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chapter 2: umm, sure

Good thing my brother was paying me to do his dishes. Because bus tickets aren’t cheap. “Lindsay what are we doing?” asked my smallest brother Tyler. “We’re going away from mom. It’s not safe. “Lindsay, where are we going to go?” asked my other brother Daniels. Tyler’s 8 and Daniels 11. Good thing I grabbed my phone cause I don’t know the number by heart. “ummm, i’m going to ask auntie if she can send us some money and then i’m going to find a job and hopefully get emancipated.” My auntie got 3 kids and my grandma has too much going on to be worried about me and my brothers. Glad my sisters are with their dads. I’ll take care of them.

“Next bus arriving in 20 minutes-blah blah blah” could be heard over the intercom. “Alright boys grab you stuff. The bus is almost here.” We grab our stuff and head to the platform. Good thing we can travel light. “Lindsay, i have to use the bathroom.” cries Tyler. I look at the clock counting the minutes until the bus arrives. 15 minutes “ ummm. Alright but we have to be quick okay. Daniel went to while we were there” we went to find the bathroom and found it 3 minuets later. 12 minuets “alright go ahead boys i’ll wait right here. Hurry up. Don’t make me come and get you” they lightly giggle. As I’m waiting and brainstorming a way for us to survive, I don’t realize the man that comes up behind me.

He grabs my forearm and tries to pull me towards a door off to the side. I try to get out of his hold but i can’t. He’s too strong. “Let me go. You’re hurting me” this weakens his grip a tiny bit and I take that chance to stop a little and when he turns to see what’s going on I kick him straight in the balls. When he goes to cup himself I run back towards the bathroom. When I’m halfway there I feel hands on my waist lifting me up over the guy’s shoulder. I start to holler but no one seems to notice.

Then I saw him. He had to have been 16 or 17 and was running over to the man. He had rich dark brown hair and had the most beautiful gray eyes i had ever seen.. He was maybe 6’5 and was built like a tank. Good god. Once he reached the man he punched him in the gut. He helped me off the guy then went back to beating the shit out of him. When the mystery guy was done with beating the guy up he leaned in closer to my almost kidnapper and whispered something I couldn’t hear. Then just like that the guy was gone. “Are you alright” the mystery guy asked me. It took me a minute to realize he was talking to me. “Oh um yeah i’m fine thank you….” I trailed off not knowing his name.

“It’s Enzo and you are?”

“Lindsay nice to meet you” I stretched my hand for him to shake but instead he kissed it. Butterflies erupted in my stomach. I hear a throat clear. I turn to see my brothers standing next to the bathroom. “You said you were going to wait right there.” Tyler says pointing to the spot 3 feet away from me. “Umm yea sorry babe i-um nothing i just got distracted.” I told him I was not sure if I should tell him about the kidnapper. “Um oh this is Enzo and we were just having a conversation.” “sure a conversation, more like kissing session ″ Daniels says making kissing impressions. Or trying. You can tell the boys never kissed anything. I hear a chuckle from Enzo’s direction. “I wouldn’t kiss your sister endless she wanted me to” he says glancing at me out of the corner of his eyes.

“10 minuets until the next bus arrives” “shit we have to go it was nice meeting you Enzo” i say as i go to leave. “Wait where are you headed?” Enzo asked me to walk up to me and my brothers. “ um I don’t really know just anywhere but here. Why?” “Well I’m not going anywhere in particular anyways so we could just go together, if you like i mean.” did i just hear correctly. He , this courageous guy, wants to go with me, a plain jane. Hells yea. “Umm sure yes I don’t see why not.”

We walk up to the bus lady who gives you the ticket. “So where are you guys thinking. Iowa? Nebraska? Missouri? Washington?” ask enzo. I look to my brothers. “Don’t look at me. I don’t know any of those places.” Daniel's says. We all laugh. “Alright what about Washington I’ve always wanted to go there and that's where I'm going to college so we might as well live there.″ I say looking between all of us. “Yay we get to go live there. Wait isn’t that where the white house is?” Tyler asks “yea” replies Enzo. I like how he just adapted to our little family.

Alright Washington it is. I walk up to the lady. “4 tickets to Washington please”

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