Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 15 ~ extra [Part 1]

Having a mate is amazing the best thing ever. I never believed in mates or thought they existed until I met Li. I finally have someone who loves me unconditionally and more than anyone ever will.

There is one problem though, he is so possessive over me. He won’t leave me alone ever and just can’t keep his hands to himself.

Li’s possessiveness isn’t a bad thing, I find it hot but I would like some time alone at times. Did I mention I only work part-time now because Li doesn’t like me going to work, he doesn’t want us to ever be parted, he can’t live a second without me. Mostly he sits outside the salon in his car to make sure I’m safe, I think it’s sweet he is protecting me but it’s not necessary.

Li likes it when I’m a wolf because he can easily keep me in his arms for as long as he wants. This make me wish I was a bigger wolf but than wouldn’t stop him, he’s so strong.

I like being in my wolf form but Li doesn’t let me run much or turn back to my vampire form when I want to. It’s annoying because I don’t want to be a wolf for hours. I prefer to be in my vampire form.

I’m in my wolf form now. I want to change back to a vampire but Li won’t let me. He hisses every time I try to change back. I guess he really likes my wolf.

“Your wolf is beautiful, so beautiful, ” Li blushed.

“I was thinking of buying a dog before, I always wanted one but now I don’t need one because I have you, I never thought my mate would be half Werewolf, but I’m glad cos your such a cute Werewolf,” Li told me. I’ve never seen my wolf, I’d like to see what I look like. I change back to Vampire form.

“Li I want to see what my Werewolf looks like, will you take a picture of me next time I’m a Werewolf?” I asked.

“Sure,” Li said and he did my wolf really is cute, Li is right. I can see why Li like’s my Werewolf so much. I would love to hold a Werewolf as cute as mine, Li is so lucky.

I was completely naked now. Li wouldn’t still let me go. This is getting ridiculous. I don’t have any breathing space.

How would he feel if I never let go of him? He’d probably love every second, he absolutely loves it when I touch him, especially when I’m in control. Things have got to change before I lose it.


Li hasn’t kept his hands off me since we got married. I have to tell him to make him stop.

We’re sitting on the couch in our bedroom. Li’s hands are all over me. He put his lips to mine. I kept them shut to stop his tongue getting in, I’m not in the mood. He hasn’t realised yet. I tried to pull away but he only deepened the kiss and pulled me closer so that his body was pressed against mine. This has to stop now. I tried to move but was held firmly under him. He moved his lips away from mine, finally but then they moved to my neck to kiss his mark.

“Li stop,” I warned.

“Why?” Li whined.

“Because I said so,”

“But why though?”

“I don’t want to,”

“Are you saying you don’t like me touching you?” Li looked upset.

"Of course not,”

"That’s what it sounds like,”

“It’s not I promise, I’m sorry,” I apologised.

“I forgive you,”

Li put his arms around me and tried to kiss me, he just doesn’t get it.

“Seriously Li this has to stop, not a second goes by when you’re not touching me, it’s not normal,” I said irritably.

“It is normal, we are mates. It’s meant to be like this and as your mate it’s my job to pleasure you,”

“I know but not all the time,” I disagreed.

“Yes all the time,” Li insisted and put his lips to mine and his tongue went straight down my throat. That’s it, that was the last straw.

“Stop! I can’t take this anymore, you’re my mate and I love you but I need time away from you,”

“W what?” Li asked in complete shock.

“You did this to yourself, you’re being clingy,”

“But you like me being clingy,”

“Yes but you’re too clingy, I’m sorry but this is for the best,” I turned to leave.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Li said. I ran to the front door but he got there before I could open it. Damn I could have disappeared out of here from thin air if I knew how but Li wouldn’t tell me how because he thinks if I know how then I’ll leave him, of course I would. He had his arms around my waist and I knew he wasn’t going to let go.

“Let me go Li,” I pleaded.

“No,” Li decided.

“Please,” I begged.

“Never,” Li vowed.

“Why not?”

“Because I love you,”

“Yeah but a bit too much I think,”

“No I love you how much I should love you,” Li argued.

“Yes but you give me too much love and affection, you won’t let me go for a second, it feels like I’m trapped. I’m not a toy you can play with all the time you know,”

“I know you’re not a toy but I love spending time with you,”

“I know and I don't mind us spending time together as long as it’s not all the time,” I paused. “Please let me go now and I’ll come back,”


“Fine. When I get away, you’ll never see me again. Is that what you want?”


“Then let me go right now. Please, if you love me then you’ll let me go,” I said. Slowly and unwillingly Li let me go.

As I was about to step out the door.

“If you’re not back by tonight, I’ll come and find you, we won’t be apart for a single night,” Li warned. By then he had his head resting on my neck from behind me.

“So hurry back to me my little beauty,” Li whispered in my ear and with that I ran away, I ran away from my mate with his voice in my head.

I ran and ran not knowing where I was going.

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