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#31 You’re all mine

The ICU. Again. Another double shift. Again.

I’m going to fucking kill Leonard Schwartz.

I run up the stairs and right into the doctor’s lounge next to the ICU so I can have a cup of coffee before I have to get back to work. I call James while I sip my first cup, praying that he’ll pick up soon. After the tenth ring, I give up and just sink down onto the couch with my coffee, trying to drink it quickly so I’ll have time for a second cup. I am so sleep deprived.

James calls back halfway through my second cup, and he sounds way happier than I feel.

“Are you on your way home yet?” he asks, pans clanging in the background. “I’m making breakfast, which I guess for you will be… dinner? Lunch? I don’t know with your erratic schedule.”

“I’m in the ICU,” I grunt.

“Oh no,” James says with a sigh. “Oh baby, not again.”

“Yeah, I know, I’ll cut Lenny’s balls off he even so much as looks at me the wrong way.” I finish my coffee and get up. “I need to get to work. Sorry for bailing on breakfast-lunch-dinner, whatever we’re calling it. I’ll try to swap some shifts with Candice when she gets in so I can get the same days off as you next week. I need some sleep and more than a few hours with my man.”

“That sounds good, but don’t beat yourself up over it. I get it. My work’s the same. Just let yourself in if you want to hang around at my place until I’m done with work, okay?”

“Thanks, babe. I’ve got to go now.”

“Love you.”

Deep breath… Here we go. “Love you too, James.”

Okay, that wasn’t so bad. I think I can get used to this. He never has to know.

I hang up and wash my hands before heading to see Leonard, who talks me through what he needs from me tonight. I’m in the ICU with him for a few hours and then I’m needed in Nephrology again. At least I’ll get to see hi to Aston’s father Theodore, who I haven’t seen in a while. Let’s look at the bright side, right?

Leonard seems off every single time we talk about our patients or pass each other on our way to another room. I don’t get why he’s got his panties in a bunch. I’m the one who got called in for even more hours, even though I’ve already worked 12 hours in the ER. I’m the one who keeps getting paged. I’m the one who should be acting angry and weird, not him.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him when I have a few minutes to spare. “You’re snapping at me even more than usual.”

“Teddy’s leaving me,” he says, his eyes filling with tears.

Oh shit. I grab his elbow and steer him into the doctor’s lounge, happy to see that it’s empty. “What happened?”

“The baby is due in two weeks, and she’s moving back in with her mother,” he says more to himself than to me. “She’s already got herself a lawyer. She’s leaving me.”

“Why?” I can’t help but ask. “What did you do?”

He looks at me like he wants to strangle me, wiping at his eyes. “Not me. It’s what we did.”

“We?” I repeat incredulously. Surely he’s kidding. “Oh God, she found out about you cheating on her before the engagement, right?” I grunt when he nods. “Lenny, how the fuck did you let that happen?”

“I don’t know, I guess I didn’t delete a few old emails or something. Teddy has a lot of free time now that she’s on bedrest, so she’s been going through all my accounts, God knows why.” He leans against the kitchen counter, trying to keep himself from slumping down onto the floor. “She says she can’t trust me anymore now that she knows our whole relationship was built on lies.”

I scoff at that. “Yeah, like she’s one to talk.”

Leonard gives me a strange look. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing,” I lie quickly. It’s not my place to say something about Teddy being a dirty cheater like him. I don’t owe Lenny anything.

“I don’t know what I’m more sad about,” he whispers. “Losing my wife or not being able to be there for my baby.”

“It’ll be okay,” I say, hugging him. I don’t know if it’ll be okay, but what else can I say?

“Thanks,” he mumbles into my hair. “You’re always so sweet to me, even though I don’t deserve it.”

“Yeah, I’m amazing,” I agree teasingly, trying to lighten the mood. I need to get back to work soon, after all, and so does he.

“This never would have happened if I’d just broken up with her and stuck with you,” he says, holding me closer against him than I feel comfortable with. “You’re so much sweeter than she is.”

“Leonard, I need to go back to work,” I say, trying to get out of this uncomfortable embrace.

He pulls back a little but doesn’t let go. His green eyes bore into mine and then his lips crush against mine, his tongue demanding entrance. I fight against him, biting his lip so hard that he cries out. The kiss ends as sudden as it started, if you can call him basically assaulting me a kiss.

“Get a grip!” I tell him, straightening my scrubs. “You’re such an asshole sometimes.” I turn to walk out of the lounge, only to see nurse Debby looking at us with wide eyes, a smirk playing around her lipstick red lips.

