Can't Let Go (Book Three)

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Malaika Abbasi has always been depended upon her family for every damn thing. It wasn't like she had any choice. Her family liked to control things. That's how she was engaged to her cousin, Zayn from a very small age and they both had no say whatsoever. Arsalaan Baig had only one world, that was his sister. Inaya was his everything. She'd get whatever she wanted. Only this time, she wanted a living person. A husband at that. To get her that husband, there was this hurdle called Malaika Abbasi. He'd do anything to keep his sister happy and alive. If marrying Malaika, forcibly was his only solution, he'd do that too, without any second thoughts. That's how the two people, who are poles apart got tied up together, willingly or unwillingly.

Romance / Drama
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The loud music of Tareefan blasted through their ears which made all the youngsters present in that boring engagement party to giggle among themselves. All of the uncle and aunties’ face were so worth watching. The old people were shaking their head in disbelief, whilst thinking; What type of song is that? They scoffed at the function hall beside theirs, which is also conducting some function. But the only problem was, they were too loud and annoying.

“At least these people know what fun is.” One of the girl said to her cousin with a hidden smile. Everyone else except the youngsters were totally pissed. Which is understandable because the Baig family were known for their serious and no-nonsense behaviour.

“Arsalaan beta, go and ask those idiots to tone down the volume.” Urwa Baig, a women in her mid sixty, has ordered her grandson having enough of that annoying songs.

Just then a guy in his mid twenty, came towards her with a frown. He was clad in a black and white suit; which fit perfectly on his broad and handsome figure. His beard was an added bonus which made him look sinfully hot and swoon worthy. Girls had faced a difficult time in keeping their gazes lower as he walked towards his grandmother.

“Ji, Dado?” he asked her again, in his husky voice as the first time wasn’t clearly heard. Credits to that annoying Bollywood song which has now changed into; Aankh Maare.

“Ask those people to tone it down. Look how disturbing it is.” Urwa scowled and he nodded in response. With an inward sigh he walked out of their function hall. He could have arranged a closed off, air conditioned hall but the arrangements were done by the groom’s family who preferred open hall, which irked him to a great extent.

As he walked into the other side of the hall, the music became louder and louder. How is their ears still working? He wondered with a frown. His eyes fell on some crazy people who were dancing on the stage without any care in the world.

“Who should I talk with?” Arsalaan looked around hoping to find some sane person, as far as his eyes could go there were only crazy people visible to him. Not knowing what to do, he walked towards the stage and at once he froze.

She was clad in a gorgeous yet simple lehenga, looking so ethereal that it took his breath away. Arsalaan stopped paying attention to girls after his college days. His life has been too busy to think or pay attention to them, but looking at the beauty in front of him made him think otherwise.

A frown appears on his face, as he watched that girl being dragged into the centre of the stage by her friends or cousins, he had no idea but the sight of seeing her uncomfortable like that made him feel uncomfortable. He marched more closer and stopped midway as he saw her standing like a fool whilst everyone around her danced.

One moment they were all dancing and the next it was some group formation or some shit like that which caused her to tremble on her steps, she had no idea why her cousins thought it’d be fun to drag her there when she knew nothing about dance. And the next moment she was pushed off the stage, unintentionally. She closed her eyes in fear but not feeling any pain on her back, the girl opened her eyes at once, only to meet the most gorgeous and handsome face she has ever seen.

Arsalaan held her petite figure securely in his arms as he stared into her honey brown eyes, he could just stare at them forever and ever. It was that beautiful, and the kohl and eyeliner added more to its beauty.

The world seemed to freeze for the both of them as they stared at each other’s face. She fit too well in his arms that it was so freaking unbelievable. It was as though his arms were made specially for her hold onto.

The girl blinked her eyes, not once but twice and her eyes widened in realization as she pulled apart from him. He immediately missed her soft body. Damn, whatever happened to old Arsalaan.

“T-thanks.” She stuttered shyly, whilst lowering her gaze and he was a goner already. Everything about her was so enchanting and attractive.

“Are you okay?” what came over him to ask that question he had no idea. Arsalaan never bothered about someone else’s wellbeing other than his sister’s and his behaviour today has confused himself the most.

“I-I’m fi-nee.” The girl replied shyly, her cheeks turned red in shyness. That guy was too handsome and intimidating and yet he was soft to her. It did something to her crazy heart which she couldn’t describe in words.

“Excuse me? Who are you, bro?” he felt a tap on his shoulder and his frown reappears as he turned to face that person. A guy of his age stood in front him with a confused face. Confused as to what he, a stranger was doing in their family function.

The dance continued nevertheless so was the loud music. These people were definitely crazy, Arsalaan thought with a frown.
“I came from that function hall.” Pointing to the one beside theirs, Arsalaan continued,“and you guys are too loud and annoying. Please tone it down.”

The guy flushed red and nodded his head with embarrassment. He already told his cousins to behave but will they ever listen to him? Nah and look what happened now. He thought with a groan and asked the DJ to lower the volume of music.

“Wow. Arsalaan Baig? I never thought I’d see you some where else other than that boring office of yours.” He knew too well of this voice, that cocky and arrogant voice belongs to none other than that stupid Fahad Abbasi; his business rival and ex-best friend.

“Of course, I should have guessed already. These type of loud and annoying parties could be related to yours only. Anyways... I have got to go. Make sure not to increase that volume any further or else I’d do something which you know will be worse.” Arsalaan said with a sulking face and turned to leave from there.
Fahad gaped at his disappearing figure with shock, “how dare he?” turning towards his little sister he asked, “are you okay, Malaika?”

“Yes, Bhai. I’m perfectly fine.”

“Thanks to that guy. He saved me from breaking a bone today.” Malaika muttered to herself as she saw that handsome hunk named Arsalaan Baig disappear into the next hall. She had that weird glitter in her eyes as she kept on looking in his direction. She knew it was inappropriate but couldn't help it. He was that handsome.

“Stop looking at him like that.” Her brother’s words caught her off guard which made her cheeks flush in shyness, unable to stand there any further she ran away from there. It wasn’t everyday that your brother catches you red handed while you check out some handsome guy and Malaika wished for the earth to swallow her already.

Arsalaan and Malaika, they both had no idea that their perfectly normal lives will be anything but normal from today on... but it is going to be so worth it.

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