Feisty Francesca

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#57 Poor Pinky gets defiled

“Francesca?” Christopher asks again, moving further into the yard to make sure he’s not dreaming. “Are you…?” His eyes move to Joshua, who is trying to shield me from view by stepping in front of me. He’s got his pants back on, but he’s still shirtless and barefoot. I’m in my jeans and T-shirt. With how wet I am, the shirt is clinging to my chest so much that it’s practically see-through. My bra is somewhere in the grass still, I’m not sure where.

“Sorry,” I squeak. “We didn’t know you live here.”

“What are you even doing here?” he asks, his eyes still moving between me and Joshua. “I thought that you said…” He shakes his head like he’s not sure how to end that sentence. “Never mind. Come on in. Let’s get the both of you some dry clothes and a cup of coffee or something.”

“W-what?” I stammer. “N-n-no that’s n-n-not…” Fuck, my teeth are chattering, that’s how cold I am.

“I’m a doctor,” Christopher states firmly. “I’m not sending you out in this cold weather in wet clothes, shivering like you’re going to be hypothermic soon.” He extends a hand to Joshua. “You must be the boyfriend.”

“Not yet,” Joshua replies a lot bolder than I expected. “You must be the new boss.”

“Not for another three weeks,” Chris says with a frown. “Wait, you’re the guy she mistook me for at the party, right? We really do have the exact same hair.”

Joshua looks back at me with a frown. “You thought he was me?”

“I t-t-told y-you th-this alr-r-r-eady,” I stammer, shivering like crazy.

“Oh, baby, you’re freezing.” Joshua puts an arm around me, which doesn’t help since he’s just as wet as I am and half-naked. Besides, half the shivers going up my spine are from our chemistry now, and that doesn’t exactly help me calm down and look like less of a mess in front of my new boss.

“Come into the house,” Chris insists. “Don’t be stubborn.” He leads the way through his backdoor and into the kitchen, motioning for us to come in.

“Shit,” Joshua mutters. “What do we do now?”

“We c-c-c-can’t j-just r-r-r-run aw-w-way,” I say, trying to control my shivers.

“We could, but I don’t want you to freeze,” Joshua says sweetly, squeezing my shoulder. “Let’s just get this awkward meeting over with, shall we?” He leads me into the house, where Christopher is waiting for us with two huge towels.

I take one with a grateful smile and wrap it around myself, happy that my boobs are no longer on display. Joshua moves right back to my side to rub my arms and dry my hair with his own towel.

“You’re a cute couple,” Christopher says a little bitterly. “Maybe get a room next time you feel particularly horny, though.”

“T-that’s n-not what h-h-happened,” I say, trying to sound angry, but it comes out all shivery again. “That w-w-w-w-was our f-f-first k-k-kiss.” I don’t want my new boss to think that I’m some kind of sex-crazed maniac. I don’t want to lose my brand-new job. I already lost his respect, judging by the look in his eyes.

“One hell of a first kiss,” Chris mutters before filling up the coffee machine and putting it on to make a pot. “Sit down,” he orders, gesturing at the kitchen chairs. “I’ll get you some dry clothes.”

The moment he leaves the room, Joshua sits down in one of the kitchen chairs and pulls me onto his lap, surprising me. He puts an arm around me uses his free hand to turn my face in his direction.

“I’ve been waiting to do this since the day I first talked to you over the phone,” he murmurs before pressing his lips to mine again. It’s just as magnetic and explosive as the first one out in the garden, and I push myself against him, moaning from the overwhelming feeling of being so close to Joshua.

When we hear Christopher coming back downstairs, we break apart and I get up from his lap to sit in the chair opposite him. Chris obviously didn’t expect to find four naked people in his yard when he came home from a late shift at his new place of employment, and he definitely didn’t want to see the girl he asked out making out with another guy. No need to humiliate and hurt him more than I’ve done so far. The fact that there is now a table between me and Joshua helps to get my mind of the gutter.

“Here,” Christopher says, putting some clothes on the table. He then turns to Joshua. “I put some clothes for you in the spare bedroom upstairs.”

Joshua raises his eyebrows, and gives me a pointed look. It’s obvious that Chris wants to talk to me alone, or he would have just brought Josh’s dry clothes down with him as well. This makes no sense other than trying to get me away from Joshua for a moment. I give Joshua a smile to show his I’ll be fine. I don’t believe for even a second that Christopher would try anything with me right now.

