A Walk To Remember

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Thomas is a 21-year-old boy who works as a waiter in a hotel. One day at work, he met a younger girl named Kelly who came to spend her school holidays with her mother. During her last days of vacation in the hotel, Thomas and Kelly have just a day at the beach, but not at the hotel, of course, with permission to the owner of the hotel. Thomas asked Kelly to be his girlfriend. She agreed. But it was until a few days before Kelly returned to school. Will their relationship last long? You will see in the second chapter.

Coralie Desvaux
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Meeting and dating

Thomas Henry is a 21-year-old employee who works as a waiter in a hotel called "The 5 Star Hotel" . He always says that he doesn't need help to do things but yet he is always the one who has the most work, especially when some employees are away. Once a month, at least 70% of employees are absent, which means that Thomas and the employees have even more work.

A beautiful day's work, at lunchtime, Thomas saw a girl, sitting alone at a table. He went to her and asked her, "Need something, miss?". "Not really but, I think you should get rid of the other table that is just there. " She answers. "Okay," He says. "You're probably working a lot you and your friends," she said. "Yes but, they're not really my friends but rather but colleges work." he says. "Oh yes, that's basically what I meant," she exclaims. "Oh, okay." Thomas says. "Speaking of which, what's your name? "Ask the girl." Oh, my name is Thomas and you? " He asked in turn." My name is Kelly, "she answered." Wow, nice name. " Thomas says." Thank you " she answers, smiling at him.

Returning to her room, Kelly surprises her mother, already back from her day on the beach of the hotel." Hi mom, already back! It's still three hours from the afternoon." Kelly says." Oh no, I think your watch is three hours late because it's six o'clock in the afternoon" Her mom says. "And you, how is your day going by yourself?" she asked. Kelly, with a broad smile, replied, "That's fine." "I don't think it's just going well, but, very, very well, it's going to be fine." Her mom says. "Oh, I think I know! You've met a boy, don't you?" she asks. "Well, you know I don't like lying to you but, yes, I met a boy, "Kelly says." So, how is him? " asks her mother." "He is rather nice, good looking and very helpful. " answer her daughter. "No, is it one of the servers you like? "asks her mother." Yes" she answers. "Oh, well, later, when we go to dinner, you'll show me who it is, okay?" her mom asks. "Okay, Mom" she says.

Dinner time is here. Kelly and his mother sat down at a table and looked at the paper on the evening menu. Thomas had seen them. So he came to take the order while saying, "Hi Kelly, are you okay? Can I take your order?". Of course I do." Answer Kelly. "Then my mother would like a vegetable soup and I would like spaghetti with cheese but without mushrooms." she added. "Wait, this woman is your mother?" he asks. "Yes, who do you want it to be?" she asks. "No, I just said that like that." he tells. "Oh, okay." she says. "Well, well, I'm going to put your order at the checkout." he says. "Okay." said Kelly.

"It's true that he's not bad this boy." Kelly's mother says. "Mom, don't make this anything please," Kelly said. "What? I'm just telling you." answer her mother.

"Here's your order! Enjoy your meal! " Thomas says." Haha thank you." says Kelly.

It was almost the end of the vacation for Kelly, which means she's going home in a few days to get ready for the school year. While tidying up some of her belongings, she found a letter on the hairdresser in the room where it is written, "Join me on Beverlly Hills beach. You'll see, it's not far from here. ". The letter was not signed. As she couldn't find her mother to tell her she was going out, Kelly is going to go where the letter told her. Once she arrives, a ribbon snuck her eyes , a hand caught hers and took her somewhere on the beach. Once there, the ribbon was removed from her eyes. She opened them and in front of her, a beautiful sunset took place. While wanting to know who to take her here, she turned around. She found on the ground, a beautiful picnic mat and a basket, probably filled with good things to eat.While she was admiring this beautiful place, she heard just behind her, someone asks her, "Do you like it?". She turned to see who it was. It was Thomas. Surprised and smiling, she said to him, "Thomas! You're the one who's planning all this for me? I love it. Thank you!". "I'm glad you like it." Thomas says. "Now, what do we find in this basket? Oh, two beautiful tuna sandwiches . But, it seems to me that there are other things also like lemonade. "Thomas explain." Oh wow! Thank you. "says Kelly." But, you know, you didn't have to do all this for me," she adds, "I know, but I wanted to," Thomas says. "But, why?" asks Kelly. "Well, I'll tell you everything. In actually, since we met, I can't stop thinking about you. I couldn't even listen to what the customers were asking me to do. When I'm with you, it's like the world has stopped. I love you with all my heart, Kelly! And you, do you love me? ". Kelly looks at him in the eyes and answers," Of course I do. "." So I have to ask you something. Would you like to be my girlfriend? " Thomas asks. Smiling at him, she answers," I love you with all my heart, Thomas and that's why I want you to be my boyfriend so, yes, I would like to be your girlfriend! ". Very happy, Thomas kissed Kelly. It's at that moment that their relationship starts.

The day to return home came. With all her belongings, Kelly and her mother were learning to leave, but it seemed that Kelly had forgotten something. It's saying goodbye to her boyfriend. As if she remembered, she ran to find him. She found him in the kitchen, working. Thomas saw her in turn. So she ran towards him and kissed him. "You miss me at that point?" Thomas asks. "Not for now but, from earlier, yes" she says sadly. "Why are you saying that? And besides, you're crying, why? Tell me. "He asks." Because I'm going home and I'm going back to school in a few days. So I came to say goodbye." she says, always being sad." Stop crying, I promise you we'll have opportunities to see each other, okay? Stop crying." He says. "Yes, but I'm going to miss you a thing and wrong." Kelly says. "You too but, don't forget that I love you." says Thomas. "Don't forget too." she says. "Of course I'll never forget. " Thomas says. Kelly's mother was looking for her daughter and saying, "Dear, where are you? We'll be home very late. Hearing her mother, she said to Thomas, "I have to go, goodbye. I'm going to miss you really much!". "You too, goodbye Kelly. I was delighted to have met you. "Say Thomas, tears full in eyes." You too. " Kelly says. She went back to the car, while crying, but, she turned again, ran towards Thomas and kissed him again. "Soon Thomas." she says. "Soon Kelly." He says. And there, Kelly went back to the car and went home with her mother while Thomas went back to work. Since then, they have to live their relationship at a distance.

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