Moonstruck: Awakening

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Chapter 9

Upstairs we found the kitchen deserted, a note on the kitchen table letting us know that there was a casserole in the oven and a salad in the fridge. It also informed us that Laura had taken herself off to the movies and would see us in the morning. I really loved that woman.

Thankfully the food was warm enough that we didn’t have to heat it up, so in little time we had large heaping plates in front of us and we settled at the kitchen table to eat and exchange small talk. As we ate, I noticed a bite mark on Gabe’s wrist. It was odd, I didn’t remember biting him there. But I brushed the thought aside, I had bigger things to contemplate.

Like how comfortable I was with Gabe, how ready I’d been to be physical with him and how soon I wanted it to happen again.

I may not be able to remember anything about my life before I’d woken up in that hospital room, but somehow I got the impression that I hadn’t been much of a bed hopper in my past life. How could I tell? Simple, really. I was in close physical contact with two extremely good-looking men on a daily basis. But I only lusted after one of them. Surely if I’d been hard-core into recreational sex, I would have been an equal opportunity luster?

All that I’d been through while I was a captive, the horror I’d endured, the things I’d been forced to do and had forced on me. Getting close to someone, intimately, even the thought of it should have me running for the hills.

But there was a connection between Gabe and myself. As weird or mystical as it was, I couldn’t deny there were more than just hormones between us. Part of me was terrified at how quickly our relationship had progressed, but the majority felt as if I should be heaving a sigh of relief, like I’d finally found a missing part of me.

After dinner, we contemplated watching some TV, but the day caught up with me and I really didn’t feel like it. When Gabe cupped my cheek and asked in solemn voice “Can I sleep with you tonight?” I melted and nodded, and we headed off to my bed. Although technically, I was pretty sure it was his bed.

Beating him to the room meant I beat him to the bathroom. Laughing maniacally, I blew a taunting kiss his way as I closed and locked the door, grinning as I heard his disappointed ‘aww’ come through the wood. After my ablutions, I grabbed the robe off the back of the door and headed out to the bedroom, feeling dewy and fresh. Gabe was lying, fully clothed on the bed, having only taken his shoes off, reading the book he’d left on his bedside table. When I exited in a cloud of steam he stood up and gave me a wounded look I chuckled until he smacked my ass on his way past and it was his turn to blow a kiss at my disgruntled expression as he closed the door.

I couldn’t stop the smile that broke across my face, no doubt a big goofy grin, and I hugged the warm feeling to me. I didn’t have a lot of memories of feeling this good and I intended to wallow. I’d barely read a few pages of my own book before Gabe reappeared, unabashedly naked and apparently comfortable with it.

Nudging me over to the far side of the bed, away from the door, he joined me under the covers, yanking at my robe until I was as naked as he was. He pulled me into his arms, my head buried under his chin, and sighed as if everything was right with his world. Admittedly, it felt pretty damn right to me too.

Reaching down, I laced my fingers with his and raised our hands up, looking at the disparity of our intertwined appendages. I’d noticed when he came out of the bathroom that the majority of the markings I’d made on his shoulder earlier had faded. Most of the hickey had gone and my teeth marks were now a dark pink scar instead of a scabbed wound. The bite mark on his wrist had also pretty much disappeared.

Snuggled in the darkness, my head nestled on his shoulder, his pulse strong against my cheek, I felt warm, safe and protected. There’s something about the dark, with most of your sight taken away, it was funny. It could be either completely liberating or intensely terrifying. With Gabe though, I felt cocooned against the world, as if it were just the two of us and I could ask him anything.

“Gabe,” I said, bringing our hands forward so I could kiss his knuckles.


“Did you bite your wrist earlier?”

There was a moment’s pause. “Yeah.”

“Why?” The hesitation and wariness in his voice meant I wasn’t sure I really wanted the answer anymore.

“Because it wasn’t the right time,” he said enigmatically.

Now, I could’ve let it go. Clearly, he was reluctant to explain, I could’ve just accepted what he’d said and gotten an explanation for his cryptic statement later. But apparently, I wasn’t that smart. There were so many things in my life that I didn’t know, so many unanswered questions, I just couldn’t stand having another one floating around in my conscience.

“Wasn’t the right time for what?”

Gabe sighed in the dark, a heavy, weary sound. “For more Lycan weirdness.”

When he didn’t say anything more, I let go of his hand to smack his shoulder. “Well that explained nothing,” I said in an annoyed tone.