“This is awkward,” Chris says the moment Joshua closes the door of the living rook behind him. “Do you often run around naked in other people’s backyards?”

I shake my head as I stand up and check the clothes on the table, happy to see that they’re yoga pants – probably from an ex-girlfriend, maybe Chloe? – and a large button-up shirt that is probably his.

“Could you turn around?” I ask Christopher, who immediately does as I say. I quickly trip off my wet clothes, towel off and then put on the dry clothes, happy to no longer be so damn cold. “Okay, I’m decent,” I say, although decent might not be the right description for the way I look right now.

Chris turns back around and his eyes move over me, a small smile playing around his lips. “You look good in my shirt.”

I roll my eyes. “What is it with men wanting women to walk around in their clothes? In every single movie there’s a girl putting on her man’s white button-up shirt and walking around making breakfast and stuff in that shirt, her ass hanging out. I never walk around like that, not even when I’ve got a man in my bed and his shirt is thrown over a chair or something. My own clothes are so much comfier.”

“So you never sleep in a men’s shirt?” Chris asks with a knowing look.

“Okay, fine but that’s different,” I agree, laughing. “That’s really comfy. And I had to give my favorite sleepshirt back to my ex, so I’m back to sleeping in my own nightshirts.”

“Just say the word and you can have one of mine.” His blue eyes are twinkling. “You obviously don’t own enough clothes, or you wouldn’t be running around naked.”

“We were skinny dipping. My friend Yord said this house was vacant with a low fence.” I grunt. “Obviously only the latter was true.”

Chris laughs loudly. “Yeah, obviously. Look, I don’t want you to worry about how this will affect your job or our professional relationship. I was young once. I’ve done things like this with friends. Maybe not quite like this, but you’re obviously a bit of a wild girl.”

“Not really,” I say, feeling like that’s the truth. Sure, I do weird stuff sometimes and I just spent half the night bragging about having threesomes and stuff like that, but I’m responsible as well. I have a savings account, only a bit of student debts left, and I’m one hell of a nurse. “I swear I’m not usually like this. And you will never think of me as wild when I’m doing my job as a nurse. I’m really, really serious about my job.”

“I know.” He smiles. “I wasn’t implying being wild is bad. I like it. Well, obviously, or wouldn’t have made a fool out of myself by asking you out. Which, again, was totally inappropriate and I shouldn’t have done that.”

“It’s fine. I think that I just made a way bigger fool out of myself by skinny dipping at my new boss’ house.”

“True,” he agrees with a small smirk that makes him look sexy. He’s so much like Josh, really. All sweet and mature, but that smirk hints at a different side of him, just like Josh sometimes shows me that he can be fun, cocky and a little wild.

Joshua walks back in, wearing sweats and a black T-shirt. He’s toweling his hair dry, leaving drops of water all over Christopher’s living room floor. Behind him a large Labrador appears, wagging its tail.

“Titus, down!” Chris warns in a stern voice, but the dog is already too excited. He bounds through the doorway and jumps me.

I laugh and wrap my arms around the big beast. I’m more of a cat person, but this friendly giant is definitely cute. “Hey Titus,” I saw, scratching behind his ears. “Nice to meet you.”

“Down,” Chris orders again, yanking his dog away from me. “We’ve been over this, Titus. If you don’t listen, you can’t be around when I’ve got people over!”

I laugh at how harsh he’s trying to be, and I wonder if he’ll sound like that when he’s my boss in a few weeks, all stern-faced and serious.

“We should get going,” Joshua says, holding out his hand for me to take. “I’m pretty sure Yord and Marcia are waiting for us.”

“Right, your friends,” Chris realizes. “They must be cold as well. Where are they?”

“I tossed Yord the keys to Pinky, so I guess they’re in her.”

“In… her?” Chris frowns. “Pinky?”

“Her car,” Josh explains with a fond smile. “It’s pink. Fran is really original.”

“Go get your friends,” Chris insists. “Joshua, could you get the bin of cookies from the top shelve?”

Josh and I lock eyes, and we both just shrug. Fine, we’ll have coffee and a cookie. It’s not like this night can get any weirder. I retrieve my socks and shoes in the garden, putting them on before jumping over fence again to make my way back to Pinky.

Oh. My. God.

All I can see are fogged-up windows and the shaped of two naked bodies on top of each other, going at it so hard that I can hear the moans and cries of ecstasy even though the doors are closed and I’m a few feet away from my car.


They’re defiling poor old Pinky.

