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#14 Stupid cockblocking cat

James doesn’t end up being the first man I see when I wake up. I’m lounging on the couch around 6 pm after just having woken up. General Fluffington is purring in my lap when a knock sounds at the door.

“Hey, it’s me,” Thomas calls out. “Can I come in?”

“Sure!” I yell back, happy that I don’t have to get up since he’s got a spare key.

He steps in, wearing jeans and a simple T-shirt, his long blonde hair in a cute disarray, framing his masculine face. “Don’t you look cute in your pajamas with your cat,” he says with a smile, moving over to stretch out beside me. “I could hear the intro tune of Friends all the way in my apartment, since you’ve got your window wide open. Mind if I hang out with you for a while?”

“Not at all.” I like the company, actually. Thomas is always fun to have around. “I’ve to warn you though, I’m not going to change out of my jammies and General Fluffington needs my undivided attention, so I’ve got no time for any hanky panky business.”

“Is that what we’re calling booty calls these days?” He winks at me, his blue eyes twinkling. “Chill, Franny, I just felt like hanging out with you. If you want to have sex, I’m always up for that, but I don’t need the promise of getting it on to want to spend time with you. I’m hungry, by the way. I’m all out of food. Can I get myself something?”

I chuckle. “Ah, so that’s why you felt like hanging out. You need sustenance.”

Thomas opens the fridge and whistles. “Damn, girl, I’ve never seen you make a steak before. Or make anything with more than three ingredients, really. What are you planning on doing with all this stuff?” He holds up something I don’t even recognize. He’s right, I’m not a great cook.

“I’ve got a date tonight,” I explain, wincing when my cat moves around, his nails digging into my legs through the blanket and my thin yoga pants. “He’s making me dinner.”

“And he had you do the shopping?” Thomas asks, sounding incredulous.

“No, he was over here last night as well, making me salmon. Tonight is steak night. He left the ingredients here.”

Thomas holds up the bottle of red wine on the counter that James drank half of last night. “This is really expensive wine, Franny. Did he bring this as well?” He pours himself a glass and grabs a bag of chips out of my cupboard, flopping down to enjoy his snacks and wine. “How did you meet this new guy?”

“He erm…” I hesitate, but then I realize that this is Thomas I’m talking to. “He’s the cop who arrested me the other night.”

He burst out laughing. “Seriously? Oh man, if you’re dating a cop, I should probably move my cannabis plants away from the window, huh? Hide my XTC pills?”

I throw a pillow at him. “Why would James be in your apartment, going through your kitchen cabinets, Thom?”

“Fair enough.” He pets the General lazily while he watches TV. When the cat has enough of the both of us and jumps away, Thomas leaves his hand on my leg, rubbing it gently and squeezing every so often. It’s nice and relaxing, so I sink back into the pillow, closing my eyes while he keeps massaging it for a while before moving on to my other leg, giving it the same treatment.

At one point, he moves his hand under the blanket, picking up where he left off with nothing but my flimsy yoga pants between us. His hand moves up dangerously high, skimming over my pussy before grabbing my legs and pulling me to him.

“Thomas,” I say, meaning to tell him no, because James will be her in an hour and a half and I’d feel weird getting it on with another guy right before my date.

“Franny,” Thomas replies, his eyes burning into mine.

And then his lips are on mine, his body moving over mine, pressing me down on the couch. He feels warm and familiar, and my body immediately grinds against his, my hands knotting in his hair while I allow his tongue to slip into my mouth. It’s been a while since I last kissed Thomas like this, our bodies entangled on my couch, and it feels good to get back to doing what we’re good at. It’s way more intimate than it was that night in the club. We’re alone now. Anything could happen.

“Fuck I missed this,” he grunts into my ear while he pulls off his shirt.

“Yeah,” I breathe, sitting up slightly so he can pull off my pajama shirt. “Me too.”

I’m not wearing a bra and Thomas’ mouth latches onto one of my nipples while his hands jerk down my pants. I moan and grab his hair, pulling his face back up to mine so I can kiss him.

“I thought you weren’t in the mood for sex?” Thomas teases when we pull apart to catch our breath.

“Shut up,” I tell him, lifting my hips so he can take my pants all the way off, my panties following suit. It’s been six months since I last had sex. Ever since Aston dumped me, I just didn’t want anyone else that close to me. I kissed a few guys in the club, went on a date or two, but nothing took my mind off Aston, and Thomas was in a relationship until a few weeks ago, so he wasn’t an option.

Here we are, back where we left off before I started sleeping with Aston, before Thomas got himself a girlfriend, ready to go at it. This is why I texted him that night I went out with Shaughna and the others. This is what I wanted to happen. But then I got arrested and….

And I met James.

I freeze underneath Thomas, who is kissing his way down my body, sucking and biting as he moves closer and closer to my pussy.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, looking up at me from between my legs.

“I’ve got a date tonight,” I pant, wanting nothing more than for Thomas to go on, but also a little scared that I’m being a total slut right now.

