What I did to save the company

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At age 25, I made a choice. At the time I didn't know if it was the right or the wrong choice, honestly I still don't know. My name is Amelia Grimaldi but call me Mia. I married someone. Ok, ok, not just someone AMERICAS #1 PLAYBOY. You must think I am crazy right. Well I did it to save the company. This sis my drama and romance story and it's quite intresting if I do say so my self. My marriage life is like a long fairytale but I am not sure if it has the happy ending part. We go through lies, secrets, jealousy, pain, hurt, backstabbers and many more. Our marriage life is a long train ride. But I hope it ends well but how it's going I am not too sure...

Romance / Drama
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Meet your main Characters

Amelia Grimaldi: She is firm, fierce and sassy. She talks back and can not back down without a fight which she aims to win. This is what you see when you take one good look at her but her heart is inside there and it begs to be captured but Mia is afraid to let her heart go because of a truama that happened sometime ago but this does not stop men from looking at her with lustful eyes, she is really attractive with her ebony black hair and her enhancing bright green eyes and those full pouty lips that will leave any man begging, she has tanned skin and curves in all the right places. She is a goddess.

Nickolas Adams: He is a classic playboy , he changes ladies like he changes his clothes but he never really loved them. He has his own secrets too , he is really annoying and glares at people a lot. He has this glare that sends people running but he has tattoos which play an important role in this story but because he is inhumanly handsome, from his blonde curly hair and electric blue hair with those beautiful lips and a defined jaw, tanned skin and an eight pack, he is the whole package which every girl would love to get a taste of.
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