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His name was Jamie and Carlotte never forgot him. ~~~~ When fate reunites two childhood best friends after 12 years of being apart things are bound to get interesting.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

12 years ago

“Carlotte?” I hugged my tear soaked pillow tighter and ignored him.

“Come on Lottie, this is important” he pleaded. After the silence stretched between us for another minute he sighed and sat next to me on the bed.

“I got adopted.” He said. I still didn’t reply as more tears streamed down my face.

“Carlotte please, I’m leaving tomorrow I don’t want you to be angry at me when I leave. “ I snapped and turned to him as sobs took over my small body.

“You promised you wouldn’t leave me alone, Jamie! You promised!” I was an angry sniffling sobbing mess

Through my blurry vision I could tell he looked sad.

“ I know Carlotte, I know, but this is good. Remember how we always talked about getting adopted and dreaming about having a mom and a dad? It’s happening for me Lottie.”

“You promised you wouldn’t leave me and now you are. I hate you!” I stood up and ran to the door. I was almost out when he pulled me into a hug from behind.

“Let me go you liar! I hate you Jamie. Let me go!”

“I’m sorry lottie, I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll visit you all the time. I’m not leaving you. We’ll still always see each other. Please don’t cry.” Jamie held me in place as I put up a fight in his arms.

“I don’t believe you, you lied before and you’ll do it again.” I yelled as I continued to struggle against his back.

“I won’t, I swear I’m not leaving you. You’re my best friend. I promise I’ll always visit. You won’t even know I’m gone.” He said firmly.

After another minute of me struggling he spoke again.

“Carlotte, please” he pleaded with me.

I calmed down slightly contemplating what he just said. If I would still see him then he’s not breaking his promise we’ll still be able to play together and he’ll still be my best friend. I sniffled as my tears slowed down and turned to look at him

“You promise?” I asked hopefully. Jamie’s green eyes looked back at my blue ones and determined look crossed his face before he noded.

“I promise lottie, we’ll still be best friends no matter what.” After a couple of seconds I nodded my head.

“Okay, but you have to pinky promise me, so you can’t ever break that promise.” I said. He laughed and stretched out his pinky to connect it to mine.

“I pinky promise you Carlotte that I’ll never forget you and we’ll always be best friends.” Then we hugged and we were back to normal.

The next day Jamie left at noon. I still cried my eyes out and begged him not to go because I didn’t want him to leave. I know he promised that he’d come back, but I didn’t want him to leave. When he was about to leave get into the car. I broke free from Nonna’s arms and ran towards him.

“Jamie! wait!” I dove right into him and hugged him tightly as I continued to sob. Jamie hugged me back just as tight.

“It’s okay Carlotte, stop crying.” I pulled back slightly and craned my neck to look up at him. He had a toothy smile on his face. I always hated how tall he was, my head only reached his shoulder, so he always used that to tease me and call me short.

“I’m going to miss you, Jamie” I said sniffling. His features softened slightly, but he was still smiling brightly.

“You don’t have to miss me silly, remember what I told you? I’ll come and visit all the time.” His new parents were standing to the side watching us as was Nonna.

“But I don’t want you to leave.” I said

“I know, but it’ll be okay.” He said

Nonna came and pulled me back next to her as Jamie climbed into the car with his new parents. As the car grew smaller down the street his head popped out of the window.

“Don’t forget about me, Carlotte!” He shouted loudly with a grin on his face.

“ I won’t!” I shouted back.


Present day

I don’t know if he heard me because by then the car was already down the street and turning the corner, but it’s safe to say that I never did forget Jamie.

I wiped the tear that had escaped my eye and looked at the picture of Jamie and I on my 10th birthday one last time.

This was the last picture we took together before Jamie was adopted a year later. He had his arm around my shoulder and we were both grinning at the camera with my Disney princess cake infront of me. We were both wearing birthday party hats although his was very slanted to the side almost falling off his head. He had his fingers behind my head probably trying to give me bunny ears, but my hat covered it in the picture.

I chuckled at his antics before I put the picture back in the box with the rest of my memories of Allison Belvar’s home for orphaned kids.

I never did see Jamie again after he was adopted. I waited, but he never came. After a year of waiting and getting told by the other kids that he’s gone. I realized that he really was gone. Jamie wasn’t coming back for me, he had a life of his own and my heart broke . Two years after Jamie left I was adopted by a lovely couple. The Langford’s. Tom was a business man in the rising and Beatrice was a designer, also in the rising. They had adopted before, but their daughter was all grown up and in university.

I guess they felt lonely, but I was thankful for them never the less. Three years after they’d adopted me their business bloomed and they became some of the most successful people in the city.

A knock sounded from my bedroom door before my mother came in. I quickly closed the box and wiped my eyes to make sure no other stray tears escaped.


She paused and walked closer to the bed. I glanced at her to see her brows furrowed with worry.

“Everything okay?” I glanced up at her to see her brows were furrowed with worry, her gaze softened and her expression morphed into one of sympathy when she saw the box in my lap.

“I forgot I even had this” I raised the box slightly and chuckled in an attempt to lighten the mood.

She sat next to me and put her hand own my own.

“You know, we could still higher a PI to find out what happened with him. You just give the word and your father will have it all sorted out.” She said softly.

My mother found me crying a year after I was adopted over the box and I was in need of comforting, so I told her everything about Jamie. After I turned sixteen and she still found me with the box she had suggested multiple times to get a PI and find out what happened and to him. I always declined.

“No thanks, mum. I don’t need to know. If if we meet again then it won’t be because I tracked him down like an stalker.” I said offering her a small smile.

She returned it with a sad smile of her own before patting my hand and standing up.

“Okay, well come on. Dinner’s ready and your sister is her with Dwayte.”

“ Rachel is here? Well why didn’t you say so” I said happily. I looked my mum in the eyes thanking her silently for not pushing the topic and she gave me a smile in return.

“She just arrived. I came up to call you. I’ll go and tell them you’ll be down in a minute.”

She left the room and I went to put the box back at the end of my closet before I hesitated. In a spontaneous moment I put the box in my bag instead before I went to the bathroom to touch up my make up then go down and see my sister.

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