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She Is Jude

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Aaron Miles, a geeky, timid, politician's child, has had always liked Jude Elaine. On one fateful day, under the dark tinge of the evening hues on the school volleyball field, he suddenly finds Jude Elaine hanging out with a suspicious group of people. With his unrivaled curiosity and determination, he tailed through them and realizes that Jude Elaine isn't who he thinks she is. Jude Elaine- power figure, talent athlete, campus sensation, and school beauty is... A prostitute. What would happen if Aaron realizes that Jude's little secret isn't so little? When the secrets are spilled, the past revived, and shots fired, will Aaron still get Jude out of this giant mess?

Romance / Action
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Preface: The Introduction

Welcome to the She Is Jude’s pre-release chapter, “Preface: The Announcement” This chapter will give you a short briefing on She Is Jude.

--The Basics--

Before proceeding with the story, I want you to remember five things.

The prologue and some of the introductory parts can be boring. I apologize for that. This is because I wanted to explain the atmosphere of the universe the characters are moving in and the characters themselves. Please bear with it. It’ll get better, I promise.

This story is a work of an unprofessional (greenhorn) writer. I am relatively new to writing fiction so this is a breath of fresh air for me. If any of you find my writing awkward, uninteresting, or is riddled with plot and grammatical holes, I sincerely apologize for my incompetence.

This story contains sensitive topics like prostitution, politics, murder, sex (including rape), stalking, and profanity. This story is tagged as mature for a reason. Please be warned.

This is a two-part story. I divided this story into two parts so that It will be easier for me to comprehend and grasp the story. Another thing is, I am collecting consensus if I should continue writing this book or not after the first part. This creates better writing opportunities for me if my writing goes stale halfway. Don’t worry, to a certain extent, this story will have a proper ending.

First person and third person split. The point of view will shift depending on the timeline. For example, the prologue starts off in a timeline a few months ahead of the original timeline. This is made apparent by the fact that it uses the first person point of view. If the story is set on the original timeline, it will be portrayed in third person.

--Story Description--

“People may pay to buy my body, but they can never pay to buy me.”

When Aaron Miles, a rich, timid, politician’s child falls in love- he falls in love hard. That is why, when he met Jude Elaine, he risked everything, his dignity, his pride, his family, his friends, and most importantly... himself.

One day, while following Jude Elaine, he finds out that Jude Elaine is a shady little lady hanging out with shady characters. Another thing— he also found out Jude Elaine’s little secret. Jude Elaine, the school beauty, the athlete, and the power figure is... a prostitute.

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