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#81 Epilogue: My life is fucking awesome

Last epilogue and then there is nothing left!

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Three years after Zachary was born

When the doorbell rings, Zachary rushes to the hallway. Luckily, he’s not big enough to open the front door yet at 3 years old, but he sure likes to try. Joshua is in the middle of changing Maddison’s diaper, so I go after Zach to open the front door.

“Hey little man,” Yord says, grinning down on us. “You’re growing up fast.”

“Yo!” Zach says, making a weird move with his hands. For some reason, he thinks that he should act like a gangster at age three. I blame Aston, who is always teaching him stuff that I don’t think is something a little kid should know or do. “Gangsta!” Zach exclaims, further proving my point. Fucking Aston with his stupid shit.

“Oh, he’s so cute,” Marcia says with a sweet smile. Her hair is pitch black these says and cropped short. She looks way more gothic than she used to, while Yord is still the same laid-back weirdo with a big mouth. He works in as a financial analyst at a big firm one town over these days, and he and Marcia ae expecting their first kid in a few months. She’s sporting a small baby bump, her hand resting on top of it protectively.

“Soon you’ll have your own little baby boy in your arms,” I tell her with a smile. “Are you sure you’re up for this, Marcia?”

“Hell yeah,” she says with a grin. “Let’s play!”

When Joshua and I got married and had our first kid, the band pretty much stopped practicing and although we’re still good friends with Yord and Marcia, we haven’t played with them in years. Joshua and I still play guitar and piano together, and we sing, even been writing songs lately, but it’s not the same as being in a band. We miss it, and a few days ago I reached out to our friends to see if we could get the band back together.

“Shaughna already promised we can open for that hot new band in a few months,” I tell them as I pick Zachary up and carry him into the living room. “You know, Atomic Fountain?”

“We’re opening for them in The Palace?” Marica asks, cursing. “Fucking hell, please tell me it’s not close to my due date.”

“Seven weeks before you’re due,” I assure her. “You’ll be exhausted though, and unable to have drink afterwards. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Stop asking me that,” she grumbles, rolling her eyes. “Just because I’m becoming a mom doesn’t mean I’m going to be all lame and stop rocking.”

“Lame like my wife, you mean?” Joshua asks, pulling Maddison’s clothes back on after changing her diaper. “Or like me?”

“Both of you are lame,” Yord says immediately. “All domesticated, house in the suburbs… That’ll never be us.”

“Just wait until you hold your child in your arms,” Joshua says knowingly, handing him our little Maddison with a smile. “You’ll melt and realize nothing you will ever do will be as important as raising your kids right. Well, and making your wife happy, obviously.”

“You’re doing both of those things better than anyone,” I tell him, kissing him with Zachary still on my hip. He wraps his arms around both of us and kisses me softly before ruffling Zach’s hair.

“Ugh, you’re still so deliriously sappy.” Yord pretends to vomit, which makes little Maddy in his arms giggle loudly. “Your parents are so lame,” he tells our 1-year-old girl. “Wow, Franny, she’s looking more and more like you every day.”

I smile, knowing he’s right. Zach is an exact copy of Joshua, but Maddy has my eyes, my hair and my nose. She’s got plenty of Joshua in her as well. Both kids seem to have his sweet nature and patience, although Joshua says they get that from me. We’re alike in many ways, so I guess they get it from both of us. I expected we’d struggle with keeping the romance alive with two little kids to raise, but our love for each other is still going strong, and we’re just as nauseatingly sweet to each other as we were back when we got married.

Sure, we don’t have crazy sex all hours of the day, but we never really did that before we had kids. We’ve always been passionate, but also a little tame compared to some other couples. I like it that way. He makes me feel comfortable, safe and loved. I don’t need a man like Nathan who will choke me and tie me up, not do I feel the need to have sex in the bathroom of a club like Shaughna still does every other weekend – with Dshawn, of course. And I’m not even going to start comparing us to Annabel and Aston. Josh and I are different, but in a good way, as far as I’m concerned. He’s my safe haven, my home, my everything. He gave me two beautiful kids and he truly does try to make me happy every single day of our marriage, which is really all any woman can ask a man to do.

We chat some more and then my mother arrives to watch the kids while we have our first band practice in a long time. Yord has been trying to write songs as well, and with our help, we manage to make one of his songs into something that sound pretty damn epic. After three hours, we’ve finally had enough, and we lock down more dates, at least once a week, to practice and write. Opening for Atomic Fountain is epic, so we need to be on top of our game.


