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Love Tales

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This is a book of short love stories. It contains romance, heartbreak & LGBT stories.

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Jk's First Kiss

One moment with true love is enough for whole life.

- By The_Daydreamer

Tina's Pov

I am finally in South Korea. My dream came true. Now I will travel here & meet BTS & my Oppa Jeon Jungkook. I hope at least he will look at me.

My name is Tina Carlson & I am 24 years old. I have light brown eyes, slim but curvy figure & my waist-length long silky black hairs which everyone is envious of, I mean they are just hairs, why do they make a fuss about it & last but not the least I have a tattoo on my wrist saying I purple you(I💜U). I work in Sunsilk shampoo company.

Oh don't be mistaken, I am not a mere employee but managing director, otherwise, where would I get the money to come here. It cost me my festivals, overtime & much more. otherwise, have you ever seen this much young managing director.

Ok, ok I think I have praised myself too much, let's get back to the topic. I am at the airport & I have heard that today BTS is coming back S.K today & if I am lucky enough, I will see them face to face or even meet them, talk to them.

" Bad Tina don't have too much expectation" my subconscious said.

"Why can't I. Anyway, we are going to meet them at fansign. Don't forget we have bought a ticket." I thought. So I will keep my expectations high. Firstly let's focus here.

After 10 minutes of waiting, they emerged from inside, looking like King's as always but there was someone missing. Of course, where the hell is my Oppa. Oh god, I should find him. I might get a chance to meet him.

Where he must have gone?? Oh, I got it, of course, washroom. Let's get on the mission-'Meet J.K'

I quickly took out my mask & wore it. I am not looking good enough to meet him. Oh, how can I forgot about my letter which I have written especially for him?

I reached the washroom, where he is supposed to be. After 2 minutes he came out & was going back. Oh god, he is going back, think Tina about something. Stop him. 'IDEA.'

"Excuse me" I called him. He turned around & he was also wearing a mask. Now you think about how can I recognise him. Of course, I am seeing since I was 16 & now I am 24, how can I not recognise him.

"Yes," he asked. I am dead. His voice is so sexy. Control Tina. I walked towards him. He is watching my every step carefully.

"You dropped this" I said handing him my letter. Yes, he hasn't dropped anything.

He took it & was analysing it. He looked at back & I have written 'UNFOLD IT' there.

"I am sorry, I think you are mistaken, this is not mine," he said & I don't know what took over me & I walked closed to him. He was not moving back. He must have thought that I was taking it back but I moved close to his ear & said, " This is yours. Saranghoo Oppa" & fastly moved back & kissed him through the mask. But as I touched his lips through his mask, I realised what have I done.

I backed up & looked into his eyes. His eyes are widened from shock. I quickly ran back, took my luggage from the waiting area. I took a Taxi & went to a hotel.

I checked in & went to my room. I must say it was very nice & the view from here is incredible. I took a shower & went to sleep. I know if I remained awake I will just think about J.K & I am meeting him tomorrow & I don't want circles under my eyes.

J.K's Pov

Our plane landed 5 minutes ago & I was very sleepy, so I was drinking coffee & accidentally spilt a bit on my t-shirt.

"Namjoon hyung I have spilt a bit of coffee on my t-shirt. I will go to the washroom." I said." Ok but be careful," he said & I went to the washroom. I cleaned my t-shirt & went outside. I was going back but suddenly I heard a soft voice, say

"Excuse me" I heard & turned around. There standing a girl with long black hairs & wearing a mask. I said," Yes" & she walked towards me. She is beautiful, I mean beautiful brown eyes, long silky black hairs, feminine figure.

"You dropped this" she said & handed me a folded paper. I saw a tattoo on her wrist, it says 'I purple you'(I💜U), so she is an army. I looked at the back of the paper. There is written 'UNFOLD IT.' It was not mine, so I said," I am sorry I think you are mistaken, this is not mine."

Suddenly she came close to me I thought she was taking letter back but instead of that she came close to my ear & said," This is yours. Saranghoo Oppa" before I can process what is happening she kissed me through mask & backed away & ran back. I saw her figure leaving & her black hairs bouncing.

I was shocked. She kissed me. Oh god, she took my first kiss. She took mine, J.K's first kiss & I let her.

"Well you did enjoy it even if it was for a second." my subconscious said.

Oh god, let's just go back. I can't handle the pressure. I went back & saw everyone was waiting for me.

"Where were you?? We thought you got lost again" says Hobi hyung, laughing. Everyone laughed at it except me." Has something happened J.K??" asked Suga hyung.

