My heartless alpha prince

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Ella Michelle is a beautiful lady,but tragedy strikes her when she becomes ,the second chance mate of a heartless ALPHA, Alpha of the red moon pack,Jason Daniel,lost his first mate and refused to let anyone in his cold her What will happen when Jason find ella and she get under his skin and he maltreats her for revenge , because she was the one who killed his mate How cruel can life be Stick to find out.

Romance / Fantasy
Evergreen Wesley
Age Rating:

Chapter one

Everybody has one or two nightmares in their life ,that haunts them down to the core,

I am Ella Michelle and this is my story

It was a night of celebration for the pack, everyone was happy , rejoicing for the new heir was born, our soon to be alpha was born,I helped deliver him cause I was the packs doctor,he is a strong cute little boy,his blue eyes were just like mine,it was a happy moment in the thorn Rose pack,but that moment didn't last long ,when an unknown attack hit us and we were all defenceless , because we let our guard down,we were too drunk, during the commotion every one was running up and down and I noticed the Luna struggling and the alpha pinned to the ground,by a stronger alpha, before my eyes my alpha and Luna were thorn apart before my eyes ,it was horrific moment for me and I screamed,what glued me to the spot was the alpha that destroyed my home was looking at me with love in his eyes,but I was cut short by a baby cry,only to turn and around and see his Luna ,with the young alpha,all I saw was red the need to protect that little boy got me in a mad mode,slowly the alpha transformed into the most handsome prince I have ever seen,I didn't have time to worship his body ,

Baby what are you doing with a baby,the alpha asked,

Ummm Jason I am going to kill him,if I can't have kids ,no luna , should have babies either,

But why baby ,Jason asked,

This is no time for questions my prince,I got mad and lounge at the evil Luna ,who will kill an innocent child, because,she couldn't bear any heir for the prince,

She transformed into beautiful sliver wolf, but I just stayed in my human form,and I attacked her,will all my strength, trying not to hit the baby,she bit my arm , grazed my stomach with her claws,I gotta admit ,that hurts like a bitch, earning a scream from me,it started raining,I was panicking because the baby ,was going to catch a cold,I picked up myself,and sheld the baby,I was getting cold and tired from the loss of blood ,while the Luna stalked me like a prey,I was losing consciousness,with the little angel in my arms dragging both of us across the wet dirt,I looked into the alpha eyes and saw sorrow, admiration,pride,for me I was confused,how can the prince show me this emotions am not his Luna,and she bit it my shoulder and I screamed with tears in my eyes,and next thing I am searching for any weapon,and I grabbed a sharp.stick and stabbed her and a loud growl shaked me to the core,only to watch the alpha retreat back,and I let darkness take over me,with my angel in my arms.

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