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Aarav POV

Its been quite a long as Mecy has asked me about the interview his friend wants to schedule with me about my businesses. He told me she is a journalist and works for Discovery HD. I finished my dinner. Back in my cabin, I call Mecy, “I am ready to give an interview.” I look at him.

“Okay sir, thank you so much. I will inform her and will let you know the scheduled date, or I will call her here.”

“Where she lives?”

“Dhaka, Bangladesh.” He says.

“Cool, we are already going there next week so don’t bother her, I will be at her place.”

“Okay, sir.” He nods

“I have decided I am ready to shift LA.” Jay walks into the cabin

“Can we discuss this at home?” I ask

“I just want to share something…” He says

“Mecy you can leave,” I say

“Yes sir,” he nods and walks out of the cabin.

“Continue…” I look at Jay

“My bachelor’s is completed now, and I want to explore my career in music.” He says after a pause. “Uhh-yes this is my final decision” he confirms, though this is not the first time he shared this with me.

“Go home, for now, we will discuss this with mom and then I’ll let you know what we can do,” I say.

“Alright.” He left

The next week we left for Dhaka, I have a few meetings around the whole week and today I came to Mecy’s friend’s home. I step out of the car and walk into the place. As we step forward the door is opened already.

“Excuse me.” I let out as I saw her standing on the door, she looks busy with some files or documents.

“Oh yeah, sure I am sorry Mr.?” She paused, still busy in her file.

“Aarav Soni.” I introduce myself.

“Mr. Soni please come in.” She let out without looking at me and gave me a place to walk in. it makes me felt like how bad I am that she is not even interested to look at me for once, of course, she knows who I am. Well, the best I am! I smiled as I step forward.

Tahira POV

“Sadia I am leaving for the day,” I yell and sip my juice and ready to leave for my work.

“Are you insane? How could you forget about my interview?” She screamed back by walking down to the hallway.

“Oh-I am…I am sorry, I forget about it, yes I’ll go after your interview of course,” I assure her.

“Thanks, you just scared me.” She went in her room back and her cameraman is here till then.

“Good morning Tahira.” He greets me

“Good morning Imam.” I nod him with a smile.

“Are you looking for something?” Imam asks

“Yes I am looking for a file, I search around and it’s on the table near the entrance door.” I walk on and started checking the documents.

“Excuse me.” I heard him from my back.

“Oh yeah, sure I am sorry Mr.?” I pause

“Aarav Soni.” He says

“Mr. Soni please come in.” I didn’t look at him

“Hey, how are you?” I heard Mecy’s voice

“Hi, I am doing great.” I nod him and we walk towards the hall.

“Hello Mr. Aarav, Please have a seat.” Sadia welcome him.

“Hello, how are you doing?” He asks her by doing a handshake

“I am good, thank you for asking.” She smile

“Imam is everything ready?” Sadia asks

“Yes, all good to go!” He confirms

“Why are you standing, please have a seat.” Her eyes on me

“Hmm…okay” I nod and walk towards the other side of the couch. I watched his face, he doesn’t look like a gangster. He is wearing a black suit with a white inside shirt, his hairs are perfectly side combed, and he has a very sharp perfect jawline and small almond brown eyes that give him an Asian guy look. I must say, whatever the wrong things he does, his personality is capable enough to hide all that behind this gentleman look.

“So we are ready right?” Sadia asks Aarav for confirmation.

“Yes!” He says, god his eyes are so intense and intimidating.

“Hello I am Sadia Husain, & today I am going to interview on Discovery HD, one of the strongest people from the dark world around the globe.” Sadia as always confident in front of the camera as journalism runs through her blood, starts her interview.

“Mr. A welcome to our channel.” Sadia gave him the name Mr. A because we can’t reveal his identity, it’s against the contract of-course and his face is hidden with a black view on the screen.

“Thank you.” He nod

“Mr. A, Do you enjoy what you do?” Sadia ask

“All blessings are good.” He answers.

“Thus this means yes?” Sadia has to ask this extra question which I haven’t written down because he is not giving direct answers.

“Next question.” He says. I stared at him like dude she is taking the interview, you have to answer, how he could be so intimidating!

“Does it scares you?” Sadia asks

“Scares in which ways?” He ask her back

“The work you do is it tough?” Sadia is quick to question back

“No work is bread & butter.” He says calmly.

“Have you ever been to Jail?” Sadia asks, I am more interested in this question now.

“Want to taste that adventure!” He says with a smirk.

“How does it feel when you see your people die?” Sadia ask him and I know she is personally more concerned about this question because of Mecy.

“Sad.” He replies quickly.

“Do you think your work is a sin, and do you ever guilt about it?” Sadia asks

“We all break rules and we are guilty about that.” He says. I amuse he can’t compare his work with normal people’s work.

Tell me about your family and businesses how it all started?

“Business secrets are never meant to be revealed and I am a family person, I love my family most and this research you might have already done.” He says. I felt sad somewhere my heart ached as he has a family to look around and go back to at the end & I don’t.

“Are you scared of death?”

“Reality is often disappointing…!” He is quick to reply

“So this brings me down to the next question, we have heard many things about your cruel personality is all that real?”

“Thanks, and yes, I am the way I am.” He says with his calm & intimidating voice. There is a silence in the room for a while as we all look at each other and then Sadia started talking again, looking at the camera.

“It was nice to get you here Mr. A, thanks for your time and corporation. And you people out there stay tuned for our next interview till then Good night.” Sadia announced and the camera got cut.

“Please have some water Aarav.” She stood from her place and offer him a glass of water.

“Thank you.” He sips the water and kept the glass on the table and stood up in his place.

“We should leave now, good luck with your show.” He greets her with a handshake.

“Thank you so much.” Sadia smiles, he walked out of the place.”

“You girl, I will see you tonight.” I toned her while walking out. I wanted to talk with her but I am already late for the court so I grabbed my file and rush towards the door.

Hey All,

Do let me know, how this first improper meeting looks like, let’s see when the spark begins.

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