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Valerie had a big crush on Dan Levi. But her so-called being 'friends with benefits' with him is messing her head up. On the other hand, Dan doesn't want any strings attached, Will Dan be able to keep his ego aside and keep her in his prior list? Or will her best friend Oliver Gordon become Valerie's night in the shining armor even after knowing her biggest secret?//// WARNING- TOO FUNNY

Romance / Humor
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1. Penguin dream

"Another walk of shame huh?"

Sitting on the bench and ignoring her comment, I stuffed my face with a sandwich and tried to look somewhere else.

"I don't know what your talking 'bout,". Now, my eyes found interest in the small piece of bread crumb down the bench.

"I saw you going into the janitor's-"

"Ah ah ah," I said interrupting her. Getting near her I whispered, "Keep your voice low, nobody knows,"

She then took a sip of her coffee processing what to say next, as she started blowing in the coffee which made some annoying noise and bubbles. This is what she does when she is thinking something serious.

She looked over my shoulder and had a big grin on her face "Looks like your prince charming on his white horse with a big sword between his legs is here,"

I turned around taking a glance at him and then looking back at Taylor, "Shut up Taylor, don't- don't look at him like that, he'll think we were talking about him," I said eyeing her.

"So what do you want me to act in this situation? Pretend that he's not screwing you-"

"I am screwing him not he," I corrected her.

"Don't even start there, he's screwing you and you are living in a world filled with unicorns, candies, and hearts. He doesn't like you girl, he doesn't want any strings attached with ya," she said in a breath.

I pouted, trying to make this matter a bit of sarcasm, but completely failed. "What am gonna do? huh?" I took a pause and mocked her "Oh sorry Dan, I got a crush on you, I guess I shouldn't sleep with you because my friend doesn't want me to, so please find some another nerd to screw,"

Taking the last piece of sandwich in my hand and filling my mouth with it I waited for her to reply. But she didn't, instead, she looked at me with those angry eyes.

She stood up from her place and started walking outside the canteen, "You know what, let him screw you, let your head get fucked up, but don't come to me when you can't find someone equal to your humor," she said and just left

I let out a sigh and turned around looking at the whole cafeteria from my two glasses.

Yeah, Dan is hot. Who can deny him?

I shook my head. Taking a lot of air in with a big yawn, my eyes watered.

I didn't sleep yesterday-

Last night, 2 a.m.-

My phone buzzed. I ignored

It again did. I ignored.

It started buzzing, I picked up seeing it was from Taylor.

"What!" I shouted on the phone. My eyes still half open, and me still in the dream of a penguin sitting on a tree and shooting me. Weird.

"Hey Valerie, am bored, did I woke you up?" she asked on the phone.

I looked at the phone and put it back on my ear looking up at the ceiling cursing god.

I just asked for one normal friend...no shit god.

"Nope, not at all. I wasn't sleeping, was just skydiving," I said being proud of myself for the sarcasm I can put in my voice even when I just woke up from a nightmare of a penguin shooting me.

"Oh that's soo cool, I would love to go night skydiving!" she exclaimed.

I hit my head with my hand. Just one normal friend.

"You know, YOU FREAKING WOKE ME UP AT 3 AM WITH NO REASON AT ALL, Now I don't have a doubt that ur nana dropped u when u were born! Now cut the call and let me skydive- I mean let the penguin shoot me!"

I pressed the red button cutting the call, ready to go back to sleep.


I looked at the text that just popped up. Oh goodness.

'my house, rn' -Danny

I sighed and got up from my bed to first shave.

Dan's POV-

Turning on my head to the other side, my phone started buzzing.

I looked at the screen. "Dude what! it's fucking 3 am!"

"Dude guess what!?" asked Bentley.

"You died, birds pecked your eyes out, your limbs were torn by werewolves and your family didn't host a funeral, so you are here FUCKING DISTURBING ME AT 3 AM!" I shouted at that idiot.

"I was gonna tell that I found the pen you were accusing me of stealing," he said.

"FUCK OFF!" cutting the call I tried the starfish position to sleep. But couldn't. Oh for fuck's sake I'll have Bentley's ass tomorrow.

So, I decided to take out my phone again and use some distraction.


'My home, rn' I texted.


Hey peeps! First chapter! I hope u enjoyed it! Lemme know if there's any need for change, or...if its getting off on a 'good' start.

Love- Umang

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