Feisty Francesca

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#56 Skinny dipping

I’ve never been this nervous for band practice. Joshua and I are both messing up so much that Yord and Marcia are starting to get annoyed with us. I seem unable to so much as hit the right note, and Joshua keeps playing the wrong chords. Every time I look at him, I see him staring right back at me with lust in his eyes, glancing away to pretend he wasn’t looking. I also notice that he’s shifting a lot, like he’s uncomfortable, adjusting his junk every few minutes.

Yeah, the other night is surely still affecting him, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the same for me. Because it is. It so is. I masturbated three times today, and it didn’t do anything to make less horny.

It doesn’t help that I know we’ll be naked in a few hours. That is, if we can get Marcia and Yord to come with us to go skinny dipping.

Fuck me, what a stupid idea.

Joshua and I have been texting all day, trying to get the other to cave and admit that there is no way we’re going to be able to get naked and not try anything with each other, but we’re both too proud. I was hoping he’d be the mature one like he always is, but he’s being a 22-year-old dickhead right now, insisting that he’s perfectly capable to keep his hands to himself and that it’s been me who has a hard time to stop myself from getting frisky with him.

And damned, I think he’s right.

Looking back, it was me who stared at him when we were pressed against each other in his bed. It’s me who got hard nipples when we were talking on his couch. And it was me who touched him last night and who rubbed him until he was hard.

There’s no way I’m admitting that to him, of course. No. Fucking. Way.

“Ugh, you guys suck,” Yord say, throwing his drumsticks against the wall and yanking at his hair. “I can’t listen to you anymore. What the fuck is going on?”

“Nothing,” Joshua and I say in unison, looking away from yet another staring contest.

“Did something happen between the two of you?” Marcia asks, giving me a suspicious look.

“Of course not,” I scoff.

“Yeah, nothing weird going on here,” Joshua adds, making us sound even more guilty. “Anyway, I could use a beer. I could use many, many beers in fact.”

“Ugh, fine,” Yord grumbles. “I stocked my fridge this morning. Let’s go up to my loft.”

We all put our instruments away and head up the creaky old stairs to his loft on the top floor. He’s got beer, but that is the only good thing I can say about his place. His living room a stinky, rotten place with clothes and dishes piled up everywhere. The guy is 24 for crying our loud, getting his MBA. Why the hell does he live like an 18-year-old?

Marcia doesn’t seem to mind. She just throws some candy wrappers on the floor and sits down on the couch cross-legged, downing half her beer and burping. I give her a look, trying to convey that she should be a little less one of the guys and a little more hi Yord look at me I’m so sexy. She just gives me a strange look, not knowing what I’m getting at. She doesn’t know that Joshua and I are trying to get her and Yord together, of course.

“Okay, we need your opinion on something,” I say, getting started with the plan while I drink my beer and sit on the corner of the coffee table. At least that spot is clean. “Joshua and I were arguing earlier about who of us is the wildest, and I think it’s obvious that it’s me, but he seems to be under the impression he’s some kind of wild child.”

Yord grins and ruffles Josh’s hair before plopping down next to Marcia on top of what looks to be a pile of boxer shorts. I wonder if they’re clean or dirty, but judging by the state of the loft, everything in here is dirty.

“You? A wild child? Please.”

“Hey, I invited a girl to have a threesome with me and Jasmine once!” he argues, playing along.

“Yeah, Shaughna, who said no,” I tease him, knowing this story well. “I actually had two threesomes.”

“Really?” Marcia asks, looking at me with wide eyes.

“Yeah, I slept with his ex.” I point at Joshua.

“Wow, you slept with Jasmine?” she asks, laughing. “So you slept with the same woman. Epic.”

“I think that settles it then,” I say, giving Joshua a wink. “I’m wilder.”

“Of course you are,” Yord says like that’s obvious. “You’re the one with the tattoos and piercings. No one in their right mind would ever call Josh wild.”

“I had sex in an elevator once,” Joshua says, smirking a little. “Last year, when Jasmine and I got back together for a little while. And… we got caught, but I finished anyway.”

“Seriously?” Marcia whistles. “Okay, maybe you’re less boring than you look, Joshie boy.”

We brag about places we had sex for a little while, and I can tell that Joshua is starting to get riled up about hearing me talk about my sex life. I get that. It’s not nice to hear about all the things he used to do with Jasmine either. When I feel like we’ve made our point – Yord and Marcia are starting to join in, naming weird shit they’ve done to prove they’re wilder than me and Josh combined – I decide to take the plunge and mention skinny dipping.

