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Life as a butler

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A handsome young man named Victor Blake gets taken off the streets of London in 1845 by a wealthy family and becomes a butler to the family, all is great but he has fallen in love with Mary Cooper the daughter of the family which is forbidden as she is a wealthy lady and Victor is a poor man but what will happen when they find out that he’s a vampire and what will he do next? Will Victor confess his love for her or will he keep his feelings locked away? Even though Victor has his own secrets, he was not prepared of the secrets that the family have! This is one out of three books 1/3 life as a Butler 2/3 life as a poor man 3/3 life as a vampire

Romance / Mystery
Skyler Reading
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Found chapter 1

It was a cold and rainy night on the streets of London 1845, I was cold, hungry and had no money, i scavenged for food and found a couple of rats, not a very good meal but It will have to do for now.

I sat on the street wondering what I’ll do now and where shall I go next, I've been To so many towns changing my identity as I've searched for my family for to long that I wonder what is the point, for all I know they might not be around anymore.

I searched for my family after that incident Long ago we got separated and lost, I don’t even know if there still alive but what is the point anymore!

I felt very weak as I sat there thinking of what to do next tearing up as I curled up into a ball, when suddenly it stopped raining, I looked up to see a very wealthy looking man dressed up very nicely approached me With his umbrella above me “want a job?” The man asked “yes.....sir!” I replied nervously, he smiled as he held his hand out “come with me young man, you’ll work for me” he said in a happy tone.

This man seems to be really wealthy I thought to myself as I eyed him up and down looking at the expensive material he’s wearing, He had blond hair and blue eyes but I wonder, why would a wealthy man like him want to help someone from the streets?

I stood up and slowly followed him as he then placed his arm around me and the umbrella over us “I know it might be hard for you to believe but I one’s used to be poor” the man said, I guess this is why he’s helping me as he knows the struggles I guess, but why me?

“What is your name young man?” The man asked me, their is something about this man that I can’t seem to put my finger on but he seems kind and caring “V..Victor sir...Victor Blake” I replied as I tensed up since I don’t like to give my name so easily to strangers.

“My name is Mr Smith Cooper, you’ll serve my family and I as a our Butler” Smith said with a pat on the back and a smile on his face “thank you very much” I replied as Most of my life I’ve been going from town to town finding it difficult to find work.

I was happy to be taken in but I felt guilty as I’ve got a dark secret and I’m afraid that someone will find out, This is going to be difficult but I don’t have much of a choice, I know I shouldn’t say anything to anyone but I feel like this man would understand me but I don’t know why?

We walked for a little bit “umm I feel like I should meant this just so you know, I have a......skin condition so I find it difficult being in sunlight..” said nervously as I needed to think of something since I’m going to be working with Smith and the family.

He looked puzzled “that’s very strange, what kind of condition is that?” Smith asked “urrr...it’s a rare condition so there is no name for it....” I said in the hopes that he wasn’t going to ask anymore questions “mmmm, I suppose we can work around that” he said thinking of what to do.

I got a little worried there but I’m glad he didn’t ask Anymore questions I thought to myself as I sighed in relief, we got to a rich area with a load of big houses, I felt very out of place as we walked down the street, I looked around at each house “wow....” I said I can’t believe people can afford to live in a place like this.

My family and I lived in a big Wealthy house but now where near as big as this but I don’t remember to much as I was only a child, we got the smith’s house, I stood there as I was amazed by how big and wonderful the house looked “come and meet the family victor” Smith said as he opened the big door in front of us.

I stayed quiet as I walked into the house as I wondered how many people live here, I looked at all the Oil painting and statues that was in the hallway we walked on this lovely carpet as Smith was telling me about the family “you are going to love my family, my daughter looks roughly the same age as you, mind if I ask to how old you are?” Smith asked out of curiosity.

I nervously started to sweat a little “I’m...urr...25!” I said stuttering a little since I didn’t want to tell him my real age “brilliant my daughter is 24, you to will get along well but not to well I hope” Smith chuckled giving my a slap on the back, I started to feel anxious and just nervously laughed with him.

