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Tahira POV

I laid down on the couch, placing the file on the table, and closed my eyes. It was an exhausting day. I let out.

“Hey, why you look so dead?” Sadia came into the hallway.

“Because I am dead already,” I yell by turning my face to her and we both laughed.

“Okay, now you dead beauty get-up, I have a piece of exciting news.” Her eyes shining like a star in the night sky.

“Aha, tell me.” I raise my one eye-brow, resting my head comfortably on the pillow.

“Remember? I was requesting Mecy from the last few years about my interview.” She asks me.

“Of course, now go on, don’t stop.” I wink at her.

He said his Boss is ready to give me an interview on my Discovery channel on TV. I am hell excited about this you know; He owns a lot I mean a lot of illegal businesses around the world, it will go be fun to have this interview on my channel and also for my career too. She smiled by inhaling all the air in the room inside her lungs.

“Okay cool, and don’t you think it’s risky to talk about criminals in public Sadia”. I toned her.

“Oh, shut-up you dead creature.” She walks into the kitchen.

“Well, I need your favor for this interview, Tahira.” Her loud voice hit my ear-drums from the kitchen.

“Oh, my goodness, I am glad how can a dead creature would help you in this?”

“Please don’t say no, you are an advocate and he is a gangster entrepreneur. You can help me out more in terms of questions I should ask him.” She came to me with pleading eyes.

I can’t I have to visit my client tomorrow Sadia.” I am trying to convince her. Because I am not at all interested to meet this mafia person.

“Oh please, he will be here in the morning, you can continue from the 2nd half unless you don’t have to be in Court right!” Now she is also doing her best to convince me.

“Hmm, all right, you win this case.” I signed heavily. This interview is important for her, so I don’t want to make her upset because of a stranger.

“Thank you so much, though dinner is your duty, as a courtesy I will make you dinner tonight.” She hugs me immediately.

“Like seriously the man is not here still and I am getting the services on my door wow, I don’t know how his presence will going to affect my life further.” Now we both are laughing non-stop. I need to get fresh I came into my room.

Sadia has made the Lentil soup and a bowl of veg-rice for dinner. “Wow, it’s yummy.” I appreciated her cooking skills. After dinner, we are cleaning the kitchen and washing the crockery’s in the sink. So how long your boyfriend Mecy is working for this person? “I kept the glass carefully on the shelf above.”

“Hmm, I don’t remember, but he told me he might work for him for the last 5 years. It’s been great working with him that’s all he shared with me last time when I met him.” She is cleaning the kitchen platform.

“Huh, how it would be great working with a criminal?” I smirk, washing my hands.

“No, he is not a criminal Tahira.” She says.

“I think if a person is in something illegal or against the law then they recognized as criminals to society, isn’t it?” I ask her.

“He does business, any kind of business.” She defeated.

“Yet he is a gangster, not a businessman,” I smirk and head towards the bedroom.

“Okay girl, I am asking for your help as a friend and roommate, not as a lawyer do remember that.” She yells back.

“Yeah, I know, good night,” I yelled by closing the door behind me

I went on my bed under the blanket, opened my hair, and rested my body by staring at the window. It always feels so lonely here. I turned to the other side and hugged my blanket tightly. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I look at the photo of Jag & me on the side table of the bed. I think I am destined to live alone.

“I got a WhatsApp notification on my screen.” I opened the chat.

“Please don’t forget to make notes regarding the interview questions for tomorrow. Good night.” Sadia messaged me.

“Okay,” I replied

I set on my bed pull the drawer of my side table took my pen & diary. I have prepared a list of questions for him; I hope he would be comfortable answering all of them. I don’t understand why people choose the wrong path in life, must be they are not afraid about the place called HELL or they just love to waste their lives while messing others’ life as well for the sake of SIN. I already started thinking negatively about the person whom I have not even met yet.

I have pretty enough a bunch of questions that can easily get on his nerves tomorrow. My eyes felt heavy, I kept the note on the side and pull the blanket up. I don’t remember when I fall asleep.

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