Feisty Francesca

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#15 Will you let me blow you?

My phone rings and I roll over in bed, grunting when I see that it’s the hospital. I’ve feel like I’ve been working for days. I guess I have. Ever since that second date with James, I’ve hardly had a moment to myself, working my ass off. I’m supposed to be free for two days now, and I need those. I don’t want to go in again.

“Yeah?” I ask when I pick up.

“Hey honey,” Candice says in a cheerful voice.

“Please tell me you don’t need me to come in today,” I tell her, praying to all the gods that might be out there that I’m getting to enjoy my day off for once.

“Oh no, Franny, not at all.” Candice giggles. “I just wanted to let you know that the cute blonde guy with the broken leg has been asking for you.”

Cute blonde guy? It takes a moment for me to place that description. “Oh, Joshua!”

“Yeah, hon, Joshua. He’s really cute. If you don’t lock him down soon, I might go for it myself.”

We both laugh at that. Candice is in her fifties, married, with three kids. She’s not going to try and get in some 21-year-old guy’s pants. She’s kind of like my work-mother, just like some people have a work-wife or something. She helped me out when I was new in the ER and she cheers me up when I feel down. I love Candice.

“Thanks, Candice. I’ll call him later.”

“I’ll need details when we’re working together again in a few days!”

I hang up with a smile, stretching out and petting General Fluffington who ended up in my bed with me, keeping me company. Now that I’m awake, I guess I might as well call Joshua. I slept in on my day off, so it’s already 10 am. When I grab my phone, I see that James texted to tell me good morning. I decide to call him first.

“Hey!” he says, sounding happy to hear from me. “I didn’t expect a call this early. I though you said you liked to sleep in.”

I grin. “10 am is sleeping in. How long do you sleep on your day off?”

“Sometimes is don’t get out of bed at all, except to pee and get food,” he jokes.

“Hmm. Staying in bed all day. Sounds good.”

“Maybe we could do that on one of our next dates.” He’s obviously joking, but I feel tingles in my pussy when he says it. We didn’t sleep together after the big steak dinner he made me on our last date. He did kiss me quite a few times and we snuggled on the couch, watching a movie, but he didn’t make a move to grab my boob or take off my clothes or anything. I do want to have sex with him, but that time right after Thomas left my bed… That was not the right timing. Maybe date number three.

“Are you free tonight?” I ask. “I’ve got the day off, so maybe I could actually do the cooking this time. It won’t be fancy, just pasta with sauce from a can or something. That’s all I know how to make, basically.”

“Then let me take you out,” James says. “I’m free at 6. That gives me enough time to go home, shower, and pick you up at 7. I loved cooking for you, but I think you deserve a real date.”

“Those dates felt pretty real to me.” He really doesn’t need to woo me. I feel comfortable at home with him, doing the dishes together and talking about our lives. Our second date was even better than our first, and I didn’t think that was even possible. He didn’t leave until it was already past midnight.

“I just mean that if you’re up for it, I’d like to pull out all the stops this time. I promise you will love it. We’ll dress up, I’ll take you somewhere fancy, bring you flowers, the whole shebang.”

I find myself smiling at the prospect. I’ve never had anyone put in so much effort for me. “Okay, that sounds fun. I’ve been missing you these past few days.”

“That’s really nice to hear,” he says, sounding a little surprised at my admission. “Obviously, I’ve been missing you like crazy. Work is keeping me busy, though. I’m actually in the bathroom at the station right now. I think my partner thinks that I’m taking a dump. I should head back out. We’re going on patrol again.”

“Be careful,” I say, not sure if that is the right thing to say when an officer goes on patrol. “Or… good luck, I guess? Have fun?”

He chuckles. “All of the above apply. I’m looking forward to tonight. Enjoy your day off, Franny.”

When we hang up, I’m smiling from ear to ear. Yeah, I like him. I like him a lot. He’s just so completely not playing things cool and I love that.

I call Joshua next, wondering why he was asking about me.

“Hi Franny,” he says when he picks up. “I guess that nurse down in the ER ratted me out, didn’t she?”

“Yeah, Candice called me. She told me you’ve been asking for me.”

“I had to go in for a check-up,” he explains, “and I just wanted to come say hi. And…” He grunts. “That nurse is going to tell you eventually anyway, so I may as well spit it out. I brought you flowers.”

“Flowers?” I repeat. Why the hell would he bring me flowers?

“My mom insisted that I should thank you properly for taking such good care of me. She’s under the impressions that you saved my life that night.” He chuckles. “So yeah, I brought you flowers. I left them with that nurse. Candice, you said?”

That means she took them home with her. It wouldn’t be the first time she snatched up someone’s flowers. I shake my head and smile. You gotta love her.

“Thanks, Josh. You didn’t need to do that. I hardly did anything.”

“Oh I know, you were completely useless that night,” he agrees in a teasing tone. “You didn’t calm me down at all. You didn’t stay with me until the ambulance got there. You just sat there doing nothing. And you didn’t check up on me after, you didn’t talk to my mother to calm her down… Yeah, you were just awful to have around. I don’t get how you got to be a nurse at all.”

