Fell In Love With The Devil

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When Kyree Jade Knight was young, she always had an affinity to music and she was extremely talented in it. When her father found out about it, she let her quit, crushing her dreams as well. He wants nothing more for his daughter but to be the sole heiress of his business empire. But Kyree has a secret. She's the vocalist of the band named Code:Red. Having gigs on weekends and band practices during weekdays; they made quite a name for a local band. She disobeyed her father. Not wanting him to find out about it, she makes extreme measures to hide it. With the help of her best friends, she hid her true identity all throughout the four years of her being the vocalist. The simple school girl and the talented rockstar by night. What happens when a devil disguising as prince charming finds out her secret?

Romance / Drama
Joe Sakura
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Chapter 1

I walked through the crowd as I searched for my ever annoying blonde best friend, Mila.

It wasn’t really that hard because she always somehow managed to find me first. She waved at me with her stupid annoying grin. She was sitting on a couch along with the rest of our friends.

I rolled my eyes as I walked towards her, bumping a lot of sweaty bodies along the way and almost spilling their drinks. However I’d rather be involved in a stupid cat fight than being lusted by these horny college boys. I feel like they intentionally bumped into me just so they could have my attention. Ugh.

As I reached to the couch, my best friend immediately pulled me beside her with a stupid smile of excitement on her face.

“Damn! I knew the dress would look good on you!” She exclaimed and I just rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

She giggled. “I’m glad you’re able to make it. I thought your gig would hold you up again.”

“You know it’s not really the gig. The guys keep making me stay long. I told them that if I don’t make it tonight, you’ll have my head for breakfast tomorrow.” She laughed and then suddenly frowned.

“You’re damn right.” Her face was serious and scary. I just shook my head in response.

“Heyyy, my favourite girlfriend is here.” In came my other best friend. He sat between Mila and I. His arm went around me as he embraced me in one of his famous hugs and kissed my forehead like he usually does.

“Have you decided for the upcoming camping we’ll have?” I arched my eyebrow.

“Dude, that’s three weeks from now. Can we just enjoy your party for now?”

He frowned. “Ugh, hello? Do I need to remind you that I’m always here to remind you that you always forget our outings and you just remember it a day or few days before the said date? And then you don’t even bother to ask your parents’ permission which makes Mila and I a huge burnt toast.” Mila nodded like a little child agreeing what Remi had said.

“She’s right, babe. We can’t afford to face your parents’ wrath again. They’re fucking scary.” She said as she shook her head.

“Point taken.” I agreed. “I’ll ask my parents tomorrow. You could remind me again, Rems.”

“Of course, what’ll you do without me, babe?”

I laughed. “I don’t know. Maybe free from your stupid face.” Mila and I laughed as he scowled at us.

“You’re evil. I can’t even believe I held this party just so I could save your sorry ass.” He shook his head with amusement.

Did I mention that whenever I have a gig, Remi holds parties just so he could cover me from my parents on finding out what I actually do in certain events? To be honest, I’m actually a vocalist in a band who has become pretty popular recently.

Why exactly am I hiding this important detail in my life?

My parents never supported me for this. In fact, they hated the thought of me having a talent in music. They said it was something that would sway me from the path they forged for me.

I am an heiress. And they want me to stay that way.

“I know. That’s why you’re my number one, Rems.” I gave him my full blown smile showing how happy and thankful I am that he’s my best friend.

“Ah, excuse me.” Mila protested. “I’m the original number one here. You’re just second number one. A replacement. My substitute.” As she scowled at him.

And now the bickering begins.

“You’re just jealous because Kai finally said it.”

“Well, she tells me that every time. Pity, you just heard it.” She spat.

“Kyree!” They called in unison. They were looking at me with their eyes saying to end this argument by telling who’s who.

I rolled my eyes.

“I’m going to get a drink.” I stood from the couch.

“Hey, I’m going with you.” Mila called.

“I’m going to stick with the guys. Catch you two later?” We nodded as he hugged both of us around his arms.

Mila and I went to the mini bar they made and asked for our drinks. She got vodka cranberry for us.

“How was your gig tonight?” She asked as she drank her vodka.

“The usual.” I shrugged. “I had to hurry back though. I don’t want a certain someone having my head on her plate.” She rolled her eyes as I laughed.

“You have every obligation to come to the parties he hosts. I mean it is for you. Every damn time.” She added the last part with a roll of her eyes and shook her head.

