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#78 Honeymoon at home

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Joshua and I have been dancing all night, and even though my feet and back are hurting, I don’t want to stop. It’s so lovely to sway in his arms, my beautiful wedding dress rustling around us. Shaughna helped us plan the wedding, and she did a great job decorating the backyard of the huge mansion Joshua’s parents own on the edge of the city. We’re having the party here, and they paid for everything, including a band and catering. Of course Marcia and Yord played a few songs too, and I noticed Joshua’s guitar earlier, so I have a feeling he’ll be singing for me later. Which is a good thing, because I wrote a song for him too.

“Can I have this dance?” my mother asks, stealing me away from Joshua for a moment. He gives me a kiss before walking away to talk to a few of his cousins.

“So, what do you think?” I ask my mother, gesturing around us.

“You did good, baby,” she tells me, putting her arms around me and swaying to the music with me. “Then again, even if you married Joshua in a mud pool wearing a trash bag, I’d be fine with that. It’s the guy that matters, not all the other stuff.”

I smile, knowing she’s right. “I like the other stuff too, though.”

“I heard Joshua telling his father that in ten years or so, he wants to do this all over again so you’ll get to marry him without a baby bump and your two kids as your ring bearer and flower girl,” Mom tells me, smiling fondly. “I like that man. He’s the real deal.”

I tear up and hug her close. “I know, right? Do you think that Dad would have liked him?”

“Honey, I think your daddy sent him to you when you needed him most.” She pushes my hair out of my face and wipes away my tears. “You father wanted you to be happy and loved, and you are. So happy. And so loved. I’m pretty sure he’s looking down on you with a huge grin on his face. Or maybe looking up to you, I’m not sure if he ever made it to heaven. He could be an asshole sometimes.”

I laugh at that, pushing her playfully. “Don’t talk about my deceased father like that, Mom!”

“Trust me, you’ll be wanting to murder Joshua soon enough, no matter how amazing he is.” She winks at me. “That’s marriage, honey. It’s amazing and wonderful, but also hard work. If anyone can do it, it’s you and Josh, though. That boy is head over heels for you. I still can’t believe he’s only 24. He’s so mature.”

“Yeah, he is,” I agree, hugging my mother again and putting my head on her shoulder. I wish my father was here, but I know she’s right. He would have happily given me away to Joshua, just like my mother did today. He’d be happy that I found my person. Joshua is a lot like my father, actually. Both with boring grown-up jobs, yet the soul of a romantic musician shines through from within, and their smiles light up the world. My baby boy is lucky with a father like him. Too bad he will never get to know his grandfather.


I’m spent by the time my mother drops us off at our apartment, and Joshua puts his arm around me to help me into the elevator. I hardly ever use it, but with the pregnancy and the wedding… yeah, I think I’m allowed to be lazy tonight.

“You’re my wife now.” Joshua sounds like he can’t quite believe it.

“I know, so weird, right?” I kiss him before we step out onto our floor and he opens the door for me. I gasp when I see that the living room is filled with flowers, heart-shaped balloons and streamers. “Oh wow, did you do this?” I ask, looking around with wide eyes.

Joshua shakes his head, looking just as surprised. He walks over to the coffee table where a card is sitting waiting for us. He opens it with a smile. “Thomas,” he says, handing me the card.

Dear Franny and Josh, it says. I know you’re not going on a honeymoon until the baby is born, but I thought you should have a special place even if it’s not somewhere tropical. There’s champagne in the fridge – alcohol-free for you, Franny – and I’m staying with a friend tonight, so have all the loud sex you want. Love, Thom.

“Ahw, that’s so sweet of him.” I look around the room, sighing happily. “So that’s why he left the party early tonight.”

Joshua pulls out his phone and takes a picture of me standing in the decorated living room in my wedding dress and sends it to Thomas, thanking him for the gesture. I grab us some glasses of champagne – the kid-friendly one for me – and we toast, smiling at each other.

“I like Thomas’ suggestion about the loud sex,” Joshua says, winking at me. “Consummate our marriage.”

“Oh wow, you really know how to talk dirty,” I joke, putting my glass down so I can knot my hands in his hair while I kiss him. “You didn’t even carry me over the threshold,” I complain teasingly when we break apart.

“I’m scrawny and you’re 23 weeks pregnant,” he says, laughing. “I think you’re safer with your feet firmly on the ground.”