“A few years back, with Leonard, we passed by this house with a huge pool and no one was home, so we snuck into the garden and went skinny dipping,” I lie. Me and Leonard never had sex anywhere other than in my apartment. A little white lie never hurt anyone, right? “We had sex in the pool.”

“I’ve never been skinny dipping,” Joshua says, giving me a small smile. We’re getting where we need to go. “Guess I need to add that to my bucket list then.”

“We went a while back, right Marcia?” Yord says, stepping right into our trap. “With a bunch of other people who live in this dump. It was a lot of fun. We were so dunk!”

“No, you were drunk.” Marcia gives him a playful shove. “I was one hundred percent sober.”

Yord shrugs. “Where’s the fun in that?”

“Maybe we should give Josh a fighting chance at being wilder than me,” I propose, sticking out my tongue at him. “Level the playing field.”

“Are you saying you want to go skinny dipping?” Joshua asks, just like we rehearsed. “Are you sure you can handle my gorgeous body in all its glory, Franny?”

“Hah, you’re gonna get a raging boner the moment she takes her shirt off.” Yord gestures at me. “Are you sure you’re up to the challenge, man?”

“Try me,” Joshua says, sounding a little unsure even though he’s trying to pull off a smirk.

“Okay, let’s do it,” Yord says, finishing his beer. “It’s not like band practice was leading anywhere. There’s this house that has been vacant for ages, and it’s got a large pool with a really shitty fence around it. Marcia and I went there last time. We can show you guys.”

Marcia seems a little unsure, probably thinking about last time she saw Yord naked and realized he wasn’t an annoying brotherlike best friend any longer. That he was a hot guy she had feelings for. She gives me a suspicious look, but doesn’t say anything. She’ll thank me later. I hope.

“Let’s go,” I decide, getting up and grabbing some more beers for the road. “Come on, I’ll drive.” Getting Yord and Marcia little buzzed might help them loosen up. I’ve only had a few sips myself and don’t plan on getting drunk – there’s no knowing what I will do once get drunk, stupid and horny, so no more alcohol for me.

We pile into Pinky, and they finish the beers I brought while Yord shouts instructions at me from the backseat. Marcia is in the front with me, looking more nervous with each turn we take. I hope that this will work, that seeing each other naked again will give them the last push. Joshua and I aren’t above literally pushing them together or leaving them there without their clothes if we have to. This has been going on long enough. They need to realize they’re attracted to each other and just get together already.

“Hey, Aston lives near here,” I realize while we drive through the neighborhood full of big houses with white-picked fences. Annabel and Aston recently moved into their new place across from Asia and Terryl’s house, and they love it here.

Yord tells me to keep driving, and we get to an even fancier part of the neighborhood, with houses that aren’t necessarily bigger, but a hell of a lot fancier for sure. “Pull up here,” he says, pointing to a secluded spot at the back of a house with a really nice pool and – Yord was right about that – a shitty fence that will be easy to jump over.

“Oh fuck,” Marcia says when she realizes we’re really doing this.

I squeeze her shoulder and get out of the car, where I almost bump into Joshua, who grabs my shoulders to steady me. That small touch alone is enough to set my body on fire and my lips part, our eye locking. His breathing is speeding up and he yanks away from me like I burned him, blinking rapidly.

“Come on!” Yord is already on the other side of the fence, motioning for us to join him. “Slowpokes!”

I laugh and follow him, Joshua and Marcia right behind me. We all look around the backyard that’s a little wild, but the pool looks surprisingly clean, the water glistening in the faint moonlight.

“Come on, Joshie boy,” Yord teases his friend good-naturedly. “Time to see your tiny little dick, huh?”

Josh rolls his eyes and pulls off his shirt, tossing it in the grass. My eyes drift straight down to the hair that lead from his belly button down to his pants, where he’s already unbuckling his belt.

“Don’t just stare at me,” he tells all of us, getting flustered. “I’m not doing this on my own!”

Marcia is the first to join in, pulling off her shoes and socks before tugging her sweatshirt over her head, revealing that she’s not wearing a bra.

“Nice,” Yord comments, wiggling his eyebrows. “Free balling. I like my freedom too.” He shows us what he means when he pulls down his pants and it turns out he’s going commando. You gotta love the weirdo. He’s completely naked five second later and dives into the pool, yelping at how cold it is. He splashes Marcia, urging her to hurry up.

