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One Night Only

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The life of a woman; Amina Price, who only knew the lifestyle of the open, riches and the pain of trying to survive whilst drowning in the deep end of a never ending hole. What happens when she's reborn and introduced to a world that she never thought she'd be born into? trigger warning: this book contains scenes of eating disorders, body image, etc.

Romance / Drama
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The Beginning.

"They're ready for you."

Staring into the mirror, Amina blew out a breath and slowly stood up. Her makeup was flawlessly done with a natural, glossy look and her hair was curled into body waves, cascading down her back. With confidence, she fixed her posture and walked towards the window where the pictures were being taken.

"Alright, Amina, we're ready for you."

Slowly, she gripped the ends of her robe and pulled it off, then handed it towards her mother. Her brown skin was glowing underneath the sun that shined through the window and her heart accelerated with the loud beat of the R&B music playing in the background.

Amina tilted her head up as she stood in front of the camera and completed different poses in the span of a minute. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and made sure to shoot her signature sexy expression into the camera. She'd done this a million times and knew that sexy was what they were always going to be looking for.

"Alright, can we get the rest of the girls in here?"

Amina watched as the rest of the models headed into the lime light beside her. Instantly, she made sure her posture was at its best to stand out from the other women, but they were already ahead with their pale skin tones and light hair. Most of the women were lighter skin tones while Amina and another model were of darker skin tones.

But it wasn't rare. She'd been modelling for years and knew what she had to do.

She had to shine. She had to work hard and outshine the other to get where she needed to be.

"Amina, can we have you two standing at the far side, please?"

Her stomach fell to the pit of her feet and her fingers became sweaty, tapping against her naked thighs. Snapping out of her daze, she nodded and made sure she was in position at the far side. Leaning against one of the women who was a red head with beautiful freckles all over her body, she looked at the camera. Her mood had faltered and all she wanted to do was crawl into her bed, sleep and eat.

Oh, the sound of a burger and fries was calling her. She hadn't eaten an entire meal in so long.

"We'll take a quick five minute break, please make sure you're not eating anything too heavy. We wouldn't want that." The director yelled out.

She didn't mean it. She didn't mean it when she told Amina that there was going to be diversity. She'd lied just to get Amina to shoot for the magazine, but it was too late to back out. Amina couldn't when there were so many important people there that she would love to work with later on.

Quickly, she grabbed her robe and tied it around her body tightly. She plopped into her chair in front of the mirror and looked at her mother who was eating something fresh out of a fast food restaurant.

"You want some?"

Amina shook her head and looked into the mirror. "I'm not hungry." She lied, ignoring the grumbling of her stomach. Her mother looked at her curiously and shrugged her off. She crossed her legs tightly and continued eating at the food in front of her. She hadn't noticed the light drool trailing from Amina's mouth.

She didn't notice anything.

Her eyes were trailed onto her reflection as she watched a plethora of artists work on her. A few minutes later, she stood up and looked down at her mother with a slight smile.

"It's show time."

A stoic expression was displayed on Micah's face as he watched a wad of clothing being thrown around the room. He eyed his girlfriend as she rushed around the room, throwing everything into her suitcases.

"I said I needed a break, I didn't say that you had to leave." He mumbled, running his hands over his beard. He leaned against the wall and watched her light caramel toned face turn red as she zipped her suitcase up and placed it onto the floor.

"A break means that we're broken up for now. Everybody fucking knows that." His girlfriend; Alissa yelled out.

"You said you needed a break, too!" He stretched his arms up with disbelief. All he remembered was Alissa coming home from work and telling him that they weren't at the same headspace that they'd been at before. He'd agreed, knowing that he wouldn't be able to continue a constant relationship if he was trying to recover from his recent injury.

She was right. They weren't at the same headspace and it took him a while to realize that.

"Where are you going?" Micah asked. His dark brown eyes casted on his long term girlfriend as she looked out the window and grabbed her belongings.

"My parents' place." Alissa stood in front of him and bit her lips. "Maybe everything would be right when you get back from Jamaica."

"It will." He assured her.

He loved Alissa. He was in love with her and had been in love with her since they'd gotten together five years ago. She'd been the lift that stayed by him throughout his career. The one that encouraged him and stood by him when he'd open up to her about his life changing experience. She was there for everything including when he'd gotten injured.

He came home to her and seen his helpful she was— how she would give up almost everything to tend to him and try to get him back on his feet. Alissa was there, she's always be there, but they just needed a break.

"Bye." She brushed past him and headed out of their large house. He looked out the window and watched as she slipped into her best friends car and drove off, disappearing into the night.

Slowly, he limped towards the bed and got under the covers. His hand grasped the beer in his hand as he watched the highlights to the recent football games.

Leaning against the headboard, his eyes faltered towards the calendar in his room where he was counting the days off until his vacation trip.

He hoped that the trip would be the one thing that would help balance him. He hoped that the trip would bring him the peace and calmness that he lacked from his everyday life.

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