shh, it’s okay. Whatever happens, I’m here for you, we’ll handle it together. Fuck, I’m such an asshole. Em, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’ll be okay, just stop shaking, you’ll be okay,” Gabe’s voice pleaded with me as he stroked his hands up and down my back, trying to soothe me. He didn’t understand, he thought I was upset over a possible pregnancy.

I looked at him, horrified. “It’s not me I’m worried about. What they did, I don’t know how-“ I stumbled over my words. “You could be at risk, I don’t know what they did to me, what I could have...” The sickness in my stomach was churning and I pulled away, feeling him slipping from where we’d been joined, felt the wetness of our coupling trickling down my thigh as I pulled away, curling my knees up to my chest and burying my face.

“Em, it’s okay. Look at me. Please trust me, it’s okay. I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re okay.” He knelt beside me, gathering me in his arms and enveloping me in his warmth.

“How can you say that? You don’t know,” I replied hotly, devastated at the thought that my selfish act may have hurt this man.

“Em, look at me. Just look at me.” His hands framed my face and he made me look at him, kept demanding it till I gave in and could see his earnest expression.

“I do know, okay? I do. When you first came, you were unconscious, Sam took some blood, sent it off to a lab to run through any tests we could think of. We didn’t know exactly what had happened to you, but we had an idea, so we tested for everything. You’re clean, okay? You’re clean,” he looked deep into my eyes, willing me to believe him and I found myself breathing a little easier. “Look, Shifters have pretty amazing immune systems, we don’t get sick, not really. Except for colds, hell everyone gets colds. But the other stuff? The blood stuff and transmittable stuff? We’re essentially immune. Do you understand what I’m saying? Nothing we did here just now could hurt me.” He caressed my cheek. “Nothing,” he repeated firmly.

Drawing in a deep breath, I tried to let go of my anxiety. If what he said was true, then there was nothing to worry about and I was damned grateful for that. Looking at his face, I knew he was telling the truth. My gaze snagged on his shoulder and I sucked in a breath, my eyes widening. Reaching a hand over, I gently traced the marks I’d left.

“I wouldn’t say nothing,” I said, half-joking, kind of embarrassed at the mess I’d made of his skin. Aside from a perfectly formed set of my dental indentations, his skin was red and mottled with a dark hickey. Thank god it was off to the side, enough that a t-shirt should cover it.

“Are you kidding me? I’m gonna display this like the badge of honor it is,” he said with a cheeky grin, making me realize I’d spoken that last thought out loud. My dismayed horror must’ve shown on my expression because he laughed and brushed it off. “Relax, it’ll be mostly gone in a few hours, wait and see. I should be able to contain myself until then.”

Not entirely convinced, I traced the area again lightly with my fingertip, following the deep impression caused by my bite. Gabe closed his eyes and almost purred, so I did it again and he leaned into my touch. Huh, okay then.

Opening his eyes again, he looked at me. “Are we okay?”

Taking another breath, I slowly nodded. “Yeah, we’re okay.”

“Good. Because that was probably the best moment of my life to date and definitely my fondest memory of this dojo ever! I wouldn’t want it to be ruined.” Awareness of my surroundings suddenly came back in a rush and my eyes flew to the closed- but unlocked- door leading to the outside world. Geeze, anyone could’ve walked in and discovered my little porn queen act. I could feel heat scalding my face and didn’t have to look in a mirror to know I was blushing bright red.

Gabe, the asshat, threw his head back and laughed. “Don’t worry, no one would’ve come in here. Even if they’d managed to get past James, which he wouldn’t have let them, I think it would’ve been pretty obvious what was going on. None of my pack is stupid enough to interrupt.”

I didn’t think it was possible, but even more heat flushed through my face. “Great, so they may not have caught us in the act, but James- and possibly everyone else- knows what we’ve been doing down here?” Crap, how would I be able to face them. I’d known this man less than a week and there I was riding him bronco style to a massive orgasm. Yeah, that was classy.

Looking lazily at his wrist, he checked out the time. “Well, we have been down here for a while. Laura sent me down to get you guys for dinner. I’m guessing they went ahead without us.” His smug tone was not helping and I let my head fall back to my knees, groaning in embarrassment.

Laughing, he hugged me close, dropping a smacking kiss onto the crown of my head. “Em, seriously, relax. They won’t judge. I can’t guarantee that James won’t try and make some smart ass comments, but I have every confidence that you can beat him into submission.”

“Yeah, right,” I muttered with my head still down.

Gabe burrowed his hand down to grab my chin, gently tugging until I was looking at him. The amusement was gone and in its place, there was only heat and desire.

“Did you like what we just did?” he asked huskily.

I swallowed and licked my lips. “You know I did.”

“So you wouldn’t be adverse to it happening again? With better planning, that is?”

“No, I wouldn’t mind,” I said, my voice weak at the thought.

“Then I’m afraid, sooner or later, they’re gonna notice, because darlin’ now that I’ve had my hands on you, you’re going to have a battle keeping them off you.” With that, he leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on my lips, drawing it out until I opened up to him, my knees falling down to the side, my arms coming around his neck and he drew me forward till I was sitting on his lap, chest pressed together, exchanging soft kisses. Oh, I loved soft kisses. It was something I’d only just discovered. The soft suckling of lips, the slight meeting of the tongue, arousing but in a different way, more of a slow burn than an instantaneous inferno. I could’ve gone on kissing the man for hours.

His stomach, however, had a different idea and let out a long, distracting growl. We smiled without pulling apart, still kissing, but with our lips stretched up in mirth. With one final, decisive kiss, Gabe pulled back. “Come on, let’s get dressed. Laura would’ve left us some food. Or more likely, she left you food and grudgingly enough for me, only so I wouldn’t eat your food.”

I arched an eyebrow, still sitting on his lap, my arms around his neck. “You’d eat my food?”

He grinned and kissed my nose. “Gotta keep my strength up so I can be of service to you any way I can,” he said before unceremoniously dumping my naked ass onto the mat. Before I could protest, my shirt and pants were thrown at the back of my head, wrapping around to settle on my shoulders. Nice.

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