"Yes but I will tell you about it when we reach home," I said & they nodded. After an hour we reached home & I told them about her & the incident.

"Oh god this is hilarious, she took your first kiss & you let her, WOW" Tae said in an amusing tone." It all happened suddenly & before I can process anything she ran away" I defended.

"What do you wanna do now, file a police complaint about her taking your first kiss which was not a kiss because you were wearing a mask," said Jimin." You are so heartless, making fun of me even in this time" I said.

"Leave it Kookie" said namjoon hyung & I think he is right. It is just a trivial matter." Ok hyung" I said.

"So let's go eat & then sleep," said Jin hyung. We ate & then went back to our rooms. When I was changing my clothes, a paper fell down from my pocket. It was the letter that the girl gave me, so I decided to read it.

Dear Oppa,

I wrote this letter because I am sure that when I will face you there is no way that I will be able to utter a word. I love you & I know this is the most common thing for you because you are really outstanding. No one can stop itself to fall in love with you. Your songs helped me cheer up in my most hard days & I promise that I will love you till my death. For me BTS is the best thing in my life & I know BTS also loves army so it means you also love me & that is enough for me & if you ever read this letter than plz tell Namjoon that I respect him the most in this world, I feel luckiest to know about Jin, I like Suga for his maturity as well as his childishness, Hobi is the Light of my life, Jimin gives me strength, Taehyung is my favourite Kid & you are my life.


I am so touched by her love & respect towards us & decided to show this letter to everyone. I called everyone out.

"What is the matter J.K. Why did you call us urgently?? Namjoon hyung asked." The girl that I told you about today remembers she gave me a letter" I said.

"Yes, what about it??" Jin hyung asked." I read it & I think you all should know about what is written in it. So I wanted to read it to all of you." I said & they said ok.

I finished reading it they were all so happy." She is a true army. I hope I can meet her someday & thank her for her support & love towards us." Namjoon hyung said.

"I think we can meet her tomorrow " I said & everyone looked at me with a face saying 'HOW'.

"It is pretty simple. She is an army & tomorrow we have a fan meet. She will definitely come there because judging by her appearance she is not a Korean that means she will definitely come to fan meeting." I said.

"I agree with your theory but how will we recognise her??" Jimin asked.

"I saw a tattoo on her wrist. We can recognise her by that & because only I have seen the tattoo I will sit in the first seat so I can recognise her tell you all about it.

Tina's Pov

I woke up feeling refreshed. I am so happy that today my dream will come true. I will finally meet them. I quickly did my morning business, took bath & got dressed in a pair of jeans & crop top. I just applied lipstick & eyeliner. I ate my breakfast in a hurry & took a cab to the fan meet hall.

After an hour I reached my destination. I quickly paid the driver, showed the manager my ticket & went in. There was a long line of girls, only a handful of boys were present. I have expected it.

After half an hour, I was really near them. After 2 girls it will be my turn & I will meet the love of my life & dream came true fastly.

"Hi J.K. I am really a huge fan of yours. Can I have a handshake??" I asked." Of course, how can I say no to the army." we shook hands & he glanced at my wrist." Nice tattoo you got there," he said looking at my tattoo. I blushed at his comment.

"Thank you" I said & he leans towards Taehyung to say something, he looked at me & then said something to Jimin who was sitting next to him & like this they said something to each other.

After a bit more talk, he gave me the bracelet he was wearing & I swear to god that I was about to die because of that. After the event was finished, there was no limit of my happiness.

Everyone from the group gave me something but, of course, the bracelet given by J.K was the best. I will cherish all these things my whole life & I will wear the bracelet every day to remember that I gave my first kiss to the love of my life.

J.K's Pov

It has been an hour since the event started but she hasn't come yet. But I am sure she will definitely come here.

I saw a beautiful girl standing in front of me. She has beautiful black hair just like the girl yesterday. Could she be the one??

"Hi J.K. I am really a huge fan of yours. Can I have a handshake??" she said & even the voice was the same. I should just check her wrist to confirm & what can be a better way than a handshake.

"Of course, how can I say no to the army." I said & shook hands & then I noticed the tattoo. So she is the one." Nice tattoo you got there" I said & she blushed. Oh god, she is so adorable." Thank you" she said.

After that, I leaned towards Taehyung & said," She is the one" I said & he looked towards her & then told Jimin & just like that we all knew that she is the one.

We talked a bit more. I gave her my bracelet & she was so happy like a 5-year old kid got a candy. After that, she slowly meets with other members & just like that the girl who took my first kiss went away.


I hope you all will like this. This story just contains only one chapter.

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