Feisty Francesca

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#54 Weirdest job interview ever

After changing in and out of my scrubs five times, I decide to just go with scrubs. Why wear my own clothes for an interview when the job I’m trying to get will require me to wear scrubs all the time, right? I pull my long pink hair into tight bun, trying to look professional. I took out my nose ring and I’m only wearing tiny little studs in my ears, but I can’t take out my eyebrow piercing, since it’s still new and healing. I just hope it won’t affect what Dr. Davids thinks of me. I want this job so badly.

I walk through the hospital to Dr. Massenheimer’s old office, greeting colleagues left and right, and helping an old man to the waiting room when I see he’s struggling. Keeping busy helps calm my nerves.

When I get to the office, I see Debby coming out, smiling brightly. “Thank you so much, Dr. Davids,” she says in tat kiss-ass tone of hers that makes my skin crawl. “So nice to meet you. And I meant what I said about showing you around town. I know how hard moving can be, so it’s always nice to make new friends. Doctors like you work so hard… I wouldn’t want you to get lonely.”

Ugh. She’s hitting on him. I hope that doesn’t work, because I’m not going to flirt with someone to get a job. No way. I want to get the job because I’m better than Debby. Which I totally am, of course. Way, way better. Stupid bitch.

“Good luck,” Debby tells me when she sees me waiting in the hallway. “You’ll need it.” That last part is said too low for the doctor to overhear from his office, obviously. He must think she’s such a nice, vibrant, bubbly girl, such a great person to have around when you work with kids. Little does Dr. Davids know that she’s a bitch, and not good with kids at all. Not like I am. Oh, I hate that girl.

“Miss Berger?” the doctor calls from the office. “You can come in.” His voice sounds vaguely familiar, and when I walk into the office and see him getting up from behind his desk, I realize why.

“Christopher?” I ask, surprised to see the 40-something-year-old man I was talking to at Annabel’s birthday party. Oh God. I ruffled his hair. I ruffled the hair of the guy who is going to decide if I get my dream job. Fuck me.

Christopher Davids looks at me with a frown, obviously trying to figure out how I know his first name.

“Francesca,” I remind him. “I was the singer in the band that player at Annabel’s birthday party. My hair was blonde with purple streaks back then and I didn’t have the eyebrow piercing.”

“Right!” he realizes. “The girl with the nose ring who thought I was her 20-year-old boyfriend and put her hands in my hair.” He grins. “I’ve been reliving that moment over and over. It’s not often someone mistakes me for a hot 20-year-old.”

“Oh, you’re gay?” I ask before I can help myself. Oh. My. God. I’m so fucking stupid. He’s Annabel’s ex, and he’s dating her sister Chloe now. Obviously he’s not gay. This guy could be my boss in a few weeks, if I’m lucky. And I just called him gay. I’m an idiot.

“No,” he says, chuckling at my flushed cheeks and obvious embarrassment. “Not gay. I’m just a single doctor who, according to you, looks 20 from the back and 40 from the front.”

“Single?” I repeat, sinking down on the chair he pulls out for me before sitting back down behind his desk. “I thought you were dating Chloe.”

“I was,” he affirms. “In fact, the reason I took this job five days ago was because Chloe wants to move here soon, and I wanted to move with her. She dumped me a day later.”

“Oh wow, that sucks.” Poor guy. “Can’t you get your old job back?”

He shrugs. “I could, but I already found a place to rent here, put my house on the market, and I’m really excited about the opportunities that this hospital allows me to explore. I get a lot more freedom here.”

“Were you also the head of the peds ward back at your old job?”

Christopher nods. “In away smaller town, tough. This place has way more fancy equipment, more staff, exciting medical trials… I think I’ll like it here. And it’s not like I’m leaving anyone behind.”

“So no ex-wife with three kids, living off your alimony?” The questions keep coming out. It’s the nervous word-vomit thing, and I can’t stop it. I’m such an idiot.

“Nope. I do have an ex-wife, but no kids. It’s just me and my dog Titus.”

“I’m more of a cat person,” I say, still being a complete idiot. This is supposed to be a job interview, for crying out loud!

“I love cats,” he says with a smile. “I used to have one, and she ruled over Titus, poor dog. She died a year ago, got hit by a car.”

“Oh God,” I breathe. “That’s horrible. I’d be devastated if the General got hurt. Luckily, he’s a lazy housecat that never leaves my apartment, so I think he’ll be okay.”

“The General?” he repeats incredulously.

“General Fluffington,” I explain, feeling more stupid with each word I say to this guy. “That’s his name. I call him the General for short.”

“My cat was named Madame,” he says, grinning. “She was such a fussy thing. I don’t miss the claw marks, but I do miss her sometimes. Maybe I should get another cat. Although Titus keeps me pretty busy.”

“You said you’re renting a place, right?” I ask. “Which neighborhood?”

“Close to Annabel and Aston’s new place,” he says, making a face. “So now I’m living two streets down from my ex-girlfriend’s house whose sister just dumped me. I’m a little pathetic, I know.”

