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All her life, Lindsay was verbally abused. Her mother, Marilyn, always calls her a bad child or scolds her for unnecessary things or threatens to beat her ass over something irrelevant. Well, Lindsay has had enough. On a crisp fall morning while Lindsay's getting ready for school her mother decides to strike.

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Chapter 1: how you like it

All her life, Lindsay was verbally abused. Her mother, Marilyn, always calls her a bad child or scolds her for unnecessary things or threatens to beat her ass over something irrelevant. Well, Lindsay has had enough. On a crisp fall morning while Lindsay’s getting ready for school her mother decides to strike.

please be gentle and give me constructive criticism. this is my first book. -aniece001

“LINDSAY” my mother cried. “GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE”

“COMING” I yell back. I put my flower vans on and turned my room light off as I walked to the living room. My moms lying down on my brother’s air mattress. “What is this?” she says pointing to the stack of clothes next to her. “You clothes” I had folded 4 loads of laundry last night while she just sat there laying down. I swear shes fucking lazy. “So you’re just gonna leave this right there.” “yea i folded the laundry so i’m not putting it away. That’s all your guys clothes so you can put them away.″ She gives me a look that says ‘oh really’. “So you’re going to sit here and tell me what to do now. Is that what you’re sitting here telling me.”

I don’t understand why she can’t just go but them away herself.

“Pick them up and put them in the basket in my room” i go to grab the clothes. Bitch doesn’t do anything but has the audacity to talk about me being lazy. You see we don’t have a lot of money, but the money we do have is given by the state. Now that the state stopped paying people for unemployment we are running out of money. She refuses to get a job and instead spends $60 dollars on weed when we don’t even have furniture. I swear if I didn’t have brothers I’d run away to my auntie.

After I pick up the clothes I walk to her room. Her beds deflate because of a hole and she blames everyone but herself when it’s her bed and she’s the only one in here. I put the clothes next to the basket. She’s literally never putting these clothes away. She’s probably going to make me or my brother do it.

I go back to the bathroom to finish doing my morning routine. As I’m brushing my hair she comes to watch my cat use the restroom by the door. “That’s just nasty you to go sit her and poop next to each other.” She silently scolds me for not getting my underwear basket for the new kitten. “If someone would have just listened to me they wouldn’t be sharing” Marilyn says. She sitting her acting like if they really had a problem with sharing a toilet they would be peeing at the same time. Like bitch is dumb. I internally have a battle on whether or not I should tell her off but decide no to.

When I’m finished with my hygiene I go to make my bed. I have a super soft baby blue blanket and another blanket to use because i like to lay on the blue one. After i make my bed, i feed me and my brothers cats. I swear I’m going to look like Edward scissor hands gave me a hug.

When I’m done with that my mother calls me again. She’s still in the same spot as last time. “Did you put those clothes on the basket.” she asked. “No. The basket was too full so I put it next to it,” I replied. “Did I say next to the basket or did I say on the basket?” she asked. I don’t know why she asked if I didn’t give her the answer she wanted, even if her answers were wrong, she’s going to get angry.

“on the basket” I replied while, internally, calling her a bitch.

“Alright go fix it.”

As i walk away i show some annoyance on my face. Usually i just look brain dead. She makes me so angry. I just wish there was something I could do. I’ve thought about emancipation before but I never actually looked it up because she’s always being nice to me after but not this past week. No not anymore. The next time she does some bullshit ass “oh really” or “shut the fuck up” I'm going to deck her in the fucking face. I’m nobody’s punching bag.

When I move the clothes over to the basket and walk out the bedroom door. I have to fucking pee. On my way to the bathroom, I see my mother speed walking down the hall. With a red belt in her hand. I’m not scared for myself. I’m scared for my brothers. And peeing on myself. “Rolling your fucking eyes at me. Lost your damn mind.” she goes to strike me. The first time i wasn’t expecting it and pulled away. But the second time the belt hit my left thigh and I almost pissed myself from the pain. I try not to think about the pain and not pissing on myself. She gets in my face but all I’m worried about is going to the restroom. When she’s done yelling at me I snap out of it.

I feel this strength inside of me that makes me forget about my overflowing bladder and the fact that she just smacked me with a belt for “rolling my eyes at her” and i have had enough. As she walks away i shove her into the wall and snatch the belt from her. This is the last time she’ll do this shit to me or my siblings. Normally I don’t do violence but I couldn’t stop myself as I struck her in the same spot she did me. “How do you like that huh. Does it feel good” when I calm down I run to my room and grab whatever clothes I can see and stuff it into my favorite book back. I then grab my kitten and my brothers kitten, my phone, and school bag and tell my brothers to grab their shit and, while my mother is still in shock, we walk toward the bus station.

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