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Tahira POV

I step into the home. I see Sadia watching her interview which she has taken this morning, it frustrates me more now. I stare at her.

“What?” Sadia looks at me

“That is not something you call an interview, okay? I am so disappointed with your work today.” I shout out in anger

“It was an interview okay, why you are talking like that? You have given me all those questions remember girl?” She says calmly

“And what about the answers then? Tell me you think he has given you the proper answer?” I grinned in anger while pouring the water into my glass.

“Look, he is like that only, I can’t do anything with his personality okay, Mecy already told me. Aarav doesn’t like to talk much and he never owes any damn fucking explanation to anyone no matter whatever the fuck he does on the globe.” She scream in one breath.

“Fine, I am tired, let me get some fresh air.” I walk straight to my room.

While in the shower as warm water flash over my body, I can’t stop thinking about him. He was so calm, not even for once his voice got tensed or nervous is he really holds that much power? I know he is not doing something good but still, my heart wants to know more about him. I still remember his quite-wide devil smile, there is something in him that pulls me towards him so badly. I am lost in my thoughts.

There is an utter silence on the dinner table at night, I sip water and look at her face. She looks busy on her phone.

“Hmm-uh.” I cough.

“Yes say.” Sadia looks at me.

“So he has a family, I mean he told you that he loves his family a lot so…..” I felt a lack of words and pause.

“Yes, he lives with his family in Kathmandu, also that’s where Mecy lives so I know that much only.” She shares.

“Alright, sounds cool.” I smile

“Aren’t you mad at him from the morning?” Sadia asks

“Oh no, not at all, I mean yeah I got a bit frustrated by his answers but then, it’s non-of my business so I am just glad he has a normal life like normal peoples like us, interesting isn’t it!” I tried my best to not look or sound desperate while talking about him & I guess, I am pretty successful in that as per her lack of interest in my talk.

“Cool, now good night.” She greets me as she walks inside her room.

After washing crockery’s all alone today, I jump on my bed, I went into my Instagram which I rarely do, and before I can understand what my fingers are typing down, his profile is already on my screen Aarav Soni- Miles to go before I sleep. This man has so many deep meanings in whatever the fuck he says, thinks, & writes down. I started looking into his account as it is a public account.

I saw his post, in many, it looks like he travels a lot. There is a girl also in his few post they do look similar because of their Asian look and almond eyes. He also tagged her in many posts, as I can’t control my fingers today I simply went into her profile as well but she has kept the profile private. So, to my disappointment, I am not able to stalk her online. But I felt happy by watching her account as Vedhika Soni- Living the Dream Life. This means she is might be her relative or I guess a sister. My back ached as I put down my phone and went under the sheets and fall asleep.

Aarav POV

“I was at the court talking to someone and heard her voice behind me.” I turn around to look at her.

Mr. Soni, are you here for your adventure trip? “I think she did a sarcasm to me.

“Hello, so you are a lawyer!” I smile.

“Oh no, I have participated in a college drama so, just working on that.” She gave me a fake smile but her pink lips are simply beautiful.

“Of course, I am an advocate Mr. Soni.” She confirms.

“Okay, I mean that’s great and yeah I am here for some work.” Now, this is strange, I don’t know why I am sharing here the things. A man came from behind and said something to her ear, I can see her expression is getting change. I raise my eyebrow.

“I have to go to my hearing, see you in a while, Mr. Soni.” She said in a hurry.

“Is there any reason to meet again Ms. Lawyer?” I ask her genuinely

“Ah…hmm no I mean…..” She just walks on with a blank face.

I smiled by realizing she doesn’t know why she said that statement. I went to talk with my person back who was already waiting for me with his lawyer. After 4 hours I again heard her voice as she came and sit near me on the bench. I look at her.

“Oh, you are waiting for someone I guess.” She says

“Yes, I wonder what took you so long,” I ask

“What? Wait, does it mean you are waiting for me here for the last 3-4 hours?” She frowns.

“Yes, and also my work is still not done, so Ms. Lawyer…” She cut me off

“Tahira.” She says.

“Tahira?” I ask.

“Tahira.” She repeats

“Hmm, Tahira Ibrahim or Tahira Husain?” I ask

“Tahira that’s it.” She confirms coldly.

“Alright, Tahira.” I smile

“Well, it’s nice to see you again Mr. Soni. I have to go now.” She smiled and walked away.

“Yes same here, take care Tahira.” I smile back.

Somewhere I know her smile was not real, I have seen the awkwardness on her face this time. Why it feels like I have hurt her indirectly. Thoughts running inside my mind.

“Sir, she was Tahira Jag before, but now she is divorced.” Another lawyer informed me.

“What? I mean she is too young for a marriage I think, and already divorced.” I ask

“Well, she is a nice girl and a good helpful lawyer also sir.” He shares

“Yes, I believe she is.” I indeed.

I should not ask her about that name thing, I think I need to apologize. I thought while getting back into my car.

Now, this is complex. I have never been around a woman before. The only woman I have spent my time with are hookers, and that also only to fulfill my basic human desires. In short, I don’t have any idea how to apologize to her?

Hello people,

How he will apologies to her. Let see. She has already started affecting his thinking. Isn’t it interesting!

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