My Undying Love For You

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After being together for two years, Brian and Lee are going to get married. But after getting a phone call from Brian the night before the wedding saying that he doesnt want to marry her, she's devastated over the news. And because of it she almost committe suicide. Along with Brian because of the evens before. That is until Luke Hampshire, a rich burnette boy moves into town. And he instantly galls in love with Lee. At this sight, Brian gets overwelmed with jealousy. Will brian let Lee go and live her life or will he take her all to himself?

Romance / Fantasy
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You never know what a word can do to someone. How a small sentence can change someone's life, someone's future. How all the hateful words can ruin how they see the rest of the world. It could lead to depression, cutting, and even suicide. But who would have thought that losing your fiance the day before your wedding could turn into a love-hate tragic love story.

"So where are we headed to now, Brian?" Lee asked her boyfriend, Brian, as they walked along the beach on a late Friday evening. He looked over at Lee as he squeezed her hand passionately, smiling.

"Well," he said waving his hand around him. "Here." Lee looked around her as she let out a small gap at the scenery around her. There were about a dozen palm trees. Sure, Florida had about a million, but these were beyond words itself. They were more majestic and more beautiful than any of the palm trees that she's more used to. The leaves glimmered a light green, pink and yellow. The sky was like a painting that an artist hung in the sky for all to veiw. Vibrant blues, purples, greens, and yellows. It was magnificent.

"Its," Lee breathed through her lips. "Perfect." Lee let go of Brian's hand as she took off her sandles and treaded into the water until the water stopped just above her knees. Brian watcher her as she talked to him about nothing in particular. He smiled at her, but not out of happiness or admiration. But out of self hate and revenge because of what happened with his ex. Because he plan was going along perfectly.

Brian was at home working on some work assignments when his phone went off. He looked over at it to see that it was Izzy, his girlfriend. He smiled to himself as he happily answered it right away. But this wasn't the kind of call he was hoping for. Instead, he could hear, noises. Moans. Was this a mistake, he wondered as the noises continued, sounding more deliberate and louder.

"Iz, are you alright? What's going on?" He murmered through the phone as his teeth grittes in anger. He knew exactly what was happening. His so-called girlfriend was cheating on him with some guy, just before the wedding. It was a little suspicious that she never wanted to move in but he just assumed that it was because she wasn't ready for that big step yet. But now he finally understood. It was because then she'd have no way in sneaking guys into her house without him knowing. They've been dating for a good year and three months till he finally poped the question and asked her to marry him. And she immediately said "yes." And here they where, in two different houses, the day before their wedding and she's lying with someone else having sex.

"Baby, stop he's on the phone," she said loud enough for him to pick up the words. "Hey, sorry to call you so late. I must have butt-dialed you. I'm sorry," she said lying right through her teeth.

"Seriously, 'sorry?' " he said pratically yelling though the phone. "You deliberate called me when you're fucking around with some guy. Not to mention right before our wedding."

"Wait you guys are getting married tomorrow?" The other guy asked, clearly confused and had no idea of what was going on between the two people. Brian could hear his frustration as he got up, with Izzy begging him not to go. Eventually, it went silent, assuming the two continued their argument in another room. A few minutes passed before Izzy came back and picked up the phone.

"Seriously? What the hell! You know, I guess I'm just be blunt with you and I'll only say this once. I've been cheating on you for the past few months, okay. Because you and I have just been falling apart. And we couldn't fix it. I was going to tell you sooner but," she paused waiting for a reaction, but he couldn't say anything. He was too upset and shocked, and his tears kept coming and he lost his voice that he had a minute ago. Then she continued, "then you proposed and I didn't want to let you down or say why I didn't want to marry you. Look, Brian, your a nice guy and all but we just weren't meant to be. I'm sorry." The phone when silent as she hung up. The thing about life is when you get hit with reality too hard and too fast. Everything that Izzy and him did came back. Their first date, their first arguement, their first kiss, and the first time they had sex. It came in a wave of emotions, hurt and pain. And just like that, it was gone, and it was replaced with anger. He picked his phone back up and dialed in a number, and held the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" A girl said from the other end of the phone.

"Hey Lee," Brian said, sniffing. Lee was Izzy's younger cousin who he's known since they were kids. But this was nothing to him since all he wanted was to get revenge on Izzy for playing his heart. He wanted to ruin her life, starting with her favorite cousin.

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