Marcia is so big that she looks about ready to pop the night that we’re playing in Shaughna’s and Dshawn’s club The Palace. Seven more weeks my ass. She looks like she can go into labor any second, even though she assures us she’s fine and she’s just got a really big baby boy in there.

“At least I’m not the only one on stage with a baby bump,” she says, nudging me. “Number three, huh?”

Joshua and I weren’t sure we were ready to add another baby to our family, but we decided to leave it up to faith. I never got back on birth control after Zach, which was how we ended up with Maddy, and we did the same thing when I gave birth to her. We used condoms, but when one broke during a night that will go down in history as the night our third child was conceived, we decided to just leave it at that and see if anything would come of it. And there we are, with me 17 weeks pregnant. My bump isn’t huge yet, but I can’t hide it either, so I chose a formfitting red dress to avoid confusion. Yeah, I’m pregnant. And yeah, I still rock.

Joshua’s arms wrap around me from behind and he kisses my neck while his hands rub my belly. At 28, he’s still every bit as sweet and caring as he was when we got married years go. He wrote a song for our new baby that we’re going to open with tonight, and I can’t wait to sing it with him.

“We’re the lamest band ever,” Yord complains, hitting the wall of the small room we’re in with his drumsticks. “Two pregnant ladies, a boring old dad and me.”

“Shut up, asshole,” Marcia tells him, giving him a shove. “Even pregnant as fuck I still rock harder than you do. And Franny’s voice gets all sexy and hoarse when she’s pregnant, so she sounds even better than she normally does. Josh is a god on his guitar. I think it’s you holding back the band.”

“Say that again, you witch,” her husband grumbles, pulling her against him. “I dare you.”

“You suck,” she says, smiling up at him with love in her eyes. “So much.”

“Well… fuck you.” He kisses her tenderly. They’re always cursing and teasing each other, even though the way the handle each other is so sweet and lovely that the clash of their words and their actions is funny as hell.

“Guys!” Shaughna throws open the door and beams at us. “You’re up! Ready?”

“Hell yeah!” we all exclaim, ready to make some music.

We don’t get a huge applause when we get on stage, since everyone is here for one reason only… to see Atomic Fountain. We’re just the band to get them fired up before the main acts gets here. Hopefully we will succeed.

Our first song is the one Joshua wrote about the baby in my belly, and although it’s cryptic and could apply to just about anyone you love, I know he’s talking about little Mia. I can’t wait to meet out little girl. Zachary, Maddison and Mia. I think we’ll be done after that, but with Joshua and me, you can never be sure. If we have one more, we will love and cherish that baby to, although I truly think we’ll be done after Mia.

We get a huge applause after the first song, and we kick things up a notch by playing Yord’s song that is wild and meant to dance to, preferable like a crazy person. We’ve got eight songs to play before it’s time for Atomic Fountain, and we make sure to make the most of every single minute on stage.

When we’re done, we feel like we just conquered the world. Marcia needs to sit down backstage for a moment, Yord rubbing her back until she can stand again. I don’t feel too hot either, even though I’m ecstatic about how awesome we sounded and how well our original songs were received by the crowd.

“Franny,” Shaughna hisses when she gets backstage. “There’s someone asking to meet the band. She looks all fancy and shit. Can I let her in?”

“Sure,” I say, wondering what could possibly be going on.

A woman in a tight red pantsuit steps into our small backstage room, a tight-lipped smile on her angular face. “I’m Angie,” she says, shaking Joshua’s hand first, then moving to the rest of us. “I loved your performance. Miss Elmore tells me you’re a new band. Does that mean you don’t have a label yet?”

My eyes widen. “Erm… yeah?”

“I think we should take soon.” She hands me her card and nods. “Give me a call and we’ll meet up to talk about recording those songs you just played.”

“Sure,” I breathe, gaping at her. “Thanks.”

She takes off, leaving us flabbergasted. It takes a long time before any of us are able to talk again. Of course, it’s Yord who opens his mouth first.

“Fuck yeah we’re awesome!” He jumps around like a madman. “Take that, world! Two preggos and a boring dad can rock after all. I’m telling you, this is all because I’m so awesome. Even the three of you can’t bring down my sexy musical talents.”

Joshua rolls his eyes at his friend. “Sure, Yord, let’s go with that.”

I’m thirty, married to the sweetest guy ever, still working parttime as a nurse with one of my best friends as my boss, pregnant with my third child, and our band might have just gotten discovered. My life is fucking awesome, if I may say so myself.


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