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Lainey has always liked writing in her diary. But she writes some disturbing facts, Lainey Ricks always thought she was depressed after she lost her best friend "Jenny" due to heart failure. "Best friend" Lainey was always a school bully after her dad left when she was young. More like popular girl ...

Romance / Adventure
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August , 14, 2008.

I pulled out my pen and began writing in my diary before the teacher entered class. "Dear diary, page 1,009. As always. That nerd boy always trys to invite me to his garden, bleh. I mean... He's kinda cute, imagine a Tall Male standing over you with Jet black hair , Glasses , and Teal blue eyes. I mean come on!"

I stared at the teacher as she entered the room, with a grumpy look on her face, and in a raggedy voice she shouted at us. "WHO DID THEIR HOMEWORK!?!" I quickly closed my diary and dropped my pen on the floor , of course, like every story tale, it landed under the Nerd boy's foot. Bleh, gross.

He looked at my pen and knew directly whos it was. He handed it to me while smiling. . "I'm sure this is yours, Lainey." I quickly snatched it out of his hand. "Shutup..!"

The teacher looked at me and Tanner and shouted at us! "THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO FLIRT YOU TWO!" And god knows she was lying... He wouldn't dare flirt with me! R-right?

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