Life Behind Doors

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Bailey's family is missing and she doesn't know where they are!!

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1. Home

I finally got to come home from college. Life is hard trying to fit in when you come from a hybrid family. I was there for three years by myself. I wish it wasn't so long that i was away from my parents. I haven't visited them in 4 years. I still wonder to this day if there okay.

I went back to my childhood home thinking my parents were still living there. I knocked on the door and there was no answer, then i knocked again and their was woman that came to door, I saw her and i said to her" Um..Hi is Tammy and Mike Malinowski here?" She said to me. " There's none one that lives here by that name". I was confused because when i left for college this was the exact place they lived. So the question i have remaining in my head is where can they be. So i said to her the only thing that popped up in my head. " Oh Okay I'm Very Sorry For Bothering You but Do you know any people here in Tomahawk that used to live here before you did?" She didn't answer the question and then just shut the door in my face.

I left that lady's house and got in my car and called my mom for the first time in 4 years. None one answered so i started to become worried. I left that lady's house and started to search around Tomahawk. I looked in the library's and at their favorite Diners and even asked there favorite friends but the last place i went to there was this woman that wouldn't stop looking at me. So i went over to her and asked her a question. " Hi. I'm Bailey. Um i see that you were staring at me so i just wanted to come over and introduce myself to you. May i ask what you may need because it's kind of creepy that you were staring at me and following me around town?" She just continued staring at me with a confused look on her face. She then started to jot something down on a piece of paper. The piece of paper said. " I can't hear because i'm death so can you write down what you said on this paper?" I'm glad that i knew sign language since i'm studying that in my college classes. So i said to her in sign language " Hi I'm Bailey, I saw you staring at me from over there and i just wanted to introduce myself to you and asked you what you may need since you were following me around town." She said to me in sign language " Oh Hi, I'm Carey i was following you around town because i wanted to tell you that you look so much like my mom." "I wonder who her mom is' i said to myself.

After we introduced ourselves to each other we went to a restaurant and had lunch together and we just talked to each other about our family's and life.
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