Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 9 [Part 1]

The next morning I woke up and Sage was fast asleep next to me, she suddenly moved and I knew she was a awake. Once Sage is a vampire she will be there every morning forever seeing as vampires can’t die unless killed but I’ll never let anything happen to her or me.

“Morning beautiful,” I said with a smile.

“Morning,” Sage replied sleepily.

“How was your sleep?” I asked.

“Good and yours?” Sage asked as she opened her eyes.

“Great! Better than yesterday,”

“How?” Sage asked in confusion.

“You didn’t touch me yesterday, the way you did last night,” I said with a smirk.

“I touched you?” Sage asked quietly.

“Oh yeah,” my smirk grew.


“First you put your arms around me and then your leg, after that you kissed me,” I joked.

“No I didn’t, you’re lying,” Sage saw through my lies.

“I’m not,” I denied.

“Yes you are,” Sage argued.





“No,” I said firmly.

“Whatever, I don’t believe you,” Sage said and with that she left the bed, picked up her clothes, ran to the bathroom before locking the door behind her. She came out a few minutes later and wouldn’t look at me.

“Sage?” I asked but Sage ignored me. What have I done?

“Please look at me, I’m sorry,” I apologised but Sage began combing her hair. “I’m sorry I lied, you never touched me,”

Sage didn’t bat an eyelid and started applying her makeup.

“Sage are you even listening?” Did you not hear what I just said?” I asked as I sat up in bed but still nothing from Sage. I hate this.

I should give her some space, I took a shower and got dressed. When I came out Sage was gone. What? No! Where is she? Sage is gone and it’s all my fault. Then I heard voices, it was Sage and someone else, a male. Sage was with another male, I’m so angry, how could she do this to me?

I heard footsteps come upstairs and towards me, it was Sage.

“Sage,” I said.

“Your friend is here,” Sage said without looking at me.

“What friend?” I asked.

“Daniel,” Sage replied, my best friend’s here. It’s only Danny, I sighed and calmed me down.

“Ok, let’s go,” I said and followed Sage down to Danny.

“Hi Danny,” I said when I saw my best friend. Danny is around the same height and build as me but he has brown hair and eyes.

“Hey Li,” Danny replied cheerily.

“Do you want to have breakfast with us?” I asked.

“Sure,” Danny replied. I made breakfast and we all ate in silence.

“Is everything alright? You two haven’t said two words to each other since I got here,” Danny noticed worriedly and broke the silence.

“Everthing’s fine, Sage doesn’t talk much, she’s shy,” I said and saw Sage blush.

“Oh,” said Danny said with an understanding nod of the head.

“So should we get going and start shopping to get back before your engagement party?” Danny asked.

“Yeah, let’s go,” I said before the three of us headed to my car and got in with Danny at the back. I drove untill we reached into town where Sage’s friend Jenny was waiting.

“Well I guess we should split up and meet back here when we’re done,” I suggested and everyone agreed. Sage went off with her friend and I went off with Danny.


A few hours later, we all came back together with bags of shopping and headed off back home in time to prepare for our engagement party. Danny and Jenny went home but would be back for the party.

Everything was ready for the party all that was left was to get dressed. I chose to wear blue jeans, a black shirt and a black blazer with black trainers.

Then Sage walked in to get changed. She finally looked at me and commented.

“You look nice Li,”

“Thank you. Does this mean you forgive me?” I asked with a hopeful look.

“Yeah but never lie to me again,” Sage warned.

“I won’t, I promise. I’m sorry,” I apologised.

“It’s ok,” Sage said softly.

“Thanks, I’ll um leave you to change,” I said and walked out before closing the door behind me.

I heard the doorbell and went to the door, it was Danny.

“Am I early?” Danny asked.

“No just in time, come in,” I said and soon after the guests kept coming. When the guests were all there, I went to find Sage upstairs.

I opened the bedroom door and there stood my beautiful mate. Sage wore a pink short dress that showed off her sexy legs, a black jumper and black high heels. She took my breath away, I couldn’t move or speak.

“Are you ok Li?” Sage asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, you look amazing,” I finally found my voice.

“Thanks,” Sage said with a blush.

“But you can’t go and meet people dressed like that,” I disagreed as I checked out Sage’s outfit once more.

“Why not?” Sage asked.

“The other unmated male Vampires are gonna want you,”

“But I don’t want them, I only want you,” Sage blushed again.

“I know,” I smiled before we gazed into each other’s eyes.

“We should head down, everyone’s waiting to meet you,” I commented before we went downstairs to the guests.

“Everyone this is my mate Sage,” I proudly introduced my mate. Sage was so nervous, she gulped and said


Sage was greeted back from the guests and then one by one they came to her to talk. Everyone congratulated us and said they’d see us at our wedding which was 2 days away.

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