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#60 Do I scare you?

“Hey Mom!” I smile at my mother, her face way too close to the phone. She may be way cooler than most moms, but she’s still a silly old person pressing her eye almost against the camera like that will help me see her better. “A little further away, Mom.”

She finds the right distance and angle, propping me up on the counter of the kitchen while she prepares herself a sandwich. “Hey baby. Where are you? I don’t recognize the wallpaper behind you. Or did you remodel?”

She so perceptive it’s creepy. “I’m at Josh’s.”

Her eyebrows move up and she gives me a pointed look. “It’s way too early in the morning for you to have only just gotten there. You’d never go over to a friend’s house this early in the morning. Plus, you’re in your jammies. Does this mean what I think it means?”

I shrug. “Maybe…”

She shrieks so loud that I’m scared she’ll wake up Josh. He came home late after hanging out with Yord. I’ve got an early shift, and I’ve been tiptoeing around his apartment for half an hour now.

“Oh my God, did you take my advice? Give him a test drive to make a decision?”

I laugh at her eagerness. “Sort of. In fact, I guess the rest drive was three weeks ago. I’ve sort of been staying at his place ever since.”

“Ohhhhhh!” She does a little dance. “I’m so happy for you, baby. I know I said that I was Team Thomas, but I get it. The way your face lit up when you talked about Joshua… I knew you’d end up with him eventually. I figured you’d get there on your own.”

“You’re full of shit,” I tell her, rolling my eyes. “You had no idea.”

“Okay, fine,” she agrees. “I wasn’t sure. Fact is you really do light up whenever you say his name, Franny. I need to meet this guy asap.”

I swallow. “That’s kind of why I was calling… Well, not so you can meet Josh, but I was wondering if it’s possible for you to come to me for Dad’s birthday this year. I’m starting my new job today and I can’t ask for time off the first few weeks, that would look bad.” I’m pretty sure Christopher would agree to me flying home to Mom for my deceased father’s birthday, but I don’t want to call in favors with my new boss this early on. I want things to be professional. “I know I usually come to you, and we go to his grave, but I just can’t make it this year.”

“I’m sorry baby, I can’t get off from work either.” She sighs. “I desperately need the money for rent, and if I piss off my boss, he might cut my hours and I won’t get to buy a plane ticket if I can barely make rent. I will try again, but I think we’ll just have to videocall when I put some new flowers on his grave. He’ll understand.”

I feel my throat closing up. “Yeah,” I croak. “He will.”

“Honey?” Joshua’s sleepy head appears in the doorway, a frown appearing on his face when he sees my sad expression. “You okay?”

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” I say, trying to hide the fact that I’m close to crying. This is supposed to be a good day. I’m going to start my dream job in an hour. I shouldn’t be sad.

“It’s okay, I set my alarm so I could kiss you goodbye.” Fuck him for being so damn sweet. “Who are you talking to?”

“Is that Joshua?” Mom shrieks from my screen. “Let me see him!”

“He’s in his boxershorts, Mom,” I say, smiling a little even though I still feel like my heart just shriveled up and died. “I’m not going to let you meet my boyfriend in a videocall while he’s half naked.”

“Give me a second,” Joshua says, grabbing some sweatpants and a shirt before hurrying over and flopping down next to me on the couch. “Hi, Mrs. Berger. Nice to meet you.”

“You’re even cuter than I thought you’d be,” Mom says, winking at him. “Fucking hell, Franny, are his curls always in so cute and messy? You must run your hands through them all the damn time.”

Joshua gives me an incredulous look. Yeah, that’s my mother…

“I do,” I agree, ruffling his hair just for my mother’s benefit.

“Be good to my girl or I will cut your dick off,” Mom says in a stern voice. “I’m not even kidding. I don’t care how much my daughter likes riding it, I will chop it right off and make you watch me bake it and then I’ll force you to eat it.”

Joshua’s eyes are so wide that I swear they will pop out any minute now. “Erm… okay.”

“Mom,” I say with a sigh. “Don’t scare the poor guy away. I like him. I’d very much like him to not be terrified of you. And I don’t want him to think I will one day end up like you. Crass, old and inappropriate.”

“Please, you wish you’d be as cool as me,” she bites back, making a face. “Nice to meet you, Joshua. Sorry for scaring you. Although… I do mean it. Be good to Franny.”

“Of course.” He puts an arm around me. “I’ll take good care of your daughter. Actually…” He looks at me questioningly. “Could I talk to your mother for a moment?”

“Talk to my mother… alone?” I ask, feeling a little nervous now. “Why?”

“Asking for her hand in marriage already, Joshie?” Mom jokes, sticking out her tongue. Oh wow, she got a tongue piercing since I last saw her. Wicked. “You don’t need my permission for that. She’s her own person, you know.”

“Stop scaring him!” I tell my mother again, laughing. “Okay, you two talk, I need some coffee anyway.”

