Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 17 [Part 1]

A few days later

I’ve given Sage a few days to calm down. Hopefully when I see her she’ll run into my arms and come home with me. I’m such an idiot, it’s my own fault. I know I don’t ever leave Sage alone but I can’t help it because I love her and can’t stand to be without her, even for a second.

I walked up to Jenny’s front door and rang the doorbell.

A few seconds later, Sage opened it.

“What do you want?” Sage asked.

“You,” I replied

“You can’t have me,”

“I can, you’re already mine,” I argued.

“Not anymore,” Sage smirked.

“What do you mean? You said if I let you go, you’d come back to me,” I recalled.

“I lied,”

What? why did she lie to me? I love her so much, what did I do to deserve my mate lying to me just to leave me?

“You know exactly what you did,”

This is so unfair. All I did was love Sage but all she wants to do is hurt me. My heart hurts so much, I can’t be away from her for much longer, these past few days without her were a nightmare, it nearly killed me. I don’t know what she was feeling but they were the worst few days of my life. I hope Sage takes me back, I’ll change for her. If she wants, I’ll be less affectionate and touch her less even though I don’t want to. Why did I find my mate if I can't love her the way I want to? It’s not fair. It’s much worse now that she can read my mind. I can’t keep anything from her now. Sage will know if I’m lying or not. She’ll know the truth always. I don’t care, she’s my mate and I want her back now. No more Mr nice guy. I finally broke the silence that had become.

“Sage come home with me right now,” I demanded.

“No,” Sage refused.

“If you don’t, things will happen that you won’t like,” I warned.

“Did you just blackmail me?” Sage asked angrily.



“You’re taking me back, oh mate I’m so happy you-” I began to say.

“No. I meant fine, do what you want but I’m not taking you back,” Sage cut me off.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah I’m sure,” Sage confirmed.

“Ok but you’ll regret this, you’ll regret pushing your mate away,” I warned again.

“Right now. I don’t care,” Sage replied. “Goodbye,”

Oh but you will my mate, you will, once I’m finished with you.

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