Can this day get any worse?


James’ reaction when I tell him about the kiss is a lot calmer than I expected. He pulls me against him for a long hug and strokes my hair, comforting me.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you,” he says in a tight voice. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” I reply with a shrug. That kiss was hours ago, and I’ve already showered three times and brushed my teeth even more often, so I feel clean now. “Sorry that I almost told him about you and Teddy.”

“Oh, you can tell him if you want to.” He shrugs. “I don’t care about either of them. All I care about is you, baby.”

“You’re so sweet.” I kiss him, reveling in how different this kiss if from the unwanted one in the hospital.

“Do you want me to go with you next time you have to see Leonard?” James asks, his jaw setting. “I’m not above waltzing into your place of work in my police uniform to scare off your ex.”

I smile at that imagine. I bet James can be extremely intimidating when he wants to be. Leonard would crap his pants. Right when I’m about to tell him that won’t be necessary, my phone rings. I curse when I see who it is and show James my screen.

“Oh hell no,” he grunts, grabbing it from me and answering the call. “Why the fuck are you calling my girlfriend after what you did, you dirty piece of shit?”

I can’t hear Leonard’s answer, but James’ eyes are shooting fire.

“I don’t care if you’re sorry, you should have kept your hands to yourself. I don’t give a shit about your sorry life and why you did it. If you ever touch her again, I’m going to make sure I find some dirt on you, I don’t care what it is, and I’ll throw your ass in jail.” He pauses to listen to Leonard’s reaction. “Because I’m a cop, you fucking moron!” he shouts into the phone. “I suggest you never call this number again. And don’t do dare call Fran in to work in the ICU ever again. She works in the ER, not as your personal assistant.” James hangs up, breathing hard. He drops my phone on the coffee table and turns to me with that fire still burning in his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he says through gritted teeth. “I just snapped. Guys like that… I fucking hate him for what he did to you.”

No one has ever stood up for me like that. Never. Maybe it’s wrong, but James yelling at my ex is totally turning me on. I grab his face and kiss him hard and long.

“W-what?” he mutters in confusion when we break apart.

“Come on,” I say, getting up and pulling him to the bedroom. “Let’s forget all about that asshole.”

“You want to have sex?” he asks, still grasping at straws. “Now?”

“Yes,” I confirm, already taking off my clothes.

His gaze moves to my boobs and he grunts, tugging off his own shirt. We tumble onto the bed a heated mess of searching hands and scolding kisses, trying to get as close to each other as possible. I run my hand over his cock, moaning at the feeling of his piercing in my hand. That will never get old.

James moves down my body and buries his face between my thighs, his tongue attacking me with such fervor that I cry out in surprise, already on the verge of an orgasm.

“Turn around,” I order him, yanking him up by his hair.

It takes him a moment to understand what I’m getting at, but then his cock is right in my face while he gets back to eating me out like he’s starving. I close my lips around him and take him deeper than ever before, my arousal negating my gag reflex for a few wonderful moments. I moan around him when I come, shaking so hard that I swear I’m causing an earthquake.

James shifts so he’s facing the other way, entering me with a loud grunt, his lips finding mine in a scorching kiss. He feels so good inside of me without a condom, and at one point I swear I can feel his piercing rubbing along my walls, pushing me right over the edge, screaming his name while I fall apart.

“Fuck,” he grunts, following me into the abyss.

He rolls off and I whimper at the loss of him, snuggling up to his side while cum leaks out of me onto the sheets.

“Holy. Fucking. Hell.” James is breathing hard, turning his head to the side to meet my gaze.

“Yes,” I agree. “Holy fucking hell indeed.”

He laughs at that, kissing me hungrily even though we just finished what I can only describe as the most violent sex I’ve ever had, without him doing so much as smack my ass. That was… different.

“I love you so much,” he says between kisses, his hand moving back down between my legs, not bothered by how sticky I am from his cum. “We forgot the condom again,” he says, grunting when I wrap my hand around his cock.

“Fuck condoms,” I say, more than ready for round two. “I’ve got my IUD and we’re not sleeping with anyone else, right?”

“Hell no,” he says, pulling me on top of him and guiding me down on his erection. “You’re all mine, baby.”

“Yeah I am,” I agree, looking down into his blue eyes while I rotate my hips. “And you’re mine.” It’s not the same as saying I love you, but it’s close enough.

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