He chuckled. “Okay, fine.” He captured my hand and brought in to his chest, holding it there. “When you bit me earlier, it was kind of like a mating thing. If I’d bitten you back, we would’ve been considered by the pack as mated, a matched pair committed to each other, and you’re not ready for that. If something like that does happen between us, and I hope one day it will, I want it to be because you want it as well and have made a conscious and informed decision. Not because you were acting on instinct.”

Holy shit. I’d felt guilty before when I’d thought I’d simply gotten a bit rough during sex. Now he was telling me I’d pulled some freaky werewolf thing without knowing? He was right though. I wasn’t ready for any more weirdness. Especially stuff that involved another person. It was hard enough trying to figure out what the hell was happening to me, I didn’t want to drag anyone else onto the crazy train. Mulling his words over for a minute only raised more questions.

“So mating is kind of like marriage, then? What does that mean, you can be with me and only me?”

He played with my fingers as he answered, his tone almost instructional. “It can be like a marriage thing.” He shrugged, making my head rise up and down on his shoulder. “It’s more of a bond, almost metaphysical. We’d be linked in ways it would be hard to understand. True mating isn’t a really common thing, people are extremely lucky if they ever find their mate, but we’re human first and foremost, so we have all the human foibles. If I was mated with you, I’d still be physically able to be with another woman, but it would be extremely unlikely that I would even have a passing temptation to do it. Why eat leftovers when you’ve got haute cuisine waiting at home?”

Shaking my head at his atrocious analogy, I waited for the panic at the thought of being bound to this near stranger to overcome me. But it didn’t. Sure, I wasn’t about to haul off and ask him to bite me now, but I also wasn’t running for the hills at the thought either.

“So you bit yourself instead of biting me?”


“Thanks. I didn’t know, but I appreciate your restraint. I completely agree with your reasoning by the way. Now that I know, I’ll be aware of it and not try to snack on your shoulder.”

“Oh god, don’t to that,” he sounded horrified.

“What?” I asked, startled, tilting my head back to try and see his expression in the dark.

“Sweetheart, when we’re in the moment you can chow down as if I’m your favorite chew toy.” He paused for a moment. “Well on most parts of me anyway, some areas should still be treated with respect. But it feels incredible when you do that, god so good,” he squirmed slightly at the memory and I shifted my knee over his hips to feel that all of him was happy reliving the memory. And if I was honest, I was also feeling a little happy myself, remembering the feelings that had driven me to mark Gabe in the first place.

Rolling a little more on top of him, my thigh covering his arousal, I searched for his mouth in the gloom, finding it hot and ready and willing to play. Gently biting his lower lip, I drew it out a bit before I let go. Hissing in response, he grabbed my hips under the blanket and pulled me till I was once again straddling him.

Rubbing together in the darkness, there was a less explosive quality to our passion this time. It was as if we’d taken the edge off our lust earlier and could take our time to explore each other the second time around.

I was so aware of him beneath me, the firm solid warmth of his muscles, the heat from his skin, the clean scent of him rising up from his body. My thigh muscles stretched and something about the dominance of my position pulled me back a bit from my pleasure. I wanted something more, something different, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it yet. It was one thing for me to be in control, another thing entirely to hand that control over to someone else.

“Gabe,” I whispered.

“Yeah?” he responded between planting nipping kisses along my neck.

“I want to try something, but I’m not sure how I’ll react.”

He stilled at my words, then moved his face till we were looking eye to eye. I could just make out his features in the ambient light.

“Em, you tell me what to do and how to do it and when to stop and I’ll do it. Whatever you need sweetheart.”

His words rang with conviction and once again I knew what a good man he was. Rolling over onto my back, I opened my arms to him, inviting him to settle over me. When I was on top, I was in control and I was able to keep the darkness away. I didn’t know how I’d go with Gabe above me, but I didn’t always want to be the one in the driver’s seat.

Instead of immediately moving over me, Gabe settled on his side, propped on one elbow, throwing a leg over me to rest between my knees, before he returned to the kissing, letting his free hand wander over my body. I turned into him as he leaned over me, so we were still touching neck to thigh, but I had room to pull back if I needed to. I resented that I needed to take these kinds of precautions, hated that those faceless people had taken so much from me. But with Gabe, I felt comfortable enough to try being intimate, and for that I was grateful

I had no idea how long those soft kisses went on, but slowly they became more heated. It was no longer enough for me and I wanted more. Gabe’s hand had slid down and parted my folds, and gently flicked, sending pleasure shooting through me. I could feel his hard cock against my leg, hot and ready, but he made it all about me, overwhelming my senses. Next time, I promised myself. Next time I’d return the favor and do all those things I wanted to.