The walls were a lovely warm red colour And in front at the end of the hallway there had a large staircase and there were decorative plasterwork on the skirting boards and ceiling, it was amazing with so much detail.

We finally got to the dining room where the family were sat at a big table and I was given a towel to dry myself off “let me introduce you to my family, this is my lovely wife Helen, my son Taylor and my sweet daughter Mary” he said as he went to them one by one “everyone this is Victor Blake he will be our butler” Smith announcement to everyone and at that moment Mary’s eyes met mine and I felt like a spark just happened.

I began to feel more nervous than I already was “right before I say anything else I’d like to say that something will have to change, so from what Victor has said to me, so it seems that Victor has a skin condition that gets affected by the sun, so in order to help him we will have to curtains closed” Smith announced which made me happy to hear that he was trying to help me but had also made me feel embarrassed.

I looked at the family Helen Looked middle aged had brown hair and brown eyes, she was very well dressed and acted like a very well mannered woman.

Taylor Looks around 15 also brown hair and blue eyes, he seems very quiet but also sad like he didn’t want to be there, I felt bad for him as I imagine he’s not able to talk to someone how he feels.

And Mary, she looked different from the rest of her family she had black Long hair and green eyes, she gave off a adventurous vibe and didn’t seem to ladylike compared to her mother but still well mannered, her smiling at me made my heart flutter.

It took me a second to get back to reality after I observed the family “so Victor tell us a bit about yourself“ Smith asked as he asked me to sit Down, I got that nervous feeling as I’d like to keep myself to myself.

It was to short notice to make up a story “I would rather not, I’m not a very interesting person” I laughed nervously trying to think of a way out of this conversation without being rude “I’m sure you an interesting person but I suppose we have just met, why don’t we show you around and get some food in you and then you can bath before bed, how does that sound?” Smith asked “that would be great thank you sir” I replied politely as we got out of our chairs.

Smith firstly showed me to where I’d be staying “this will be your room, I hope it will be to your liking” Smith said opening the door, the room was a little small But it still looked to much for a butler as I was expecting to be sleep in attic or something like that.

So I was very surprised to have a comfy bed and a lovely desk “I know some people may say this is a bit much for a butler but I can tell you have had a tough life and I think you deserve a break from it” Smith said with a warm smile, I felt very touched by this as I feel so grateful to have a nice place to sleep, so much better then sleeping on the cold damp streets.

“Thank you so much sir” I said as I looked around “right shall we have a look around the rest of the house shall we?” Smith said leading the way.

Down all the halls there was silk drapes across the tall windows, Smith gave me a long tour showing me the living room, kitchen, some of the rooms, library, ball room, art room and garden “not like you’d be spending much of my time the the garden” smith chucked, he also showed me the dinner room, wine cellar and pantry as this is where I’d be spending most of my time.

Smith also introduced me to some of the staff that I will be working with “right I think that will be enough for today why don’t you go to the kitchen and help your to some food and then bed, we can discuss more about your job roll tomorrow when your well rested” Smith said as he left me to join his family.

The staff left me in the kitchen and my first impression of the other staff they seem very plain and didn’t seem to talk much, I personally thought it was a bit weird but it’s not my business.

I had a look as I tried to find something in the kitchen, I noticed that there was a big slab of meat that was still fresh and filled with blood, it’s not what I would prefer but it’s better then nothing.

I drank the blood “eww this tastes really bad” I said after drinking but I was to weak and thirsty to care that much, I wiped my mould before heading off to bath and bed.

As I was walking to my new room I walked past the art room and saw Mary painting on a very large canvas, I looked at the painting but couldn’t tell what it was as it is incomplete, she looked happy and full of life, she looked amazing with a smile on her face, she turned her head as she had noticed me standing there and Gentle smiled at me, she waved me goodnight as I shyly waved back.

I went off to bed and as I lay there I wondered why Smith chose me out of all the people who are on the streets, even tho Smith took me in I still feel uneasy, there’s just something about him but I can’t put my finger on what it is, I just hope he doesn’t find out that I’m a vampire.

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