I smiled as I felt thankful to both of my best friends. The frat brothers didn’t need to know that their leader is throwing parties just for me. It’s our secret. It’s our cover.

“I know. I wish there could be another way to do this.” I shook my head disappointedly.

“Well I wish your parents wouldn’t have to be assholes and let you live your life the way you want to.” She crossed her arms with a frown. “You’re pure talent, Kai. You never failed to let the crowd go wild. Not every singer or artist can do that. It’s a shame that your family doesn’t even know that. And I’m angered by it.”

I sighed with a smile. As long as these two support and love me, I feel like it’s enough. They’re my true family.

“Anyways, you should go have fun tonight.” My eyebrows creased as I stared at her inquisitively.

“Me? Not us?”

“Yes.” She grinned with conviction. “Every party you just sit down and watch us have fun. I didn’t let you wear every dress I bought for you just so you could sit down.”

“Hey, you know I’m exhausted from our performance and I enjoy watching you guys get wasted and feel stupid the next day.” I teased.

“Whatever. I’m not gonna fall for your excuses. We’re gonna find you a guy tonight.” I rolled my eyes as I took a drink of my vodka. How many times did we actually roll our eyes tonight?

“Ugh. I hate your lack of enthusiasm. How about this? We’re going to have a bet.”

“A bet?” I raised my eyebrow as I stared at her bemused.

“Yes. I’m going to find a guy for you and you’re going to go to him, talk to him, dance with him, just whatever it is that doesn’t get you bored. He’s going to be your company for tonight.”

“What if I don’t want to?” I asked challengingly.

“You automatically give me one thousand bucks.” She shrugged.

I laughed. “What makes you think I’ll actually do it.”

She then pointed her painted index finger to me. “Because babe, you have no choice. Did you forget when Remi is not holding any party, you go to my house to ‘sleepover’?” While air quoting the word sleepover.

I narrowed my eyes at her. “You’re evil.”

She crossed her arms and said, “No, I just don’t stop until I get what I want. There’s a difference.” She shrugged.

I smacked her arm while she reacted an ouch. “If I win, you give me that two thousand bucks for being spoiled and I get to ‘sleepover’ at your house anytime.”

She grinned at me almost mischievously. “Deal.”

Well that’s just shady.

She then started searching for the crowd in interest while I stood beside her with a pout and an ugly frown.

Stupid best friend.

“Ah!” She yelled, acted as if she finally found her lab rat. I frowned even more as I glared at her at the same time.

“This one... this one, he’s pretty popular.” She put her hands on my shoulders and continued. “You should know him. I mean the guy is a heartthrob. The type who’s nice like the boy next door who helps a grandma cross the road.” I eyed her in disbelief. Mila is such a weirdo. Can’t help but smile about it though.

“I don’t know anyone of the sort. I don’t know anyone who’s good. Everyone is bad. Like for example... you.” I narrowed my eyes at her. She smacked me back in my arm.

“Stop making me love you even more.” She warned sarcastically. She nodded her head in a certain direction. I followed her line of sight.

There’s too many people. Too many guys to know who she meant.

“Keelan... do you know him?” She smirked proudly.

I eyed the guy who was holding a red cup. He was talking to someone, not a girl. Mila was right. He really looked like a nice guy. He has light brown hair, almost blonde when hit with light. It was a bit long but was swept back not to cover his eyes. I don’t know the color of his eyes but it appeared to be light. He was wearing a white t-shirt. It snugged his body so perfectly, his biceps bulged and from the looks of it, he damn well has abs hiding underneath that tshirt. He dressed simple but he looked so hot.

Damn. Mila is so right.

My sight shifted back to my weird best friend.

“You must have forgotten that I distance myself from other students fearing that I’d be found out. I’m only hanging out with you and Remi and the others.”

“Ugh.” She then rolled her eyes. “You’re so helpless, Kai.” She then faced me with determination. “I choose him to be your date tonight. At least with him, I won’t be worried. I don’t want a so-called bad boy with you. I mean bad guys are hot and sexy but I don’t want them with you. You’re already living a dangerous life.” She laughed as she said the end of her little speech.

“Whatever.” I mumbled as I felt a bit embarrassed and guilty from what she said.

I mean it is true. Living a double life is extremely difficult. You’re in constant watch whether someone’s going to blow your cover and report it to your asshole of a parents.

I sighed. “You owe me two thousand dollars for this.” I huffed as I walked towards the guy.

“That is if you’ll win, baby!” She shouted as I continued my way through the crowd.

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