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#59 Best dessert ever

Being with Joshua is easier than breathing. Or no, actually, he makes breathing pretty damn hard, since he’s got me gasping for air way more often than I thought he would, but it just feels so damn good. It’s been three weeks since we first slept together, and I’ve only left his apartment to go to work or to get some clean clothes at my apartment. The General is still with Thomas, and I miss him, but I don’t want to anger Thomas by asking for my cat back. Plus, I’m not home enough to feed the General anyway, and it’s a little weird to take your cat to your boyfriend’s place when you’re not really living there.


I’ve got a boyfriend again.

It doesn’t feel too soon, even though I moved on from James quicker than I expected. In the end, I was only with James for a few months, and… well, I guess that when something feels right, you should just go for it, right? Joshua and I haven’t actually used the words boyfriend or girlfriend yet, but I know he feels the same way.

We just… fit.

It’s ridiculous how easy it is to be with him, really. I haven’t spent a single night back in my own bed since that first night. We have breakfast in the morning before I go to work and he gets to his classes, we try to have dinner together, depending on what shift I’ve got that day, and on my days off I hang out at his place even if he’s in college. He gave me my own key after the first few days, since it just made sense for me to be able to let myself in.

He doesn’t have a key to my place, but that’s just because we don’t hang out there. His place is bigger, fancier, and just way nicer than mine. Besides, it feels a little weird to take Joshua over to my place and to snuggle with him and have sex with him with Thomas next door. I don’t want to hurt Thomas more than I already have.

“Wow, what smells so good?” Joshua calls out from the hallway. I hear him drop his shoes on the floor and there’s the sound of the front door slamming shut. A second later, he walks in, shaking out his hair from the rain outside, his curls wet from the short walk from the car to the apartment. The weather has been horrible lately.

“I’m making salmon,” I tell him from the kitchen, checking the oven again. One of the things I miss most about James is his cooking – no matter how horrible that may sound. Joshua is a decent cook, but he’s not exactly a star chef, and neither am I, so I’ve been trying out some new recipes this week, and today I’m trying to make my favorite dish of all time: honey garlic glazed salmon.

“You’re cooking for me again?” Joshua wraps his arms around me, pressing his body against my back while I check on the vegetables. “Damn. I’m such a lucky guy.”

“Yeah,” I agree with a grin. “You really are.”

He sweeps my hair over my shoulder and kisses my neck. “I love these tattoos, it’s a shame your hair is always covering them,” he says against my skin. “Hmm… When will dinner be ready? Do we have five minutes to spare?”

“Five minutes?” I tease, turning around in his embrace and kissing him softly. “Since when do you only need five minutes?”

That first night together was just a preview of what was to come. From what Shaughna told me, I though Josh was a little shy in the bedroom and that slow, tender touches were his thing, but he’s got so many sides to him that I never expected. I guess he picked up a few tricks along the way, no longer insecure like he was back when he slept with Shaughna. He can be hard, fast and commanding, but also sensual, sweet and tender. He can switch between the two easily, always catching me off guard. In the past three weeks I’ve become completely addicted to him.

“I would certainly need more than five,” he says with a smirk, “but you don’t.” He lifts me onto the kitchen counter, careful to steer clear of the hot pans and the stove. He lifts my hips for a moment while he pulls off my panties and hikes up my skirt, not wasting any time.

“Oh,” I breathe when he drops to his knees and yanks my legs apart. Who would have thought just a few weeks ago that I’d be getting eaten out in the kitchen minutes away from dinner? Certainly not me.

His tongue laps over me again and again, making me moan. I grab his hair to push him harder against me, and he complies, sucking my clit into his mouth. His fingers dig into my thighs, forcing them even further apart. The one hand moves between my legs, two fingers sliding into me with ease, joining his mouth in his mission to get me off.

I come with loud cry, shuddering at the intensity. Joshua wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, gets up from his knees and smirks.

“That was the perfect appetizer,” he says, touching my face gently. “Now get back to cooking, woman,” he jokes. “Your man is hungry.”

“Hey!” I complain feebly, smacking his arm while I hop off the counter and pull my skirt back down. I leave my panties on the floor, knowing fully well that we’ll be back to this after dinner for sure.

Joshua puts away his laptop bag and sets the table while I finish up in the kitchen and pile the food onto two plates. It doesn’t look half as good as the dish James used to make me, but it does taste the same, so I’m quite proud of myself.

“Damn, you can cook,” Joshua comments, stuffing his face. “You should just quit your job and become my kitchen slave.”

I kick him underneath the table and roll my eyes. “You wish.”

“I totally, totally don’t,” he says, serious now. “You know that, right? I know that you used to think Thomas wanted that from you, and that part of the reason you didn’t make a move on him back in the day was because you didn’t want to be a fifties house wife in a few years, so just to be clear… I’m fine with whatever you want, as long as I get to fall asleep next to you.”

It’s nice to be with someone who knows everything I’ve been through before we even got together. I’ve confided in Josh from the day we started hanging out, and he knows all about Thomas, James, Aston, and other guys I’ve sort of been with.

“I know,” I say with a smile. “How was class today, by the way? Did that weird teacher try to hit on Ashley again?”

Joshua starts talking about his fellow students, his work load, the exam he’s got coming up in a week, and I realize that while I know a lot about his life, and he knows all about mine, there’s a lot I still don’t know about him. Things I should probably find out before we get more serious.

“What kind of job do you want after college?” I ask, taking another bite of salmon. “Or are you getting your MBA like Yord?”