“So?” Thomas asks, sounding confused. “He’s not here now, is he?” He presses a kiss to my entrance, making my shiver. “If you want me to stop, just say the word. But I’d very much like to continue.”

“Yeah,” I moan when his tongue flicks over me. Okay, screw this, I’m just going with what feels good today and this feels very good.

Thomas knows my body, he knows what I like and how to get me going in a matter of minutes. He twists my nipples with his fingers while he eats me out, his movements feverish. When I’m right on the edge, he moves one hand down, plunging two fingers inside of me and moving them hard and fast while he keeps sucking on my clit.

I cry out when I come, grabbing his hair to push him closer against me, begging him not to stop. He keeps licking and sucking until I’ve got nothing left to give and I’m shaking uncontrollably.

“Damn,” Thomas says when he moves back up my body, pressing down on top of me. “I forgot how good you taste, Fran. Why did we ever stop doing this?”

“Girlfriend,” I remind him, panting.

“Right,” he says, chuckling. “Good thing I dumped her ass and found my way back to you, huh? Do you have condoms?”

“Bedroom,” I say, still out of breath. “That was…”

“I know, I’m good,” Thomas replies with a smirk. He gets up, pulls off his pants and boxershorts and then lifts me off the couch with ease, carrying me to the bedroom bridal style. He throws me down and opens the bottom drawer of my nightstand, grabbing a condom and tearing the package apart. He rolls it on and then he’s back on top of me, kissing me hard.

Right when he’s about to push into me, General Fluffington jumps onto the bed, purring loudly.

“Stupid cockblocking cat,” Thomas grunts, trying to push the cat off the bed.

I laugh and push Thomas off me so pick up the General, throwing him back into the living room and closing the door behind him. I turn around to see Thomas lying on his back, waiting for me. He’s not as big as Aston, but he’s still got an impressive cock, and I remember how much fun I’ve had in the past riding it.

“Stop looking at me with those hungry sex eyes,” Thomas grunts, sitting up and grabbing my hand. I tumble onto the bed when he jerks me toward him, and we laugh when we end up in an awkward tangle of limbs.

He shifts me so I’m straddling him and guides his cock to my entrance, helping me sink down on him. Fuck, he feels good. It’s been too long since I had sex, and I feel like I’m ready to come for a second time without him even doing anything to get me off aside from being inside of me.

I start moving, making him groan. He grabs my hips to pull me down harder and faster. I match his pace and put one of his hands on my clit, urging him to help me come again. He complies immediately, rubbing it until I’m moaning out his name, shuddering while my pussy clenches around him.

“Fuck,” he grunts, thrusting up into me. He shudders and picks up the pace again, needing only a few more thrusts before he joins me while another wave of pleasure makes my toes curl.

I collapse on top of him when we’re done and he strokes my back, pressing sweet kisses to my neck, my shoulders, my face. After a while I roll off and he gets up to get rid of the condom. When he returns he’s got his pants back on and he throws me my panties.

“I’d love to stay for another round,” he says, looking down at me with hunger in his eyes. “Or even just to cuddle and watch TV, but you’ve got a date to get ready for.”

“Right,” I realize, feeling a little dirty now that he reminded me of James. What the fuck am I doing?

“Look, if your date is a bust, feel free to knock on my door.” Thomas winks at me. “I missed you, Fran. I hope for your sake this cop you’re dating is the real deal, but I can’t help but wish that he turns out to be an asshole, because I’d very much like to keep doing this.”

“Hmm,” I murmur, not sure how to react to that. This was great, as it always is with Thomas, but I can’t believe I had sex with him right before James is coming over. People always seem to think I’m a slut, just because I like partying and get drunk often, but I’ve actually only slept with about twenty guys. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18, at the start of college. I’ve never been in a real relationship, but I usually have a fuckbuddy that I keep around for a year or even longer, or a friend-with-benefits. When I actually meet a guy I like, I don’t sleep with other guys anymore, even if we’re not truly boyfriend and girlfriend. I focus on one guy at a time. And I don’t always put out on dates. I only have sex with guys I actually like. So sleeping with Thomas right before James is coming over to cook for me… That’s not my style. I feel dirty.

“See you later, Fran,” Thomas says, leaning down for a kiss. “Have fun with your cop.”

“Thanks,” I say stupidly, watching him walk out of my apartment.

General Fluffington rushes back in, jumping on the bed. He purrs and rubs his head against my arm, demanding attention.

“I don’t know what I’m doing anymore,” I tell him while I pet him.

He gives me a stern look and then wanders off. He usually hides when I’ve got company. He spent my first date with James hiding under my bed. He knows Thomas well, though, since he always takes care of the General when I’ve got a long shift or go away for the weekend or something. He likes Thomas. I guess I do too. Just not enough to be in a relationship with him. Not that he’d even want that. We both know what we are to each other.

I’m just hoping that I can put this behind me for now and focus on my date with James. I was really looking forward to our date, and now I feel all weird. I’ve only got an hour left now, so I get out of bed to take a shower. No more dwelling on the past. What happened, happened. Time to get ready for my date.

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