Joshua moves into the bedroom with my phone, closing the door before talking to her. Part of me wants to press my ear up against the door to hear what he wants to talk to her about, but I force myself to be patient. I wouldn’t do that. Although I’m curious as fuck. What could he possibly want to talk to her about that I’m not allowed to hear?

He returns after fifteen minutes, smiling brightly. “Your mom is awesome.”

“I know,” I agree, taking my phone from him. “You want coffee too?”

He shakes his head. “I’m going back to bed in a moment. Way too late last night, and way too many beers.” He does look a little worn. “I only set my alarm this early because I hate missing you in the mornings. I need a kiss before you rush off to save lives.”

I wrap my arms around him and kiss him hard. “That’s so sweet.”

“Hmm…” He grunts and pushes me against the fridge, his cock already growing hard against me. “Fuck, I’m hungover and horny at the same time.”

I laugh at his pained expression. “It’s your call. I’m up for a quicky before work, but I can wait until tonight if you’re too much of a pussy to get it up after a few beers.”

“Oh, it’s up already,” he assures me, kissing me again.

I moan when he rubs his erection against me, letting me feel how much I arouse him. My hands knot in his hair while we keep kissing, slowly making our way to the bedroom, walking into the table and the door on our way there since we don’t look where we’re going.

We tumble onto the bed and undress swiftly, our mouths devouring each other. Joshua moves on top of me, grunting when he feels I’m wet and ready for him. He pushes in right away, both of us moaning at how good it feels to become one.

“Maybe I shouldn’t let you come,” he says, his moves slow and deliberate. “Drive you crazy and leave you on edge all day so you’ll think of me.”

I nip at his bottom lip and smack his ass. “Don’t you dare, Joshua Chambers. All that will do is make me horny and up for anything, and I’m not sure that’s a state you want me to be in when I’m spending 12 hours in the hospital with my new boss… Christopher.”

“You’re right,” Josh says, kissing me hard. “I should make you come so hard that you’ll be unable to even think of another man for days.”

“I haven’t spent a single second thinking about other men ever since we first kissed.”

He pushes himself up a little, smiling down on me. “Really?”


This time, our kiss is tender and full of love, both of us melting at the sweetness of this moment. After a few more lingering kisses, he starts moving, turning into demanding, controlling Joshua in the blink of an eye, taking me hard and fast. Just when I’m about to come, he pulls out and turns me over, pushing in again from behind, my body immobile between him and the matrass.

“So. Fucking. Tight.” He grunts and pounds me even harder, forcing a hand underneath me so he can touch my clit, sending me right over the edge. He’s in complete control of me and I love it. I trust him. I feel safe with him. That makes it easy to give myself to him completely, letting him bring me to a second orgasm soon after the first.

He reaches his own peak right after, softly biting my shoulder while he does. He doesn’t break the skin and it doesn’t hurt, but it does send shivers down my spine.

“Oh fuck,” I say when I see the time. “I need to leave in five minutes.”

“Just call in sick,” Joshua pleads jokingly. “Or quit altogether and become my fifties housewife. You could be my sex slave and I’d buy you pretty sparkly things to appease you.”

“Chauvinistic pig,” I tease, smacking his arm. “I’m a free woman and I like that very much.”

“Free?” He asks, smiling. “I thought you called me your boyfriend before, when we were talking to your mom.”

“Yeah,” I say, not even worrying about me being the first to use the word out loud. “You are my boyfriend, after all. Or are you chickening out?”

“Hell no.” He grabs me and kisses me hard. “Now put on some clothes and get that cute ass to the hospital, or you’ll be late, they’ll fire you, and you’ll have to become my trophy wife after all.” He watches me pull my clothes back on with a fond look in his eyes. “Franny?”

“Yeah?” I ask, getting ready to leave.

“You know I’m just joking, right? It’s probably not even something I need to say out loud, but I love that you work so hard. That you’re so serious about your job. That you’re this strong, independent woman. You’ll never need to change for me. And I’m very proud and happy to have you call me your boyfriend.”

I throw myself back on the bed to hug him close. “Don’t make me cry right before I have to leave for work, Josh,” I whisper, kissing his neck. “And yeah, I know all of that, but it’s still nice to hear.”

“I don’t scare you when I tell you stuff like that, right?” he asks, rubbing his hands over my back. “Because I know we’ve only been together for… well, not even a month, and we’re taking things slow – or well, as slow as we can with you basically living here… But I mean, I do think about the future and I see you in it.”

“No, you don’t scare me.” I have to work even hard to keep myself from crying now. Before him, James was the only person who ever said things like this to me, but it feels different with Joshua. Like he truly sees me for who I am, every part of me. He’s not disappointed when I crawl into bed drunk late some nights, and he’s even encouraging to hang out with Thomas soon so see if I can still save that friendship.

“You’re going to be late,” Josh whispered, kissing me softly. “I’d love you to stay here, but I know you want to be on time. Go get them, Franny.”

I jump out of bed and blow him a kiss before heading out the door. Time for my first day in the pediatric wing with Christopher.

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