God, I was so turned on, I wanted that closeness of him inside right away. Without thought, I pulled at him, tugging him over me until he settled between my legs. There was a moment, the tiniest flicker of panic when he loomed over me, but he kissed me before it could take hold and I was surrounded by his scent and heat and felt safe. Once again rubbing up against each other, our kisses turned carnal. Lifting my knees till my feet were on the bed and his erection was perfectly aligned, I thrust my hips up, trying to capture him. I could feel the head at my entrance and writhed, desperate to feel his penetration. His hips moved and he started to enter me when suddenly he wrenched away, lunging over to his bedside table and fumbling in a drawer. I heard the rustling of plastic, tearing of cardboard and more rustling of plastic. There was some cursing thrown in too, but that could’ve been because I’d reached down between us and had grabbed hold of him, sliding up and down and using him to pleasure myself.

“Fuck,” I heard his frustrated voice and I couldn’t help but tease.

“I’m trying,” I said and felt his body shake against me as he chuckled.

“Sorry. I just want you to know that this is a new pack that James bought for me as a joke after you arrived. I don’t just have condoms laying around waiting.” He groaned a little as I squeezed him lightly, resuming my slow up and down slide. “I’m having a little trouble with the packet because someone keeps distracting me.”

“Aww, poor baby,” I said, completely unsympathetic. I liked knowing I had the power to affect him as much as he affected me.

More rustling and finally, Gabe settled back over me. His hand between us and then his properly protected hardness nudged at me, seeking entrance. All levity was gone and the passion returned immediately as he sank into me. Crossing my legs behind him, I pulled him down till he covered me completely, tilting my hips gently back and forth as we kissed. God, it was so good.

This time may not have been as frantic as the first, but it was still filled with heat and fire. Gripping his ass as he pounded his hardness into me, bumping my clit every time he bottomed out, it wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm sweeping over me. Clenching my legs and nearly crushing him as I moaned, Gabe reached down between us, rubbing me there, stretching out my pleasure until I thought I was going to blackout. Finally, I unclenched enough that he could once again move, which he did with enthusiasm. Burying his head in my neck as he thrust against me, I thought I felt the faintest brush of teeth, but then he was groaning into the pillow, pulling me up to meet him and holding still as his own release gripped him. Pumping a few times as he came down, he raised himself up to see my face, kissing me softly, repeatedly, while I stroked his back.

Finally, blowing out a breath, he leaned back enough to look at me, taking in my sleepy smile. “I really like doing that,” he said and I laughed.

“Yeah, I’m kinda fond of it myself.”

Levering off me, he got up and disappeared into the bathroom, and I rolled onto my side, grabbing some tissues from the bedside table and doing a quick clean up. Dropping them into the bin next to the bed, I lay back down, squeezing my thighs together, savoring the residual tingles in my system. Coming back into bed, he scooted over and cuddled up behind me, throwing an arm around my waist and pulling me into him.

It was as if a switch had been flipped and adrenaline flooded my body, panic filling my head. Gasping, I immediately started to struggle, desperate to get away from the presence at my vulnerable back. Gabe let go of me the second I reacted, pulling back as far as he could, arms out to the side in a non-threatening manner.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry, it’s just me,” he soothed, smart enough not to touch me till I had myself under control.

Flopping back on the bed, I viciously wrestled with my instinct to run, fully aware that it was Gabe with me at my back and that nothing horrible was about to happen. But it took a lot of effort to push that blackness away. I refused to give in to the helplessness I felt, wouldn’t let those tears fall. Just when I thought I’d taken a step forward in reclaiming myself, something happened to set me off and it was like two giant steps back.

I caught my breath and turned to Gabe, who was watching me, waiting till I was ready.

“Do you want me to sleep in the other room tonight?” His voice held no resentment or anger, only patience.

“No, I’m okay. Sorry, I just can’t have anyone at my back. Not yet.” Shuddering I tried to force myself to relax.

“No, I’m sorry, I didn’t think,” he said. “God, I may as well just record myself saying that and just play in on repeat, I seem to be saying so often lately. Here, give me your hand.” Lying beside me, he stroked his thumb over my fingers.

Turning on my side to face him, I got comfortable. “Roll over,” I demanded and bless him, he didn’t ask questions, just did as I asked. Using my hands to position him with his back towards me, I scooted forward, spooning myself to his back. Curving my body into him. Because of our height difference, my face rested in the middle of his shoulders, but I just pulled the pillow down a little and wriggled till I found the right spot.

When we were positioned to my satisfaction we were basically mirroring the position we’d been in just before I’d freaked out. “All good?” I asked.

Gabe wiggled a bit, getting himself comfortable. “Yeah,” he said finally. “It’s different. But good. I like it.” In that position, it wasn’t long before we drifted off to sleep.

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