His Doom

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He couldn't understand why he was having those feelings he was experiencing for the woman who seemed to be a scatterbrain whenever they accidentally met on the ocean liner when they did meet in the oddest of places. But she sang like a siren calling him to his doom. Little did he know that she was. She was going to be his destruction. But he was going to be her savior. Or maybe he was not. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 The Start

24th September 2020 All Rights Reserved


Andrew’s view.

Taking a deep breath, I stood at the rail on the upper deck looking back at the coastline that was slowly receding into the distance as the ship liner I was currently standing on began to make it’s way into open water away from the country I was born in.

I have been looking forward to this cruise for months once my parents started to tell me to take a break.

As much as I love to work, I do need to take a break from it like every other employee with a boss who works in a firm on a regular basis. And, I do work for one of the best firms in the world. Not to blow my own trumpet. But I do.

That is, despite the fact that my father, Mitchell Kingsley, has retired a bit earlier than some of his contemporaries have leaving the business for me to run leaving me as the CEO of the Firm we own and run with a few partners we trust to join us.

Kingsley & Co Law Firm.

And, I work hard as the new head of the company.

The firm was based on my great great grandmother, Margaret Stewart Kingsley, who was known as The Judge, and her husband Roger Kingsley. It was because of them that the name Kingsley started to bring fear into those for whom sat against them across the desk, or in the courtroom.

Then my grandmother became not only a lawyer and a judge, but she also became one of the best Senators Wyoming had ever had. Before I was born that is. So, between those powerful people in my family and my father as well, it is no wonder that I can’t seem to have a decent relationship with a woman without them fawning over my family like they do.

Especially my late grandmother was one who had made soap and sold it at markets, doing very well for herself. She was just as well known for her soaps as well as her being in the courtroom. Everyone liked Ta-Sharna and her soaps. I can not get away from it when it becomes known what my relationship was to her.

So, I threw myself into work, just having the occasional so called date with another lawyer of the female variety with an occasional sleepover. But never at my place. And, never in my bed. That position is going to be reserved for the future Mrs Kingsley, whoever she is.

But thinking back to the Firm, to help me find the occasional joy in the job, I would occasionally take up a case that really called for Justice, which was something I was becoming known for dealing out on occasion. I quite like the name. It reminds me of Aunt Judy. Or Jute as we all call her. She is getting on now along with my uncle.

Her and Uncle Sam, who is actually a cousin, live up in Ohio where Aunt Judy was the Senator for the State for several years. It was her nickname that interested me in the small intricacies of justice and how we are all affected.

Who has not heard of Justice, the legal representative who upheld the law to the fullest degree by taking a bullet for our then president Katherine Gates? It is still mentioned on a weekly basis around the country. Especially when the word Justice is brought up into conversation.

One of my last cases was where I ended up taking on a family. Talk about selfish lying pricks. The Mirral’s were horrendous parents, the murderous pair. And, they were also child abusers. But it was all settled now with the kids in Tabby’s custody indefinitely as well as being looked after by an older cousin Gordon, and his wife Sonny.

I will not even mention that damn dog, Rusty, either. He was worse than ten kids. I really mean it.

So, along with all that s*** happening and now done with, I deserve this break.

So, here I am looking out to the horizon where I can now see nothing of The United States shoreline and wondering what the hell am I going to do for the next several weeks after mother booked me on this holiday so suddenly.

I could not hurt the little lady’s feelings by refusing either. I would never hear the end of it. She organized everything with even pulling my Dad into working for the time I am on holiday. What really amused me was that she even booked this holiday under my grandfathers name, Cannon and not my own of Kingsley.

Our name was too well known. And, I really did not want to be fielding legal questions for the next few weeks without having anywhere I can run away to trying to get away from them.

So, I was going by my middle name, Andrew. So, I am Andrew Cannon for the foreseeable future. And, to be really honest with myself, I think I would not mind the anonymity this alias was going to give me.

I was distracted by a flash of color that drew my eyes down the the deck below me.

If that pink can get any brighter, I would need sunglasses or go blind. Fluro pink. What a nasty color to wear.

But the dark blond long haired woman who was strutting across the deck with her bright pink beach cover dress thingy flapping about her allowing her long naked thigh to slip out through the slit of that horrendously garrish dress each step she took, didn’t care how ugly that covering was.

She wore it like a model walking down a runway as she practically strutted along the deck.

Or she did until she tripped causing me to gasp when she landed on the deck in what looked like a hard fall.

I would have jumped over the rail to offer assistance if I could after grasping the rail tightly with my hands. But a dark haired man out of no where rushed to her assistance instead.

I couldn’t help but frown when I saw his face. It was familiar to me for some reason. I can’t think of how just then. But it will come to me. It always does.

Then my eyes were dragged back to the woman again when I heard her loudly laughing as she brushed herself off and climbed to her feet with the help of her assistant.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she had staged the whole thing to get his attention.

Whether she did it or not on purpose, it seemed to have worked. The man offered her his arm and after slipping her hand through his elbow, they turned and walked away with her chatting him up a storm by the sound of it.

Mmm, I wondered for a moment.

Then I turned and made my way inside to one of the lounges where I was going to get myself a drink. Something smooth and cool.

Lo and behold, in walked the pink flamingo and her escort with a few laughs. I would have laughed at thinking her a flamingo. Those birds were beautiful and elegant. Not clumsy like this pink explosion of color was. Or as loud. Man, can she laugh. It hurt my eardrums.

But her escort didn’t seem to care. He just gazed at her as if she was sliced cheese he has not ever seen before.

I was lifting my glass to my lips when I felt her brush too closely to me and bump my arm causing my drink to splash a little down my shirt.

" Oh, deary me. I am so sorry.” This songbird sounding voice cursed and said in a breathless rush. The next thing I noticed before I could do anything was that she was grabbing all the napkins nearby and started to sop up all the spilled alcohol now dripping down my shirt.

I had to reach out suddenly when she went to dad the lowest drops which happened to be near my trouser’s zipper.

" No worries. I’ve got this.” I muttered as I gently moved her hand away from me and that particular region of my anatomy.

" Here, Honey. Let me take those.” This deeper grating sounding voice said which distracted me from the cute angelic face that was looking at me beseechingly while biting her lip.

The dark haired man reached out to grab the soiled napkins and threw then onto the bar behind me without even noticing where they landed.

That tells me a lot.

A moment later, the pink explosion was being dragged away from me.

" You heard him, it’s okay. Now come on.” He said with a tug of her arm.

I watched as she was sort of dragged as he led her away from me and the mess she left behind.

If there was anything I could think of as she turned her head back to look at me over her shoulder with that shocked look on her face, it was that I think I might have met my Doom. That one person who will eventually lead me down a path I never thought I would ever go.

Maybe this cruise won’t be so bad after all, I was thinking later that evening.

How wrong I was. That was the start of a new chapter in my life. let me tell you how is actually started.

It began when....

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