“Shaughna never said you were mean,” I shoot back, laughing. “Anyway, how are you doing?”

“I’m itchy,” he says, sounding annoyed. “They said I shouldn’t stick a coat hanger or a fork or anything down my cast, but the damn thing itches so much that I’m tempted to just cut my leg off if I can’t scratch.”

“Use a blow-dryer,” I advice him. “Use the cold air setting and blow it into your cast.”

“If only I owned one,” he says in a wistful voice.

“Surely your mother has one?”

“I’m not with my parents anymore,” he says, sounding happy about that. “After a week I finally convinced them that I’d be perfectly fine at my own place. A friend of mine is crashing with me until the cast comes of in a few weeks, so I’ve got some help. He’s in class right now, so he won’t be home until later. I’ll text him to see if he can buy me a blow-dryer on his way home.”

“Text me your address,” I say, already getting out of bed. It’s my day off and I’ve got nothing better to do anyway. Well, I should clean my apartment, but if James is picking me up instead of cooking for me, I don’t really care if the place remains a mess.

“I’m not going to ask you to run errands for me!” Joshua protests. “Maybe I can buy one myself. I really feel like getting out. I’m just not very good with my crutches yet.”

“Text me your address,” I repeat, tugging on some pants while I talk to him. “I can be there in fifteen minutes.”

“No, Franny, really, I can’t ask you to do that.”

I suddenly realize that I can just get his address from Shaughna if he keeps telling me no. I broke my arm when I was 17 and I know how itchy those casts can get. I want to help him. Besides… after talking to him on the phone so much, I’m curious what he’s really like. I never officially met him, after all. We’ve seen each other in weird situation like Shaughna showing him that his girlfriend was cheating on him and me keeping him steady when he was hurt after the fight, but we never just sat down at and a normal conversation. The guy bought me flowers. The least I can do is get him a blow-dryer.

“See you in fifteen,” I tell him, hanging up before he can protest.

I grab my blow-dryer from the bathroom, freshen up a bit, put on some concealer and then I’m off. I call Shaughna while I make my way downstairs and out of the building. She picks up right away.

“Hey Fran! How are you doing?”

“Can you give me Joshua’s address?” I ask, already opening Pinky and putting the hair dryer on the passenger’s seat.

“Joshua? Sure, but… why?”

I explain the situation to her and she laughs. “I’ll text you his address. That’s so sweet of you, to go help him scratch his itch.” Leave it to Shaughna to make that sound dirty.

“It’s not like that,” I’m quick to assure her. He’s her ex, after all. And only 21. I barely even know the guy.

“If that changes and it turns out it is like that, go for it, by all means,” she tells me. “I’m dating Caroline’s ex, after all. Who am I to tell anyone not to go for Joshua? He’s a great guy. Oh, how great would it be if you’d fall madly in love with him? “

“Keep dreaming,” I tell her with a smile. My mind goes straight to James. After that stupid thing with Thomas that left me feeling dirty, I’m focused on James now. “Are you free tomorrow to hang out? I’ve got the day off.”

“Me too! Oh, it’ll be so good to hang out together. I’ve got so much to tell you!”

I wonder what she’s got to tell me, and I can’t wait to hear all of it. I haven’t told her all the details about my dates with James yet, I’ve just been so busy, so I guess I’ve got some stories too. We hang up after agreeing to meet up at her place when Dshawn is at work, and I put Joshua’s address in my navigation app, letting my phone tell me where to go.

The apartment building he lives at is pretty fancy, I notice right away. Way better than the dump I live in, although I do love that dump. His door opens onto the sidewalk – there’s no hallway to be buzzed into or anything like at my place. In fact, his apartment looks more like a small house with just one floor. There are only two floors above him, a door next to his place leading to the staircase his upstairs neighbors need to get up to their places.

I ring the doorbell after parking Pinky. It takes a while for someone to get the door, but then it swings open to reveal a young guy in sweatpants, one leg cut off to give his cast some space. He’s wearing a dirty blue T-shirt and his blonde curls are quite long, falling in front of his eyes a little and curling around his ears. He’s cute. Really cute. Like a rescue puppy or something. I can’t believe Shaughna slept with this guy. He’s so not her type.

“Francesca,” he says, his blue eyes wide like he can’t believe I’m really here. “H-how did you-?” Then he laughs and shakes his head. “Shaughna. Of course. She’s got my address, you’re friends. I should have seen this coming. Did she put you up to this? I know she feels guilty about what happened to me, but I already told her over the phone that she needs to stop apologizing.”

“This is all me,” I assure him, almost rolling my eyes. I do something sweet for the guy and he immediately thinks that Shaughna told me to do it. Great. “So… will you let me blow you?”

His mouth falls open and he stammers out something I don’t even try to understand. It’s so cute how flustered he gets.

“I was talking about using this hair dryer on your cast, of course,” I verify, holding up the thing that’s going to make him stop itching. “If you let me in, I can make you feel better.”

“Oh,” he breathes, chuckling. “God, I’m dense. Yeah, sure. Come on in, Franny.”

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