Feisty Francesca

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#22 Let’s agree to try

“How long ago did I sleep with them?” I finish for him, feeling my cheeks heat up. “Things with Aston ended six months ago. I haven’t been with anyone since then, until… erm… I slept with Thomas a week ago.”

“After we met,” James realizes.

“Yes,” I confirm.

He closes his eyes and takes a moment to gather his thoughts. “Okay. That’s not nice to hear, obviously, but like you said, we’re not exclusive. You’re not my girlfriend. You can do whatever you want, and I don’t have any right to get mad at you for it.” He opens his eyes and smiles wryly. “I’m not going to lie, though. I’m jealous. It stings a little that I’ve been all in from date one, and that you were in bed with that guy just a week ago.”

I scoot closer and put my arms around him, hating that I made him feel this way. It feels good to get this off my chest, though. And he’s really trying to move past his jealousy, I can see that. He’s being open and honest with me, which is all I can really ask for. I’m not sure if things will work out between us, but I want to try. I like him a lot, and we connect on so many levels that I’m not willing to give up on him just yet. Maybe it’ll be good for him to meet Aston soon, just so I can see if he’s able to deal with seeing me interact with my male friends, especially one I used to be in love with and slept with many, many times. Then again, maybe Thomas offer to have us over for a beer is a safer way to start. Aston is a bit of a loose cannon, and James already knows about last week with Thomas now anyway, so I guess there’s no harm in putting those two in a room together.

“Let’s both agree to try,” I tell him James, touching his face gently. “Just so you know, I decided right after our second date to only focus on you and not kiss any other guys, let alone sleep with them. I know it’s hard to believe after I just told you I slept with Thomas last week, but I’m not that kind of girl. I like you. I want to focus on you, see where this goes.”

“That’s nice to hear.” James tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and kisses me tenderly. “I think that-”

Before he can tell me what he thinks, the doorbell rings, disturbing our nice little moment.

“Pizza!” James exclaims, jumping up. “Thank God, I feel like I can eat a whole cow.” He buzzes up the pizza guy and grabs some money to tip him.

Five minutes later, we’re stuffing our faces while we watch a comedy, laughing along while we eat. It feels good to go from the heavy talk to just enjoy hanging out. We snuggle under a blanket after dinner, kissing and talking some more.

“It’s getting late,” James says after our second movie. “I hate to kick you out, but we’ve both got early shifts. You can stay over if you want, but I totally get it if you just want to go home and process everything. I dumped a lot of my crap on you tonight.”

“Actually…” I already decided I want to stay before we even finished our pizzas. “I’ve got a change of clothes and some toiletries in my trunk, so if you’re serious about me spending the night…”

“Yes!” James say happily. “Of course! Oh, I’m so happy you’re staying!”

I decide to tease him a bit, wagging my finger at him. “Don’t think for even a second that this means you’re getting lucky tonight, mister!”

His eyes go wide, and he starts apologizing right away. “No, I wasn’t assuming that at all. I’m just happy you’re not mad at me. Of course you don’t have to sleep with me. I mean, you do, if you don’t want to be exhausted tomorrow, but just normal sleep, like… we can just snuggle and go straight to sleep. No sex.”

I laugh and watch him relax when he realizes I was just kidding. “Chill,” I tell him, getting up from the couch. “You’re totally getting lucky tonight. Let me just go get my stuff so I’m all set for the night. I can’t wait to get you naked.”

He smiles and pulls me in for a kiss, grabbing my ass and squeezing it. “I’ll get your stuff. I don’t like making you go out into the street this late. Just give me the keys.”

I grab them from my purse and throw them at him. “Pinky has a lot of character,” I warn him. “You need to jiggle the handle or the trunk won’t open.”

“Pinky?” He laughs. “I guess I don’t have to ask which car is yours. I should have known that pink barrel was yours.”

“Don’t insult my car, or we’re over,” I say in a serious voice, giving him a death glare.

He winks at me. “I’ll be right back.”

The moment he leaves, I shoot Thomas a text to ask him to feed the General for me in the morning and then I take off all my clothes and make my way to James’ bedroom. It’s just as boring and white as the living room, but it’s much cleaner than my place for sure. He just needs a woman to come in and buy him some throw pillows and stuff. Who knows, maybe it’ll be me to brighten up this place.

“Franny?” he calls out when he gets back with my bag and doesn’t find me in the living room. “Where are you?”

“Bedroom!” I yell back.

He walks in and drops my bag when he sees me lying in the middle of his king-size bed, completely naked. A second later, he’s next to me, kissing me while his hands explore my body. I moan when he probes my lips and slips a finger into me.

“Get naked,” I order him, tugging at his T-shirt. “I want to see that gorgeous cock of yours again.”

“Your wish is my command.” He gets up to undress, jumping right back in bed the moment he’s naked. My eyes go straight to his piercing, making him chuckle. “You really like that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I say, running my hand over his erection. “I love it. How big you are, the piercing, your tats… You’re like a wet dream come through.”

He shifts so he can pull up my hair and presses a kiss to my tattoos. “I love your tats as well.” His hands knot into my hair. “And your hair. Your nose ring…” He kisses it sweetly, making me giggle. “I like every single thing about you.”

His finger slips back inside of me and his thumb circles my clit, making me moan. I grab his cock and start jerking him off while he fingers me, enjoying how big he feels in my hand. James kisses his way down my body and pushes open my legs, going down on me like he did last time. Apparently, he remembered me asking him to pinch my nipple last time, because he gabs both of my boobs while his tongue flicks over my center, making me cry out at how good he’s making me feel.

I come with a shudder, enjoying how he keeps working on me even after my orgasm subsides, slowly pushing me over the edge again and again until I’ve had four consecutive orgasms. That’s not something I’ve often experienced. Not even Aston made me come like that. Thomas did manage that a few times, but I push him out of my mind as James kisses me softly and rolls on a condom.

“Slowly,” I tell him when he moves on top of me. “You’re huge and I love it, but I’ll always need a second to get used to you.”

“Of course, baby,” he grunts in my ear, filling me slowly, inch by inch.

I throw my legs around him and urge him to pick up the pace once my muscles relax and I’m ready for action. He turns into that beast from last time again, taking me hard and fast, even biting my shoulder at one point. I cry out, not really into that, but it feels good in the heat of the moment. He’s kinkier than I’m used to, I guess, and it’s hot. Really hot.

It doesn’t take long for him to blow his load, and he rolls off me when he’s done, breathing hard.

“You feel so good,” he says in an apologetic tone. “Sorry, I couldn’t hold out any longer.”

I giggle and kiss his neck. “Babe, you just made me come four times. I’m not complaining. At all.”

He gets up to throw away the condom and I get up as well to pee. When I get back to bed, he looks at me with hungry eyes.

“Round two?” he asks, surprising me.

I’m not saying no to that, so I get right back on top of him and take the condom from him, rolling it over his huge member before sinking down on him. This time we take things really slow, paying attention to each other’s reaction to every move we make, trying to figure out what the other likes and dislikes. We kiss a lot as well, which makes this feel way more intimate that the hot sex from before. I like this better, if I’m honest. James makes me come two more times while he’s inside of me before he allows himself to follow, grunting my name while he does.

Finally spent, we fall asleep in each other’s arms, my head on his chest.

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