Joshua shakes his head. “I’ve got a job lined up at my dad’s firm. I’ll start out as a junior accountant, since that’s what I’m majoring in, but the plan is for me to take over as CEO from my dad eventually.”

“Oh?” I ask, leaning forward. “What sort of firm does your dad have?”

“An accounting firm,” he says. “CAG, maybe you’ve heard of it?”

“You’re going to be the CEO of CAG?” I ask, feeling like I might faint. That’s a huge million-dollar firm, that handles the finances of some of the largest corporations in the country. “Fucking hell, no wonder you can afford to live in a place like this while you’re still in college. Your parents aren’t just wealthy, they’re filthy rich!”

Joshua laughs. “Yeah, they are. And CAG is just my dad’s business. My mother has her own online store for costume made bags, purses, that kind of thing. Very fancy. She mostly sells them in England, where she’s from, but she’s rapidly making a name for herself in the States as well. She’s got as least as much money as my dad. In fact, she was the one who insisted on a prenup when they got married.”

Holy. Shit. I feel so small compared to his family with my student debts and my mother living in a tiny apartment after my father died and we didn’t have his huge paycheck to live off anymore.

“Would you want to be an accountant if your father didn’t have this huge firm for you to take over?” I ask, wondering what it must be like to have your whole life planned out for you.

Joshua shrugs. “I’d obviously love to make a career out of my music, but that’s just a crazy dream. I’ve always been good with numbers, and I’ve spent enough time shadowing my father the past years to know I like his job, so… I don’t know, I guess I never really considered looking into a plan B. Who needs a plan B with a plan A that’s pretty damn good, right? How did you know you wanted to be a nurse?”

I shrug. “I’ve always known that I love working with people, so not in an office or something, and when my father got into that horrible car accident, the nurses really helped my mother and I through that day, talking us through the surgery, comforting us… It was all a blur, especially because he died, but I felt like their jobs were really important.”

“Why not become a doctor?” Joshua asks, cocking his head to the side. He’s not judging me for not being more than a nurse, he’s genuinely interested in my choices. I like that.

“Medical school is crazy expensive, and I couldn’t get a scholarship. My grades weren’t that great in high school, to be honest. Besides, the hospital would fall apart without good nurses. Not that we don’t need surgeons, of course, but.. I don’t know. I like my job. Nurses are the eyes, ears, and voice of the hospital. We’re the one at patients’ bedsides, taking their vitals, making sure the doctors have all the information they need, comforting people… And my hours aren’t as crazy as those of the surgeons I answer too. They’re on call more often than I am, some of them work around the clock. I work hard as well, but I’m not on call as often as they are. Also, I can change specialties easier. I’ve been in the ICU, then the ER, and this week I’m starting with Christopher in the peds ward. A surgeon can’t change careers the way I can. There are so many years of schooling needed, such in-depth knowledge of the specific department they work in… I wouldn’t want that.” I realize I’m rambling, and I flush a little. “Anyway, erm…”

Joshua laughs. “You’re so cute when you go off on one of your rants. Then again, you’re always cute. By the way, dinner was great, baby.” He takes my hand across the table and squeezes it. “So… time for dessert?”

I wink at him. “Definitely. I’ve got the perfect treat for us.”

“Is it by any chance whipped cream served on your naked body?” he asks, his eyes already filled with lust as he looks at me.

“Not tonight,” I reply with a grin. “Although that was a lot of fun last night.”

“I’ll say,” Joshua murmurs, smirking. “What is it then?”

“Whipped cream served on your naked body.”

He laughs. “My second favorite. I guess I’d better get naked then.” He pulls his shirt over his head the moment he stands up and I can’t help but wonder how I ever thought of anything other than a freaking sex god. Sure, he’s not as muscular as Aston, James or Thomas, he doesn’t have piercing or tattoos, but who needs those?

Something my dad used to say bubbles up, and I have to blink away tears when I hear his voice in my mind. “Your mother is the most beautiful person in this world, but that might just be my love for her talking.” My mom is a pretty woman, that’s for sure, but most of the men in our neighborhood thought she was weird with her bright hair and combat boots, her piercings, her clothes that weren’t made by a fancy designer, her purse shaped like an ice cream cone… My dad had the same kind of job all those guys had, the same kind of upbringing, he used to date the same kind of girls all of them ended up with, but then he met my mother, fell in love, and thought all those weird colorful things about her were beautiful. They weren’t each other’s type, physically, judging by the photos I’ve seen of both of their exes. Mom used to date the same kind of guys I did: muscular, cocky, bodies full of tattoos and piercings. Dad used to go for plain Janes, nothing like my eccentric mother. Yet they were extremely attracted to each other and still very much in love when my dad got killed in that car crash.

When you fall in love with someone, it doesn’t matter if they seem like your physical type initially, I guess. When I look at Joshua now, I want to jump his bones, and I surely do so. All the damn time. I also want to cuddle with him, make him coffee in the morning, kiss him, hold him, look into his gorgeous blue-gray eyes and tell him how amazing he is.

I’m not saying I’m in love with Joshua. Not yet. That would be crazy after three weeks.

However… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the pull already. The pull that wants to yank me over the edge so I will fall.

“Are you okay, honey?” Joshua asks, wiping away a tear. “Did I say something wrong?”

“I’m so happy you’re mine,” I say simply, pulling him against me. “So fucking happy.”

He kisses me softly. “Me too, Franny. Me too.”

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