Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 12 [Part 1]

The next morning I woke up the happiest vampire alive. My mate is finally mine and is a hybrid. She was tucked in my arms fast asleep. I can’t believe we did it we made love. I felt around for Sage but she wasn't there. I got out of bed and went to look for her. I looked everywhere, in every room of the house, she’s not here, she’s gone. Why would she leave me? We slept together. I’ve lost my mate, how could I? This is all my fault, I could have stopped this, I didn’t hold her tight enough during the night, she must have regretted last night and escaped whilst I was sleeping.

I went back to the bed and wept.

Then I felt the covers move. Something was in the bed with me under the bed covers, something small and it was coming towards me. I heard a small howl, it must be my mate. I looked under the covers to see and there she was, my mate in her wolf form.

" I thought you’d ran away and left me, why are you in your wolf form?” I asked and in return Sage howled again, it was cute.

I picked her up into my arms and she snuggled into my chest shivering.

“I see, you were cold weren’t you?” I asked and she howled as if to say ‘yes’.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm,” I said as I moved the bed covers over us and soon Sage warmed up. Wow! It is cold and now she’s keeping me warm too.

“Wow, you being a wolf is good for when it’s cold, you’ll keep us both warm,” I said as I stroked Sage’s soft fur, I scratched her under her ears and under her chin, she seemed to like it.

“Sage can you stay as a wolf for a while? I like you this way,”

Sage nodded her little head and closed her eyes.

“Thank you mate,” I said

After a while, Sage turned back to her vampire form but she stayed in my arms. This warmed us up even more as we were naked. Soon we were too hot and got out of bed and in to the shower, separately, my mate wouldn’t allow us to shower together.

“Why can’t we shower together?” I whined.

“Because I said so,” Sage said firmly.


“Because once we get in you won’t want to get back out,”

“Yes I will,” I told her.

“No you won’t,” she said and she was right. I sighed and let her shower first. When we were both showered and dressed, we headed downstairs.

We had a big breakfast of Bacon, eggs, toast, beans, tomatoes and hash browns. We finished it all, we were starving after last night.

We sat on the couch and I got close to Sage and pulled her to me as we stared into each others eyes. Then she put her small hand in mine before asking


“Yes beautiful,” I replied.

“Don’t you work or anything?”

“Not really,”

“Why not?”

“I don’t need to work. When my parents died, they left me a lot of money as they were rich but I haven’t got all the money. I’ll get a certain amount every 10 years to last at least a million years then I’ll have to work but that’s a long way away,” I explained.

That was only half the truth if Sage ever found out how my parents died then she’ll hate me. I’m glad she hasn’t asked me how they died, if she did I would have to lie to her because if I told her the truth, I will lose her forever.

“What about you Sage?” I changed the subject to Sage.

“I work in a salon,” Sage surprised me. I didn't know that before.

“Really? How come you never told me and why haven’t you worked since we met?”

“I never told you because you didn’t ask and I haven’t worked for a week because I’m on holiday,”

“How long have you got left?” I asked. I don't like the sound of missing Sage when she is at work.

“3 weeks,”

“That’s good I have 3 weeks with you before you go back, how many hours do you work a week?” I asked.

“I work full time which is 35 hours a week but it’s more if I do overtime,”

“That’s not good, I’ll barely see you,” I said sadly.

“Yes you will, you’ll still see me everyday, just not all day,”

“It’s not fair. I’ll miss you and what will I do all alone?”

I paused and then remembered something, I’m rich.

“Sage don’t go back to work, you don’t need to work. I’m rich and now we’re married, you’re rich too because what’s mine is yours. Please tell me you’re not going back,” I pleaded.

“No Li, I like working and making my own money, don’t make me leave,” Sage pleaded.

“I won’t make you leave work but you shouldn’t work, I’ll give you money whenever you need it. In fact, I’ll give you money everyday, starting today,” I got up to get my wallet. It had £500 inside, I took it all out and gave it to Sage.

“Li I can’t take this,” Sage tried to hand the money back to me.

“You will,” I said said as I closed Sage’s hand around the money with my hand.

“No,” Sage disagreed and tried to give the money back to me but I wouldn’t take it back.

“Fine, I’ll take it but I’m not leaving my job,” Sage sighed.

“Then don’t but I’m still gonna give you money every day,”

“Why?” Sage asked.

“Because I want to, you’re my mate. Now, come here I want to spend the time I have left with you wisely,”

“Li we’ll still get to spend time with each other,” Sage told me.

“No we won’t, you’ll be tired after work and you’ll just want to sleep. Please come here mate,” I pleaded.

“But-” Sage began to say.

“Just come here,” I said firmly and Sage did. I put my arms around her and held her tight. I won’t lose this girl, she’s mine.

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