Feisty Francesca

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#35 We’ve got to stop meeting like this

James is just about to suck my nipple into his mouth when my phone rings.

“Let it ring,” he grunts against my skin. “You’re not on call, right?”

“Right,” I breathe, arching my back, trying to get closer to him.

He runs his tongue over my bud and then nips at it gently, making me gasp. Two fingers enter my pussy and I’m moaning loudly by the time whoever is calling me tries for a second time. And then a third.

“No, don’t answer,” James pleads, still finger fucking me while I grab my ringing phone from the nightstand.

“It could be important,” I breathe, trying to stop moaning while I see who it is.

It’s Yord, probably to tell me about another song he found to play at Annabel’s birthday party in a week. She doesn’t know about it, since it’s a surprise party, and Aston asked me and the rest of the band to take care of the music. The two of them bought a house and he charmed the realtor into giving him the key before the deal is even done, so he can use the backyard for the party.

Yord has never called me about something important before, so I don’t pick up and let my body fall back down onto the matrass, ready to get back to James’ skillful fingers and mouth. He grunts in approval and picks up the pace, his thumb circling my clit while he sucks on my nipple.

And then the phone rings again.

Four times is too many times to ignore, so I tell James to stop for a moment and pick up the phone, breathing hard.

“Yord,” I say, gasping when James wiggling his fingers inside of me and bites my nipple gently. Fuck, this is hot. “This better be fucking important,” I bite out, trying to keep myself from moaning.

“It’s Joshua,” he replies with a panic in his voice. “I don’t know what to do.”

I sit up so quickly that James’ teeth accidently tug on my nipple so hard that I cry out in pain. He looks up at me with shock in his blue eyes, finally removing his fingers from my dripping cunt.

“What happened?” I ask, rubbing my nipple. It’s not bleeding, so I’ll be fine. Joshua is much more important than me and James having hot sex.

“I came over to borrow his amp, and he didn’t open up. I still have his key from when I stayed over when he needed help with his leg, so I let myself in.” Yord sounds on the verge of breaking into tears. “I can hear water running in the bathroom, but he’s not responding, no matter how hard I yell or pound on the door.”

“Open the door,” I tell him, getting out of bed and pulling on some panties while I talk to him.

“It’s locked,” Yord says, his breaths coming in fast. “I don’t know what to do, Fran!”

“Get a screwdriver,” I instruct him. “When I was a little, I used to lock myself in the bathroom all the time, and Dad would get me out with a screwdriver. Just insert it and twist.”

I can hear Yord running around, cursing. “I don’t know where he keeps his tools!”

Fucking hell, even I know this. “Cabinet under the sink,” I tell Yord. “The big black box.”

“Got it!”

I put Yord on speaker and toss the phone on the bed while I get dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. James has no idea what is going on, but he follows my lead and pulls on some sweats and a shirt, running to the hallway to get our shoes. I sit on the bed to talk to Yord while James puts on my sneakers and ties my laces. God, I love that man.

“I’m in,” Yord says. “Oh God, he’s on the floor – Joshua! Joshua!”

“Don’t shake him!” I yell, hoping he’s still listening. If he’s bleeding internally, he needs to be stable, so we can’t have Yord grabbing his shoulders or anything. He might cause more damage than already might be done. “James,” I say in a quiet tone, looking down at my boyfriend. “Call an ambulance. Give them Joshua’s address.”

He nods and rushes off into the living room to make the call.

“Help is coming, Yord,” I say, pushing down my fear of losing Joshua to stay professional. “James is calling an ambulance right now and we’re coming over as well. Don’t panic, okay? Tell me how he’s doing.”

“He’s breathing,” he replies, sounding like he’s holding himself together by a single thread. “He’s cold, though, and his leg is in a weird position. I think he broke it again.”

James comes in to motion me to come with him, and we sprint out of his apartment, down the stairs and straight into his car. He drives like a maniac, breaking the speed limit – which is something he’d normally never do – and I keep talking to Yord. From what I can gather, I think that Joshua either feinted and fell, or slipped and hit his head. Either way, I think he’ll be okay. There’s no bleeding, his breathing is steady, and the broken leg seems to be all that’s wrong.

We arrive before the ambulance does, and I pound on the door until Yord opens it. He’s crying, and I can’t blame the guy. This is intense, but I’m used to this. When I get to the bathroom I see that Yord covered his friend’s private parts with a towel, which is sweet, but so not what he should be worried about. Joshua looks so small and pale lying there on the tile floor, his eyes open and unseeing.

I drop to my knees and carefully examine him, making sure that his breathing isn’t constricted. James is right with me, assessing Joshua’s leg. I sure hope the two of us kneeling over Joshua’s unconscious body isn’t going to happen more than twice.

“I don’t think it’s broken,” James says.

“Grab a blanket!” I yell at Yord. I don’t know how long it will be before the paramedics get here and I don’t want to move Joshua before I’ve got the proper equipment to help him if something goes south, but I also don’t want him develop hyperthermia. I tell James to turn up the heat, and to turn off the water that’s still running. We’re all wet by now, but none of us care.

The paramedics rush in through the door we left open, and I order Yord and James to get out of the way. I hang back too, but stay close enough to tell my colleagues what happened. They nod and take over, lifting him onto a simple stretcher after making sure he can be moved. They carry him into the ambulance, where they hook him up to an IV. I know one of the paramedics well and he agrees to let me ride with them.

“Take care of Yord,” I tell James before jumping into the ambulance. “See you at the hospital.”