I back away and rush into the kitchen, slamming the door shut behind me. Chris and Joshua look at me with raised eyebrows, sipping their coffees at the kitchen table. It’s such a weird sight that I can’t help the smile that creeps onto my face.

“Where are Yord and Marcia?” Joshua asks, taking a bite of his cookie.

“Having sex in my car,” I reply as I sit down next to him.

Christopher almost chokes on a crumb, and he coughs loudly, his face turning red. Josh and I just smile, and I find myself gravitating towards him even though I’m trying not to. My hand lands on his knee and he covers it with his, squeezing gently.

“I guess it’s a good thing you offered us coffee and cookies, because we can’t exactly drive home right now,” I say, grabbing a cookie for myself. Hmm, chocolate. “At least our plan worked,” I realize, grinning at Joshua. “Marcia and Yord are definitely no longer trying to bury their feelings for each other.”

“Oh, he’s trying to bury something alright,” Joshua jokes, winking at me.

I laugh along and take a sip of my coffee, wrapping my free hand around the warm cup. I see Chris looking at Joshua’s hand on top of mine, and I feel bad for him, but not so much that I pull my hand back. It feels right, touching Joshua. Maybe Mom was right. Maybe I did need a kiss to figure out what I want. I’m not saying I’m going to jump into anything serious right away, but Joshua is an extremely serious contender. More than a contender, actually. I feel like he just won the whole damn race.

“Your place is nice,” Joshua says, trying to break the silence with small talk.

“It’s still empty,” Chris shrugs. “Half my stuff is still at my old place. I moved here in a rush because the job started right away and I could get out of my old contract earlier than expected, so I only had two days to make the move here. I’m lucky this place was available.”

“Why did you want to move here?” Joshua asks curiously.

Chris gives me a searching glance. “You didn’t tell him?”

I shrug. “Not really my story to tell.” To be honest, I didn’t find that part of our talk interesting enough to tell Joshua about it, but that’s not nice to say, now is it?

“You know Annabel and Aston, right?” Chris asks Josh. “Well, I was dating Annabel’s sister Chloe, and she wants to move out here to start a law firm with Annabel. I called around to hospitals in the area to see if I could get an interview anywhere, hoping to get a job around the same time Chloe found a house here and wrapped things up with her ex-husband. Instead, I found a job right away and jumped in like a madman, while Chloe patched things up with her ex instead. Annabel told me yesterday that they’re still planning on starting a firm here, so I guess I’ll be living in the same town as both of my most recent exes.” He shrugs. “That’s my life, I guess.”

“Sucks, man,” Joshua says, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Yes,” Chris agrees, sounding sad. “It does suck.”

Titus seems to feel that his owner is feeling down, rubbing his head against his leg and barking softly, looking up at him with big puppy dog eyes. Christopher smiles and pets his dog gently. “You’re a good dog,” he praises Titus.

I can tell that Christopher is lonely, and I wish I could do something about that, but it’s not my place. I’d like to be his friend, and I’m going to be his colleague soon, but that’s all we can be. I hope he’ll find a nice girl soon, someone young enough to have all those kids he wants. Chloe had three kids, and I wonder how close Chris had grown to them already. Must be hard to lose that future of being a stepdad and maybe having a baby of your own, being willing to move away from your home for that, and then ending up all alone in a big house with no one but your dog.

We chat about work for a while, but eventually the conversation gets awkward again. Feeling confident that Marcia and Yord must be done by now, I get up and thank Christopher for letting us warm up. He gives us two more towels for Yord and Marcia, and then we’re off.

“Look at them,” Joshua says, smiling at the sight of our friends cuddling on the backseat, still naked. “We did that.”

“I’ll go back to finding them adorable once they’re no longer with their naked buts on my upholstering,” I grunt, wincing at the idea of Yord staining the interior of my car with his sperm. Ew.

Yord grins when he sees us and takes the towels, covering Marcia with the utmost care before making sure his cock isn’t in full view anymore.

“So… that was… interesting,” Joshua says, laughing as he slides into the passenger seat.

Marcia giggles. “That’s one way of summarizing the events of this night, I guess. Where did you guys disappear off to?”

“Did you go at it behind the shed or something?” Yord asks, yawning and pulling Marcia closer against his chest while I pull up.

Joshua explains what happened to us, his hand resting on my leg while I drive. It feels so natural for us to touch each other like this, and I smile at him before rounding another corner. I’m not sure where this thing between us will lead, but I think I’m ready to explore it.

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