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#80 Epilogue: Good thing I’m too tired for wine

One year after Zachary was born

I’m so damn tired. I lie down on the sunbed in Aston’s yard. He had a pool put in a few month ago and he’s splashing around, pushing the float his 2-year-old daughter is hanging onto. I watch them with a smile.

“Do you want a glass of wine, honey?” Joshua calls from the house.

“No thanks,” I yell back, too tired to drink right now. “Just some water, please.”

He walks out in the sun in his swimming trunks, holding Zachary with one arm and handing me the water bottle with his free hand. My mouth waters at the sight of his almost naked body, and the fact that he’s handling our baby boy with sure care only makes me want him more. His eyes widen when he sees the unbridled lust in mine and he cocks his head to the side, searching my expression before smirking.

“Aston, where is the sunscreen?” Annabel asks, walking in as well, cradling her son Benjamin to her chest. “Did you remember to wait at least 30 minutes after putting sunscreen on Steffi before jumping into the pool?”

“Yes,” Aston lies with a guilty expression.

“No, you didn’t,” I say, rolling my eyes. “I told you Anna would get mad.”

“Shut up.” Aston grunts and picks Steffi up, putting her on the side of the pool so Annabel can dry her off and get some lotion on her. Even though her skin is pretty dark, Anna still worries about her getting sun burned, as any good mother would. Aston can be a little careless when it comes to these things, but there’s no denying how much he loves his wife and kids.

I’ve drained my water bottle completely already and I get up to walk into the kitchen and refill it. The moment I lean over the counter and turn on the faucet, I feel Joshua pushing up to me from behind, his cock growing hard while he grinds against my ass.

“Where’s Zach?” I breathe, ready to jump his bones right here in our friends’ kitchen.

“Annabel is watching him,” Joshua assured me. “How about we sneak into a bedroom? Or any room, really. You’ve been giving me sex eyes all damn day and I’m too horny to keep myself from having my way with you.”

“Hmm, that sounds good,” I wiggle my ass, giggling when I feel how much that riles him up.

If we were at anyone else’s house, I’d feel a little embarrassed, but Aston and Annabel fuck like bunnies and we’ve all walked in on them at more than one occasion – how could we not, when they once did it in our bathroom without locking the door? – so I don’t feel weird sneaking off with Joshua for a moment to have some fun.

“You’ve been so horny all week,” he says softly, his hands moving up to cup my breasts through my bikini top. “What’s gotten into you?”

That’s a good question, honestly. It took us a while to get our groove back after giving birth to Zachary, but we’ve been having great sex regularly for the past few months. Not like this week, though. We’re almost as bad as Aston and Annabel, getting it on in completely inappropriate places, and doing it multiple times a day. We haven’t had this much sex since we first got together. There was a brief period during my pregnancy with Zachary that I got this horny, but that’s-

Oh shit. Okay. Wow. No… It can’t be?

“Josh,” I whisper, turning around in his arms and taking his face in my hands. “I just realized… my last period was longer than a month ago. A lot longer. As in… I think I should have gotten it three weeks ago or something.” Life has been so busy with my job and Zachary, that I didn’t even realize I missed it. I’m not on birth control, and we’re pretty good about using condoms, although we do screw up from time to time. I didn’t think this would happen so soon, but I’m hoping I’m right.

“Oh wow,” Joshua breathes, looking down at my belly. “Really?”

“It’s possible.”

He pulls me against him, burying his face in my wet hair. “I hope so. I’d love another kid.”

“Me too.” I pull away from him and walk into the yard, calling out to Annabel. “Do you have any pregnancy tests in the house?”

She looks up at me from her sunbed, lifting her sunglasses to look up at me with wide eyes. “Wow, really? Erm… yes. In the bathroom upstairs, second drawer on the left.”

“Did you really have to yell that into the yard?” Joshua asks as we rush upstairs. He’s not really angry, though. Aston and Annabel are easily two of our best friends, and we look after each other’s kids all the time. They were always going to be some of the first people to know, and I need to know right now if I’m truly pregnant.

Joshua grabs a test from the drawer and hands it to me while I pull down my bikini bottom and sit down on the toilet. Yeah, modesty went out the window after he watched me push out Zachary. When I pee in the morning, he’s usually in the shower and we chat to each other like it’s perfectly normal for me to do that. And to us, it is. I’ve walked in to brush my teeth when he’s taking a dump plenty times. We’re a little weird, maybe, but I don’t care.

When I’m done peeing, he sets the timer on his phone and we make out while we wait. Pregnant or not, I’m horny. His hand slips into my bottom and I moan against him while he fingerfucks me slowly and deliberately, sucking on the soft spot on my neck.

The alarm goes off right when I feel like I might come, and I groan in annoyance before I remember that we’re about to find out if I’m pregnant. Joshua turns over the stick and a huge smile lights up his face.

“Zachary’s getting a sibling,” he says, looking at me with nothing but love.

I put a hand over my stomach. “Good thing I’m too tired to drink wine these days, huh?”

He laughs. “Still wanna have sex?”

“Hell yeah,” I say, taking off my bikini and hopping onto the bathroom counter. “Come here, you.”

He pulls down his shorts and pushes into me without either of us needing anymore foreplay. The thought that there’s a baby growing inside of me again and that he’s the one that put it there gets me going even more and I fall apart seconds later, my fingers digging into his tight ass. He grunts when he follows suit.

“Hmm,” I murmur. “That was good.”

“Yes,” he breathes, kissing me before pulling out and cleaning both of us up with some tissues. “Very, very good. So… I guess your pregnancy hormones are making you horny, huh? I think I’m going to enjoy the next few weeks very much.”

I laugh and swat his arm. “Just wait, the puking will start soon, and I’ll get all big again, complaining about aches and tender breasts.”

“I can’t wait,” he says, meaning every word. “I hope it’s a girl.”

“I’ll be happy as long as he or she is healthy.” I pause and grin. “Okay, fine, I hope it’s a girl.”

We make sure we’re decent before heading back down and facing Aston and Annabel. They look up at us expectantly, him in the pool with Steffi and her sitting in the grass with Benji and Zach.

“Meet baby number two,” I say, gesturing at my belly.

“Yes!” Aston cheers, pumping his fist in the air. “Congrats, guys.”

Annabel gets up to hug both of us, scrunching up her nose when she steps back. “You smell like sex and sweat.” She’s been around Aston for far too long. The Annabel I met years ago when she wasn’t even sure if she was his girlfriend never would have uttered those words.

“Pregnancy hormones,” Joshua says, grinning. “Gotta love them.”

Aston splashes us with water. “Get in here so I can hug you!” he yells at me. “Get your fat pregnant ass into the water, Fran!”

I laugh and get in, squealing when he spins me around. I know we still need to go to the doctor and make sure I’m truly pregnant and that everything is okay, and it’s too soon to tell anyone else. I just feel in my gut that just like Zachary, this baby is going to be happy and healthy. And loved.

So very, very loved.

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