Part 2 ~ Secrets & Lies

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Part 2. Lexi and Abe's story continues. What happens when the dares, truths, lies and secrets unravel?

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Chapter 1 ~ Something More Than Friends

Have you ever felt like you were flying on top of the clouds? It was warm, you were so happy and everything was perfect.

Maybe you have. Maybe you haven’t. I can guarantee, it is the best feeling anyone could ever feel. It’s love and it’s joy wrapped up in the arms of the one you feel safe with.

Everyone deserves to have that feeling because what would life be without it? Without your first boyfriend, your first mistakes and your first dangers? Without your second, without the knowledge and lessons you’ve taken from the first?

Maybe you’d welcome the love and joy. Or maybe you doubted it and got torn apart for the second time just like I was…

“Whoo-hoo! Here she is!” Someone howled out, making me glance up from my work to narrow my eyes at Damon and a few of Tommy’s friends.

It was Monday morning, recess but I really wasn’t in the mood to be interrupted. Friday night and Saturday morning were amazing with Abe, I couldn’t have asked for a night any better but then I got to school and I waited for him.

And I waited, and I waited.

Maybe I’m just overreacting, thinking he’s ditched me but he wasn’t getting back to my texts either. But maybe he just needed some space, I told him my story and I know no one can take that lightly so maybe that’s the reason why he’s not at school.

I was in the library, working and finishing up a few assignments because I needed the distraction. After I told Abe mostly everything, it’s been in my head more.

I just wish I was over it, that I wasn’t afraid anymore but it wasn’t over and I was afraid. Stressed. Worried.

What if Abe’s feelings for me aren’t as strong as mine for him? What if he seriously does some damage?

“Heard it all,” Damon smirked, coming in to lean on the table next to me, facing me as I looked at him in confusion.

“And what was that?” I asked him, glanced to the other three guys as they cackled lowly, turning to each other.

I felt my heart start to race, thinking that they heard about Abe and me. I don’t know who by but you never know who knows what. But if they knew, then Tommy knew and there was no way he’d be civil with it.

“Don’t play dumb with us,” Damon grinned back, glancing over my work for a moment.

“I’m honestly confused right now,” I told them, looking to the other boys because I’m sure if this was about Abe, they wouldn’t be so giddy and weird about it.

“Friday night. You and Spencer got it on. Everyone knows so no point in denying it,” Damon said as I stared ahead, now insanely confused.

What?! My head screamed before I slowly closed my books with my pens inside them.

“I assure you, gentlemen,” I told them, getting up because I was done with this. “I didn’t even see Spencer Friday night.”

“Sure. Sure,” he replied, still smirking as I moved my bag over my shoulder. “He told us all about it. Tommy sure didn’t believe him when he told us how… dirty you really liked it but the both of you disappeared early in the night.”

“Because I went home,” I argued, actually now pissed that Spencer would say things like that. I’m not a dirty slut for hell’s sake, Tommy definitely knows that.

“With him,” one of the other guys added and I took in a sharp breath, feeling the anger start to burn in my veins.

How could Spencer do this to me?

I’ve done nothing to him. I let him come over, we studied together and now he’s lying that I slept with him?

Well, one thing’s for sure. No more study nights for him.

I looked to Damon sadly but I could tell in his eyes that he believed it. He believed Spencer even though he basically knew me as well as Tommy. He’d been best friends with my brother for years. He didn’t know exactly what I’ve been through but he still knew me well enough to know I wouldn’t do whatever Spencer said.

“Whatever,” I muttered, tearing my eyes from him and walking away as I hugged my books into my chest and I got my phone from my pocket.

I checked to see if there was a reply from Abe but still nothing. I sighed softly and put my phone away as I walked out of the library to catch Tommy on the stairs.

“There you are,” he gave me a dark look, making me bite my lip because this was obviously going to be about Spencer.

“It’s not true,” I told him.

“I want to believe that but you did just disappear from the party,” he whispered, standing close to me as he looked over me softly, searched my eyes.

“It’s not true. If you want proof, talk to Abe,” I replied bitterly, passing him.

“Abe?” He questioned, following me down the stairs quickly. “Please tell me it’s a different Abe.”

“We hung out. He drove me home. I never saw Spencer that night. End of discussion,” I told him and bit my tongue when he took my arm to stop me and make me face him.

“You and Abe friends now?” He spat, scowling a little as I tugged my arm back.

“Something like that,” I answered and he gave me a dark look before I turned around and walked away.


Abe’s POV

“I am the king of the city!” Seth screamed out over the other buildings, standing on the edge of one of the tallest buildings in the city, a casino with hardly enough security to keep us away.

I smirked at him, my feet hanging down as I sat on a block on the roof. I was about three metres above the roof of the casino, sitting above the door with Max as he smoked.

Seth was at the edge of the building, laughing about how funny it’d be if he just suddenly lost balance and fell.

Quinten was on the ground, his back against the wall of the block with his eyes closed, headphones on over his grey beanie.

“Get the fuck away from the edge, dickhead!” Max told Seth when he faked to go jump. He laughed in return and jumped down, off the small wall and onto the concrete roof.

I shook my head at my friends, lowering my eyes as I wondered what miss poppet was up to. She’d be in school by now, it was almost midday. Probably trying to work some things out with that lousy friend of hers.

It’s not like I cared though. Why should I care what she’s up to?

Maybe because we were something more than friends now, my head whispered back as I raised a hand to rub my eyes as I remembered back to Sunday morning.

We’d kissed. And not just once.

I was with her for more than two hours. We played games. We joked, we laughed and then for the last twenty minutes, we just laid together in the silence and dark.

She had been in my arms and I had never felt anything like how I felt then. She was so small but she was so precious and special too.

I know the plan was never to fall for her but I was honestly about to give that up. Give it all up for her and see just if we could do it, be more than what we already are.

But I know we would both had trouble with that. She was hurt, a lot worse than I was and I’m still trying to accept it but that’s hard too. She was in love with someone else, a psycho who couldn’t be patient enough for her.

I’d be patient for her, I thought before I glanced up when Seth clapped his hands to get our attention.

“Details! We need details,” he stated, smirking at me before he pointed, grinned. “She’s in your head so something happened.”

“She’s not in my head,” I muttered.

“So you’re not smiling at nothing like an idiot in love?” He replied, raising a brow and making me tense up because she was totally in my head.

But it’s not like I’m in love with her.

“Fuck, she’s in my head,” I muttered and looked at Max when he looked at me in shock because he knew how hard Elsie punched me. He knew I didn’t want that again and he knew I haven’t touched a girl like I touched Lexi that night since Elsie.

“Things happened Friday night, you’re right,” I said to Seth, now getting Quinten’s attention too as he slid his headphones around his neck, looked up at me. I felt my heart start to race, wondering if I was actually going to ditch the plan.

Yes, my heart told me while my head was wondering how else I’ll get to Tommy if it wasn’t breaking Lexi.

“I haven’t followed my heart in a long time but Lexi’s special-.”

“He hasn’t.”

“He has,” Quinten replied to Seth’s gasp before Seth just laughed and clapped.

“Congratulations, brother. Lexi’s a nice bitch. I approve,” he folded his arms over his chest as he smiled widely. “But when she breaks your heart, don’t say I never told you. But this is going to backfire on you,” he told me and I sighed but shook my head.

I know Lexi more now. I know what she’s been through and there is no way she would put anyone through something she’s been through herself. She’s that kind of girl.

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