To Me You're Perfect! {Book 1 of SONI series}

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Vedhika a free spirit, but running from her past. Rihan is a billionaire but introvert guy who's only goal is to be a successful businessman as his father. Vedhika and Rihan crossing their path somehow destiny brings them together & their life is filled with a bucket of love. But is their life lucky enough to keep them forever together?

Romance / Mystery
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I did my shower and wrapped a towel around my body; I heard the doorbell. It was a late-night; I frowned. Who is there? I wear my night pajamas and walked towards the door. I saw through the peephole; it was Rihan standing out.

“You scared me. What are you doing here?” I asked by opening the door.

“He grabbed my waist and kissed my lips. I missed you panda,” He said.

“Aha.” I laughed

“This is for you, my sweet panda. He gave me the parcel of chocolate brownie.” He smiled.

“Wow, let’s taste it,” I said

“I want to taste you.” He carried me in his arms and walked towards the kitchen.

I took bowel and put Choco-brownie in it. He poured the melted chocolate on my neck and licked my collarbone; I moaned his name.

He placed me on the kitchen platform I locked my legs around his waist, our lips locked we shared a passionate kiss. He undressed me and pour the chocolate on my breast, his tongue rolled all over down to my neck, and he leaned, tasted my pink honey spot. I moaned loudly.

“Your mine panda.” He whispered.

“I like it when you tell me I’m yours,” I moaned

“Let’s shower together,” he carried me in his arms, he took his clothes off. Wow, no matter how many times I watch him naked, I always admire his perfect physic, his muscular arms, and his abs look inviting and sexy. He rubbed loofah to my back, I turned around, and we shared the kiss again. His tongue swirled into my mouth.

He entered me, once again he marked me with his love. He moaned my name loudly. We finish our shower and went to sleep. We cuddled I felt peace in his arms; I buried my face to his chest; he placed a kiss on my head.

“Never leave me panda.” He whispered.

I fall asleep, deep down I know what he feels about me and I am scared because I can’t be with him forever.

“Sweet dreams, Rihan,” I whispered back

“You are my sweet dream panda.” He smiled & switched off the lights.

Hello people,

I hope you love the Prologue, because I have enjoyed it a lot while writing. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Happy Reading!

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