Won't Let Go (Book Two)

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❝She knew he can never be hers, and yet she fell in love him.❞ Natasha Rehman knew that it was wrong of her to fall in love with her best friend, especially when he already has feelings for her other best friend. Farhan and Haya has been next door neighbors and have known each other for all their lives. And the trio are known for their close bond and thick friendship. It was always an unsaid promise that, Farhan and Haya would marry one day. But what they didn't expect was for Haya to get married to someone else, which broke Farhan's heart beyond repair. Natasha realized fairy tales exists only in the books and she can never have her happily ever after. Or so she thought. NOTE: Book two in the let go series. It CANNOT be read as stand alone.

Romance / Drama
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phase one: heartbreaks

One sided love hurt, especially when the person you loved like crazy didn’t realize it or say, loved someone else.

Natasha Rehman knew what she was getting into when she fell in love with her best friend, Farhan Sheikh of all people. He was her charming and caring friend, who she knew for years now. She came to know him through her other best friend, Haya Ali; who introduced them both in their middle school. They were close ever since.

Haya and Farhan were neighbours, that’s how they knew each other. And not just that they had a thing for each other, which everyone knew.

As much as it hurt, Natasha had to accept that.
Farhan was a year older than the two, so he graduated from university rather very quickly. Natasha did not realize how quick the time has passed and now she is in her final year of bachelor’s degree as well.

“What are you doing?” Natasha shrieked at her so-called classmates who grabbed her assignments and began to copy it quickly.

“Please yaar.” Now they were polite. When in need everyone turns polite. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at them.

“But I want it nice and safe before the lecturer comes.” They just nodded their heads and busied themselves in writing the notes as fast as they could.

With the last semester approaching in a month or so, assignments were piled upon them regarding their internals and no one except Natasha has finished them. It was much expected since she is considered the typical nerd of their year, who wears odd dresses.

Modest was odd in their dictionary, all of her classmates preferred jeans and western tops over the desi Kurtis and she couldn’t care less.

“Haya... Where are you?” Natasha asked her through the call as she walked towards their canteen.

“I’m almost done with my assignments. Will be there in a few. Call Farhan for me. You talk with him till I come.” Haya told in a hurry and hung up the call before Natasha could even say something. A slight frown appears on her face at that.

Farhan liked Haya and Haya liked Farhan. It was as simple and as complicated as that.
Falling in love with Farhan was not intentional, nor does Natasha wants to mess things between the trio, who were inseparable from middle school. Her stupid crush can stay with herself she thought. It all started right when the high school ended and there was three months gap before their university began.

That was all it took Natasha to realize how much crazily in love she was with him. They were so young back then, but the feelings did not fade away just like that. She fell harder with every passing day.

But she kept quite; aware of the fact that her two best friends already had some sort of feelings for each other and she’d be nothing but a home wrecker if she expressed her feelings.

“I was going to call him anyway.” Natasha mumbled to herself with a goofy grin and dialled his number.

“Hey, Nats.” She beamed at his excited voice whilst walking into the canteen and sat on her usual place.

“Farhan. Guess where I am?” She asked excitedly, opening her lunch box and inhaled the sweet smell of her chicken korma.

“At the canteen, of course. Yaar, I’m going to miss you all once I leave the country.” Farhan whined through the call making her sigh in sadness as well.

Natasha didn’t really want to think about it. Thinking about it would hurt her and she wasn’t sure if her heart could take any more of it.

“Don’t remind me.” Natasha whispered softly. He chuckled at her response.

“You’ll miss me that much, huh?” He asked in a teasing voice, but deep down he knew he’d be the first one to miss her the most, miss Haya the most.

Don’t even ask about it, she wanted to respond but refrained herself with a small hum.

“Where is Haya? Did she finish her projects and assignments? When is madam thinking of coming here anyway?” Laughing at his other best friend, or say special friend; he asked her with an amused smile on his face.

“She’s still writing her assignments which is due in like few minutes. And then after that she’ll be at your office I guess.” Natasha replied dryly.

She hated how amused, happy and excited he’d be whenever they’d talk about Haya. That smile on his face and beam in his eyes for her other best friend has made her envious of Haya so many times.

“Oh. When are you joining in an internship? I can give you a job as an accountant in my company though?” He pondered.
That was the perk of being a politician’s son and he got to open his own fashion designing house right after his graduation. It took quite an effort to make what it was today. But Farhan was a real hard worker.

And then see you and Haya flirt with each other there too. No thanks. She thought to herself and politely declined his offer.

Haya and Farhan perused fashion designing while she commerce, they both were so much more similar in every damn thing while she so much different from everyone to say the least.

“You’ll take care of yourself in my absence okay?” Farhan came into his caring mode once again making her heart flutter.

His care was nothing but a friendly one which has solely led her on for years now. He was the most kind hearted and caring man you’d ever see and anyone would fall in love with him. Natasha was no exception either.

She just wishes that he’d notice her one day like she wants him to notice her, that happens only in her dream and no one knew that better than her.

“I will.” She replied with a smile.

“You should. And don’t forget to lock the door when you go to sleep. I’ll call you whenever I can. The time difference is huge, but we’ll see about that.” She basically lived alone with her windowed aunt, and hence why he was so caring towards her, which did nothing but to make her fall harder.

Maybe if he stopped being so damn nice, she’d stop her crazy heart but it doesn’t listen to her anyways.

What she’d do when he would be away was still a difficult question, she decided not to think about it for a while. He was going to Florida to fulfil his dreams and she wanted to be happy for him. She is happy but sad nevertheless.

Sad to know that he won’t be available in the country for the next few months. Apparently there was a fashion show happening in Florida, and all the new talents can come and showcase their designs over there. He has had this planned months ago. And tomorrow is the day he leaves.

Watching Farhan leave the country wasn’t so easy for neither Natasha nor Haya. They tried hard not to cry as he stood in the boarding pass line. He smiled at them both, trying to act strong but from inside he was breaking too.
After an hour of I’ll miss you and take care talks, he’s finally leaving.

It wasn’t easy for any of them to leave each other. They’ve been close, so close and this sudden distance was something very unexpected. They had an emotional group hug for one last time until he comes back.

Natasha probably faced the hardest time among them, as she stopped herself from not crying. She’s going to miss him so much! But will he miss her as much was her question.

Suddenly, Farhan broke the line and came towards them once again. They both gasped as he pulled Haya into a bone crushing hug. A huge blush crept her cheeks as she hugged him back.

“I’ll be back soon, okay. And then... I will ask you for something. Hopefully, you’d say yes?” his eyes were so hopeful and vulnerable as he broke the hug. Haya nodded her head as she sniffed softly whilst whispering,” I’ll wait.”

Natasha’s heart broke into million pieces at the scene in front of her. As a good friend she should be happy for her best friends but why was she so jealous? She clenched her fists in fury. His every word felt like a rip to her soul. She controlled herself from not breaking down. This was too hard for her to watch.

Anger builds up within her as she wiped away her tears. It was her fault anyway. Why did she had to fall in love with him, when she already knew he’d never be hers. But that hurt her nevertheless.

Faking a smile, she waved at the disappearing figure of him as he joined back in the line. Haya hugged her in happiness as they both watched him leave after one last bye, but Natasha couldn’t get herself to be so happy for them. She was probably the worst ever best friend, but the stupid heart wants what it wants.

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