Marcia looks at him like he’s the only person on the entire earth. Her clothes drop to the ground as well and she dives in after him, swimming a lap before urging me and Josh to hurry up.

I haven’t even undone my laces at this point, so I bent down to take off my shoes and socks. When I look back up, I’m face to… well, not face, so I guess I’m face to cock. Joshua’s cock.

“Fuck,” I breathe, looking at it like I’ve never seen one before. I have, obviously, just not… well, not his. It’s not as big as Aston’s or James’, but no one in their right mind would call him small. His pubic hair is neatly trimmed, he is fully erect, and fuck me the tip is glistening with moisture even though he hasn’t been in the water yet. I’m in trouble.

“Told you he’d get a boner!” Yord jeers from the pool. “Jesus, dude, she only took her shoes off so far!”

I slowly stand back up and move my eyes to Joshua’s face. He’s looking embarrassed, but that doesn’t make him look away from me. Not this time. Instead, he puts all of his attention on me, making me shift uncomfortably while I take off my shirt and unclasp my bra. I feel like I should turn around, but that’s ridiculous. I’m not changing into clean clothes or anything – we’re skinny dipping. The whole purpose is to strip naked and swim.

Why did I agree to do this?

“Come on, Franny,” Joshua says in a deep voice that hardly sounds like is. “I showed you mine, now show me yours.”

I giggle at that childish remark, but take off my pants anyway, my panties following right after. He gasps and this time, he does look away, trying to control his breathing. He doesn’t last long, though, his head snapping back in my direction to drink in the sight of my naked breasts and pussy.

“Fuck,” he says before he turns around and jumps in the pool unceremoniously, making a huge splash that drenches me as well.

“Come on, Franny!” Yord yells. “Jump in!”

I do as he says, shrieking when the water engulfs me. “Fuck that’s cold!”

“I’m pretty sure you and Josh could use a cold shower anyway,” Yord teases, completely at ease being naked around us. He floats on his back, his dick on full display. He’s a little bigger than Joshua, but not one single atom of my body is even remotely interested in Yord. My eyes keep going to Joshua, who looks better than ever all wet.

“Okay, we did it, let’s get back in the car now,” Marcia suggests, shivering while she pulls herself out of the pool and sits there with her legs dangling in the water, her nipples hard from the cold just like mine.

“Oh no, Marcie,” Yord says, swimming up to her with a wicked grin. “You’re staying right here.” He grabs her legs and pulls her back into the water, her body colliding with his.

“So cold!” she shrieks, trying to get away from him – well… she’s not trying all that hard. I bet she’s only shoving him for show. Even with the cold water her cheeks are flushed.

Yord pulls her against him, laughing at her feeble attempts to get out of the pool. “Stop fighting, babe,” he says.

I’m sure he just meant that she should stay in the pool, but his comment hits Marcia like a ton of bricks. She turns around in his arms and looks over his shoulder at me for a second. I give her a small smile and motion for her to just get on with it. Resolve flashes in her eyes and then her lips crush against Yord’s.

I look away, not wanting to intrude on their first kiss any more than I’ve already done. Joshua already got out of the pool and he extends a hand to me, pulling me out as well. His hand in mine sends a jolt of electricity straight to my pussy and I shiver, but not from the cold.

“Fuck this,” Joshua mumbles, yanking me against him. “Let’s just be stupid,” he says right before his lips find mine.

Fireworks erupt in my mind and I gasp against him, knotting my hands in his hair. He tastes like beer and pool water, and for some reason, no one has ever tasted this good before. Our tongues dance and I moan into our kiss when his fingers dig into my hips, pulling me against him to feel his erection pressing against my stomach.

Fuck. This was so not the plan.

“What the hell?” a loud male voice sounds from behind us.

We jump apart I turn around to see the dark shape of a man standing in front of the now lit house. Fuck. Someone lives here. And he came home to find four naked 20-something-year-olds making out in his pool and backyard. Joshua and both try to dress as fast as we can, but it’s hard to yank jeans on when you’re dripping wet. Yord and Marcia climb out as well. Yord runs off without even grabbing his clothes, he just jumps the fence naked, yelling for me to throw him the keys to the car. Marcia is right behind him, pressing her clothes to her body without putting them on.

The man who lives in the house takes a step into the yard, and I see two bright blue eyes moving over my body, setting on my face. “Francesca?” he says, sounding like he can’t believe his eyes.

Oh fuck.

I know those eyes. Know that voice.

No no no no no.

This can’t be happening.

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