“Not at all,” I assure him with a smile. I like this guy. He’s honest. “You wanted to move for the woman you love. That’s romantic. Most men aren’t that committed.”

He shrugs. “I’m 43, I want a wife and kids, I can’t really afford to not commit when I find someone I like. I guess the Wilkerson sisters just aren’t meant for me. First Annabel falling for Aston, and now Chloe getting back together with her husband after already filing for divorce… I don’t seem to have much luck in the romance department. It’s been a turbulent year.”

“That sucks,” I say with a sigh. “I’m not in the same situation, but I’ve had a few rough months as well. Relationship-wise, you know.”

“So you got dumped too?” Christopher asks, sighing. “It’s horrible, isn’t it? When you try so hard and want it to succeed to badly, but it doesn’t seem to matter? It all just blows up in your face anyway.”

“Yes,” I agree. “Exactly. I mean, there’s a reason my ex and I didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean it stops hurting. I stuck with him and helped him get his shit together, and ten when he finally did, he decided to be on his own.”

“Cloe’s husband cheated on her for nine months, throughout her pregnancy even. And now she’s letting him in again. I get it, she loves him, they have three kids together, but… come on. I’m loyal, I never cheat, I think I’m pretty sweet and very committed, but I always end up alone. I’m 43 living in a big house with just my dog.” He grunts and runs his hands over his face, looking exhausted. “It doesn’t seem to matter that I’m an accomplished surgeon, head of my unit, with a big fat paycheck and a house with the goddamn white picket-fence that all women seem to crave. Women just don’t like me enough to stick around.”

Wow. Okay. I’m not the only one with issues. He’s doing the word-vomit thing as well, and as much as I feel for him, we should probably start my interview.

“So…” I say, clearing my throat. “I want to be a pediatric nurse.”

“Right!” He turns bright red and laughs uncomfortably. He reminds me a bit of Joshua. They have similar hair – hence me ruffling Christopher’s hair. Their facial features aren’t alike at all, but the way he’s so honest, and that blush creeping up his neck and making his cheeks all red… Yeah, he’s like an older version of Joshua. “God, I suck at this. Sorry, yes. The interview. You’re obviously qualified, you’ll just need some training specifically for this unit, but you transitioned from the ICU to the ER without difficulty, I hear. Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Tennille and Dr. Martin all agree that you’re a great nurse, committed to the hospital, and a fast learner.”

“Leonard said that?” I ask before I can stop myself.

“You know Dr. Schwartz well, I gather?” Christopher asks, leaning forward with his elbows on his desk.

“He’s my ex.” No use in trying to get this job interview back on track, I guess. Let’s just go with the flow. “Or well, not really, I guess. Leonard used me to cheat on his girlfriend, never told me about her, and then broke up with me after proposing to her. He’s married now, with a little baby that just got born a week weeks ago. I didn’t expect him to say nice things about me. His wife threw him out for a little while when she found out about us long after the fact. And it turns out my ex-boyfriend used to live with Leonard’s wife. She cheated on him with Leonard, which he only found out about recently, and he seems to blame me and my ex for blowing up his relationship. Guess he’s over that, huh? If he’s recommending me to you? Good for him. And for me, I guess.”

“Wow,” Christopher breathes. “And I thought my life was complicated.”

We laugh at the absurdity of us having this conversation. He shakes his head and looks down at my résumé.

“Look, Francesca,” he starts, cocking his head to the side. “From what I’ve heard from my new colleagues, you’re already spending a lot of time in my department to play piano for the kids. You’re good with people, you’ve proven to be able to switch between departments, you work hard, and Dr. Martin doesn’t want you to leave the ER, which means you’re thriving there. I think you’d be a good fit. I have to see three more candidates today, but so far no one has your recommendations, or your experience in different units. I’ll let you know in a few days, but I think I’ve already made up my mind. I’d love for you to work with me.”

“Really?” I feel like doing a little victory dance, but I try to remain professional. Not that this talk was professional in any way. I didn’t even have to talk myself up to him or answer any questions.

“Yes,” he says, smiling. “Really.”

We shake hands and I can’t help but beam at him, so damn happy about this.

“Oh, Dr. Davids?” I say, forcing myself to use his last name. “Don’t take Debby up on her offer to show you around, okay? I don’t want to overstep, but she’s a bitch.”

“Oh, I know,” he agrees. “I’ve met her before. She did her traineeship at one of the hospitals I used to work at. No way I’m hiring that woman, let alone spend any of my spare time with her.”

“Smart man,” I say in a teasing tone.

“I’m more than just good looks,” he jokes, winking at me.

“What good looks?” I ask, laughing at my own joke.

He grins. “Hey, you ruffled my hair, not the other way around.”

“I thought you were someone else!”

“Yeah, sure, keep telling yourself that.”

I shake my head at him. “You’re funnier than I thought you’d be.”

“And you’re on the verge of ruining my good impression of you by calling me old, ugly and boring.”

“Okay, okay, I’m leaving.” I hold up my hands in surrender.

“See you soon, Francesca,” he says, watching me leave.

I sure hope so. This job would be a dream come true. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that my new boss is a nice guy who is indeed very good-looking.

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