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#36 Why are you staring at my cock?

“Franny…” Joshua is smiling up at me from his comfortable position in his bed. He stripped down to his boxer shorts a moment ago, and called me in when he was in bed, the blankets pulled up to his chest while he leans against the pillow he propped up against the headboard. “I’m fine. Stop fretting over me. You really don’t need to spend the night.”

“I’m staying,” I tell him sternly.

We’ve already been over this a hundred times today, and there is no way I’m leaving. James dropped off my overnight back a few hours ago and he stayed for a cup of coffee, after which he tentatively asked if he could see the spare bedroom where I will be staying. That stung, since I know why he wanted to see it. He needed to make sure there truly is an extra bedroom with a bed for me, and a lock on it. He doesn’t trust Joshua at all, even though the guy is sweeter than anyone I’ve ever met and he couldn’t even hurt me if he tried with his sprained ankle and concussion.

Worse even, I feel like James doesn’t trust me. Even if Joshua tried something, it’s up to me to decide what I do, right? I’m a faithful girlfriend and I feel like James should know that by now. I’m not looking forward to the talk we’re going to have when I get back to his place in a day or so, but I know we need it to move on from this. I’m not willing to give up on us, not when I finally fell in love with someone who is all in for me. He’s amazing, but he does have issues that we need to work on.

If he continues to put in the work, I’m still in. I just hope he gets that he needs to ease up a little, let me live my life, even when that means partying and hanging out with guys.

“No watching TV,” I warn Joshua, pointing at the TV across his bed. “The doctor said to limit your screen time for seven days.” I motion to the bottle of water next to him. “And stay hydrated.”

“Yes, nurse Berger,” Joshua says with a little smile.

“Straight to sleep,” I go on. “I’m keeping both our doors open so you can call out to me any time of night, okay? Your phone is on your nightstand, and so are some painkillers if you need them. Do you still have a headache?”

“Fran, I’m fine,” he insists. “No headache, no vomiting, none of those symptoms you keep rattling off every half hour. I’m not even tired. Are you sure I can’t just watch half an hour of TV?”

“No,” I huff at him. “I’m not above hauling your TV out of the room if you don’t listen to the doctor’s orders.”

“Fine.” He rolls his eyes. “I’ll just sit here in the dark, praying I will grow tired.”

I laugh at his flair for dramatics and sit down on the foot of the bed, crossing my needs underneath me. “We can talk for a little while, if you want to?”

“That would be nice.” He looks at my pajamas with a smile. “Did James bring you the most unflattering sleep clothes ever on purpose?”

“I’m pretty sure he did,” I grumble. I’m in one of James’ thickest, darkest shirts and I’ve got baggy sweats on underneath. I’d have preferred one of his V-neck shirts I usually sleep in and a pair of leggings or yoga pants, but I guess he deemed those too sexy to wear around Joshua.

“Are you sure you don’t want to sleep at home?” Joshua asks sweetly. “I’m perfectly fine and I don’t want to cause problems between you and James.”

“You’re not,” I assure him. “The problems were already there from the start. He’s been very honest about his problems with jealousy, but this is the first time things got a little heated. He’s trying, he really is, and I do love him, but I can’t believe he didn’t trust me to stay here for the night.”

Joshua shrugs and winks at me. “I get it, actually. I’m obviously your type to a T. Buff, tats, piercings, cocky… That’s me in a nutshell.”

I grin at his teasing comments. “You’re good-looking, Josh. You know that.”

“Yeah, maybe, but not like James is,” he says with a shrug, not really bothered. “I’m not some body-builder cop. I’m just a guy that plays guitar and enjoys a run on the weekends.” He laughs, gesturing down at his body. “That is, if my leg isn’t broken, my ribs not bruises, my ankle not sprained and my head not concussed.”

“You’re a little clumsy.”

“Clumsy?” he grumbles. “I fainted because I drank too little, didn’t have anything to eat all day and showered with scorching hot water. Then I hit my head and sprained the ankle of the leg I broke not that long ago. I’m a fucking idiot.”

I reach out to squeeze his good leg. “Yeah, you are.”

He picks up the pillow next to him and throws it at my head. “You suck.”

The pillow lands on the floor. “You can’t even aim properly, screw-up.” I pick it up and put it next to him, propping it up against the headboard so I can settle in next to him while I talk to him. We talk about what happened a little more and discuss my problems with James, but eventually we move on to what we always talk about: music, movies, favorite foods, funny stories about getting drunk, making fun of Yord, chatting about our families. It’s just so easy to be with Joshua.

I get tired after a while and curl up pulling the blanket over my cold feet, not willing to go back to my own room just yet. Joshua it on his back, talking up to the ceiling while I close my eyes for just a moment. I won’t fall asleep. I just need to rest my eyes for a few seconds…


I’m so warm and comfortable when I wake up that I leave my eyes closed for another moment, snuggling closer up to James. His arm tightens around my body and I press my boobs against his side with my head on his chest. He’s still asleep, his chest rising and falling with his slow, deep breaths. I run my hand up his chest, over the stubble on his jaw and into his soft, curly hair.

Wait – curly hair?

My eyes fly open and I look up to realize that I’m not in James’ bed. This is not his body I’m wrapped around. I’m in bed with Joshua.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. I keep still, trying not to wake him up. I must have fallen asleep while we were talking, and ended up snuggling with him while we were both fast asleep. If my body believed it was in bed with James, that’s not all that strange. We always gravitate towards each other while we sleep. I almost always wake up a tangled mess of sweaty limbs when I spend the night with James.

If James knew I was in this position right now, he’d totally feel justified for not trusting me, even though I didn’t really do anything. I just fell asleep talking to my friend and cuddled with him while I slept. By accident.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t mention this to James.

Joshua shifts a little underneath me and I try to pull back, but his arm keeps me firmly against his him. He needs his rest, but I also know that I need to get away from him before he wakes up. This is wrong on so many levels. I try to move away from him without waking him, and my leg brushes up against something that makes me freeze right up.

Did I just feel – no, surely not.

When I move again, I know I’m not mistaken. I think Joshua has a serious case of morning wood, unless I’m wrong and it’s just his leg. Or his hand. I can’t exactly feel what I’m pressed up against, like I would do with James, so I do the only other thing I can think of. I lift the blanket and look down.

Yup. That’s an erection up against my leg.

He’s only wearing boxer shorts and they turned into a goddamn tent overnight, making it clear that while Joshua is not as well-endowed as James, he surely never has any complaints from girls about the size of his cock.

There’s a trail of dark hair marking the path from his belly button to his lower regions, drawing attention to the V-shape of his abdominal muscles. I’m surprised that his hair is so dark down there, such a sharp contrast to the light blonde curls on his head and the dark blonde stubble along his jawline. I wonder what color his pubic hair is and if he trims it neatly or just lets it grow out.

I saw him almost completely naked yesterday, save for the towel put over his waist before I rushed into the apartment, but I didn’t really look at him. I just made sure he was okay. Now though, staring down at his lightly defined abdominal abs, his happy trail pointing down at his erect cock that is twitching against the fabric of his shorts…

I never realized that Joshua is kind of… hot?

Not in the muscular god with tattoos and piercings kind of way, but in a different way. I’m not sure what way, but my body heats up, my nipples harden, and my breaths are coming in faster than they should.

Joshua’s arm pulls me even closer while I’m still holding up the blanket to look down at his shorts, and his hand shifts to my ass, causing a shiver to run up my spine.

“Franny?” his voice sounds above me. “Why are you staring at my cock?”

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