James just nods and walks back into the apartment. The doors shut and I’m in the back of the ambulance with Joshua and paramedic Davy.

“Boyfriend?” Davy asks while he checks Joshua’s vitals and closes his eyelids to give his eyes some rest.

“Friend,” I correct him.

Davy just nods. “I think he just fainted and slipped. Sprained ankle and a concussion, if I had to guess. Looked worse than it is.”

“He broke his legs two months ago,” I tell Davy, taking Joshua’s hand in mine. “He was just getting back to walking around without crutches.

“Poor guy,” Davy comments dryly.

Joshua makes a soft grunt-like noise and slowly opens his eyes, blinking a few times before settling on my face. “Franny?” he says hoarsely. “W-what h-h-?”

“You fell in the shower,” I tell him, relieved to hear his voice. “You’ll be okay.”

He grunts and closes his eyes. “We’ve got stop meeting like this.”

I breathe a laugh, happy that he’s already cracking jokes. “Good plan.”


James is annoyed with me, but I seriously don’t give a fuck right now. He was a rock throughout the whole ordeal, waited with me and Yord while Joshua went in for x-rays, and even went to get us all some coffees. That all changed in the blink of an eye, though. Once he realized I was planning on going home with Joshua and spending the night there, he turned into jealous old James.

I love James, but I could really do without that side of him.

“We could just call his parents,” he says to me and Yord for the millionth time. “They don’t live that far, right?”

“He hates his mother fussing over him,” I say, not wanting Joshua to be stuck at his parents’ place. “I’ve got two days off, I can just stay in his spare bedroom.”

“Does he really need a babysitter?” James asks, grunting in annoyance. “And does it need to be you? He’s got friends, right?” He gives Yord a pointed look. “Fran, we finally have two days off together, which is rare. Do you really want spent them at his place?”

“Look,” I say through gritted teeth. “Yord has work and school, while I have two whole days off. Joshua is fine, but he’s still got a concussion and a sprained ankle, and I don’t feel comfortable leaving him alone right now. He doesn’t want to alarm his parents again, and I don’t mind being there for him. You have three options right now. One: you keep being a dick and leave, forcing me to call me and Joshua an uber. Just so you know, I don’t know if our relationship will ever recover if you pick that option.”

I shut him up with a look when he opens his mouth. I’m not done.

“Two: you suck it up and drop us off at his place, and stay with us, since you’re obviously worried that I’m going to fuck my concussed friend or something, even though I’ve never given you a reason to doubt my loyalty and faithfulness. Or three: you drop me and Joshua off at my place, and then be a good boyfriend and go to my place to pack me an overnight bag, bring me that, and then go home and enjoy your day off. You’re welcome to come to Joshua’s place anytime, but only if you want to support him, not because you want to make sure I’m not riding his dick all day long. I can’t deal with your possessive shit right now.”

James is looking at me like he doesn’t even recognize me anymore. I don’t get like this often, but when you piss me off and I go off on you, I’m all in and I don’t stop until I’ve said my piece.

“Fine,” he decides with a sigh. Option three it is.”

“Good choice,” I say, warding him off when he moves in to kiss me. “Not right now. I’m pissed at you.” I see the panic in his eyes, so I ease up a little. “Don’t worry, I still love you, but we’re going to have our first epic fight when I get back home once I feel okay to leave Joshua alone. You’d better make sure to have flowers and a really nice meal waiting for me when I show up, because you’ll need to butter me up for sure.”

“Okay,” James breathes, looking down at the floor. “Love you too.”

I sigh and go to fetch Yord, who walked away from us during out fight. He thanks me for being there and hugs me, tears in his eyes.

“I’m sorry I panicked,” he says, wiping at his eyes. “Joshua is such a good guy, and he’s been an amazing friend to me from the day I met him. I just couldn’t… I’ve never been good in situations like these. I didn’t even think about the screwdriver, or calling an ambulance, or anything.”

“It’s okay, you called me, and that was the best thing to do.” I touch his face and smile up at him. “Don’t worry, you did great. It’s always scary to see a friend passed out on the floor like that. Don’t forget that I’ve been trained for this. I see things like this on a daily basis. You don’t.”

“I don’t know how you do it,” Yord says, pulling me in for a hug. “You’re such a sweet little thing, Franny, but you’ve got nerves of steel.”

I smile at that and give him a kiss on the cheek. “We’ll drop you off at home, okay? Get some sleep. I’ll let you know how he’s doing.”

We turn around to James and I see jealously still present in his gaze while he looks at Yord. Yeah, we’re going to have a fight alright. I’m not looking forward to it, but I need to end this once and for all. Yord and Joshua are my friends, and I don’t think I did anything wrong tonight. I’m done with wondering if something I do or say it going to upset James. I didn’t realize it before, but I’ve been doing that quite often lately.

Am I drinking too much? What will James say when he sees me like this? Am I too drunk to go over to his place, or will he be okay with this level of buzz?

Should I call James before going over to Joshua’s? Maybe I should just go home instead of hanging out with my friends? Can I hug my male friends when James is near? And what about when he’s not with me? Should I hang out with Shaughna and Marcia more instead of Aston, Joshua and Yord?

Those are not questions I want to be asking myself on a daily basis, no matter how much I love James.

The doctor steps out into the hallway with Joshua right behind him in his wheelchair, wheeling himself out. He looks up at us with a wry smile, a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

“Come on, Josh,” I say while Yord pushes Joshua out of the hospital and James trails behind us. “Let’s go home.”

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