We kiss again, and I moan into him when one hand cups my breast through the dress. My hands move to his shirt, unbuttoning it slowly. Joshua shrugs out of his jacket and shirt, kicking of his dress shoes right after. He looks good in nothing but pants. Really good. But I know he looks even better out of them.

“Let’s see if I can manage taking off this dress,” Joshua says, turning me around to unlace the elaborate back. He curses when he fumbles, trying to just tug at the dress, but it’s not coming off unless he undoes every single knot and button. “Fuck this thing,” he mumbles. “You look beautiful in it, but it’s like a medieval torture device.”

By the time I’m finally stepping out of the beaded white gown, I’m so goddamn horny that I pretty much jump him. He chuckles and runs his hands over my body. “I think I found a name,” he says, taking me off guard. “For our baby.”

“Really?” I kiss him hard, not really in the mood to talk names right now.

“Zachary,” he says, smiling down on me. “Zach for short.”

“Hmm,” I murmur, putting a hand over my belly. “Yeah, I like that.”

“You do?” he asks surprised. “I think this is the first name we’ve agreed on so far.”

“Zachary,” I repeat. “I like it, I really do. Let’s put a pin in it and discuss it later, okay? I just want to have sex with you now.”

He gasps when I rub his cock through his pants. “Okay,” he grunts, backing me into the bedroom. “I can live with that.”

I tug at his pants while he tears off my lacy panties, taking me by surprise. “Josh,” I gasp, looking up into his blue eyes.

He smirks. “Not so scrawny after all, huh?”

I laugh and push him down on the bed, finishing undressing him. I kneel between his legs, wrapping my lips around his cock. He groans loudly and grabs my hair, bucking his hips up so he’s almost completely inside of me. I bob my head up and down a few times, but I’m too wet and horny to keep this up for long. I need him. Now.

When I straddle him, he looks up at me with both love and lust in his eyes, grabbing my hips to help me sink down on him. In this position, my belly isn’t in the way too much, and I moan when he hits just the right spot inside of me.

“I love you,” Josh says as he keeps gazing into my eyes. “So damn much, Franny. I’m so lucky you’re my wife now.”

“Never getting rid of me, Josh,” I remind him, slowly rotating my hips. “Never.”

“I’d never want to,” he vows, digging his fingers into my skin. “I meant my vows, Franny. I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy. I hope to God I will succeed.”

A tear slips out, and it’s amazing how this moment is really hot, intimate and emotional all at the same time. That’s my husband for you, I guess. Everything rolled into one.

“You’ve been making me happy from the day we became friends,” I tell him, touching his face gently. “Remember? On the phone? When you told me we were basically best friends?”

“Even your voice is hot,” he says, grabbing one of my boobs and pinching my nipple. “I was already completely smitten with you before you even showed up at my door, asking me if you could blow me.”

I giggle at the memory. I had forgotten all about that. To think that our first real talk was all because of him needing a blow-drier to scratch an itch underneath his cast after breaking his leg defending one of my best friends… It’s strange how life works.

“I love your laugh,” Joshua grunts, starting to really fuck me. Even when I’m on top, he takes control, slamming me down on him again and again. I love how he can switch to commanding and rough in a heartbeat without ever making me feel like he would do anything I don’t want. Even when he gets all dominant like now, he will never stop making sure I’m alright.

I fall apart with a loud moan, my walls clenching around him so hard that my vision blurs for a moment. He manages to keep himself from following after me, closing his eyes for a moment while he takes a few deep breaths. When he feels certain he can move without reaching his own peak right away, he picks up the pace, grunting each time he pulls me down and lifts his hips to meet me.

When he gets too aroused to hold out any longer, I reach down to rub my clit hard and fast, working myself up into a frenzy so I can come with him, both of us moaning and panting when he reach our peaks.

“It’s so hot when you do that,” he mumbles, completely melting into the mattress while he comes down from his high. “Fuck, I’ve got the hottest wife ever. And you’re mine for life.”

“Yeah I am,” I conform with a smile, getting off him and collapsing beside him. He snuggles up to me, his hand on my belly while he kisses my neck.

“So… Zachary?” he asks, rubbing my belly. The baby kicks, and we both laugh. It’s like he can hear us talking about him.

“I think he likes that name,” I say with a smile, putting my hand over Josh’s. “Zachary it is.”

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