Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 1 [Part 1]

Li’s pov

As soon as I saw her, I knew she was the one. My soul mate and I knew I had to have her, no matter what. I don’t mind that I am a Vampire and she’s human, I will turn her. She will be mine.

I met her in a café I went to at least once a week. As a Vampire I have to eat human food because it’s a necessity. Vampires can’t survive on blood alone. I enjoy human food, it is delicious. Blood is too but I don’t need much of that. As long as I have a little every now and then, I will be fine. The food in this café is great! I can’t fault any of the food I’ve brought here which is why I have come here so often. Today, I ordered a full English breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, cherry tomatoes, barbecue sauce and a cup of black coffee. The meal was scrumptious and was quickly devoured.

I was about to stand up to leave when I noticed everyone in the café looked towards the door and wouldn’t look away. What could be so interesting that they can’t keep their eyes away? I looked towards the door and then I understood. She had just walked in, my soul mate.

I couldn’t move, her beauty took my breath away. Her hair is long, black and straight. She has the loveliest light brown eyes I have ever had the pleasure to see and I could look into them forever if she would let me. Those small plump pink lips just make me want to kiss them. She’s skinny and she’s short too. If I took a guess, I’d say she is around 5 ft. She’s wearing black skinny jeans, flat black shoes that show some of her cute little feet and a zipped up black jacket. I wonder if she has any curves under all that clothing. Hopefully, I will find out some day.

She didn’t notice me, she didn’t even look my way which was disappointing but then again she didn’t look at anyone. I am her mate though, she should have noticed me at least. I don’t like the way everyone is gawping at her, it isn’t right. Only I have the right to look at her. My mate just walked straight to the counter and placed her order.

A few minutes later, she was given her food in a bag to go. She began to walk away to leave but I couldn’t let her go without talking to her. I had to know her name so I walked up to her and said

“Hey beautiful,”

Light brown eyes met mine in surprise, she clearly wasn’t expecting someone to come up to her like that.

“Hi,” she finally said in a soft voice.

“I’m Lincoln but you can call me Li. What’s your name beautiful?” I asked.

“Sage,” my mate replied. Wow! Sage? That name really suits her.

“Sage, that’s a nice name,” I commented while remaining eye contact. My comment caused Sage to smile with a blush. Aww! so cute. “So beautiful, are you new to the area? I’ve never seen you around here before,”

“No, I live in the area,” Sage surprised me. I live in the area too but I’ve never seen Sage before.

“Really? Do you come here often?” I asked as I wondered How I could have missed Sage all this time if she isn’t new to the area?

“No. Actually, it’s my first time in here,” Sage said shyly. She has no reason to be shy around me but then again, we’ve only just met.

“I’ve been coming here for years, I can tell you the food here is amazing,” I told my mate proudly. Then I began to ramble on about all the food I’d had. That’s what I do when I’m nervous, I talk too much. But how could I not be nervous in a situation like this? I’m talking to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and she’s my mate too.

Then I realised I could be boring my mate so I shut up and we just gazed into each others eyes. We both blushed and Sage smiled.

“I should go,” Sage finally said.

“Ok, it was nice to meet you beautiful,” I said while looking disappointed.

“It was nice to meet you too Li, bye,” Sage said.

“Bye beautiful,” I watched Sage turn and walk away from me. I miss her already but wow! I can’t believe it, I actually talked to my soul mate.

She’s perfect, I hope I’ll see her again because I have to make her mine as soon as possible. My vampire instincts are going crazy after seeing and hearing her voice which was so soft, smooth and sexy. I want to hold her in my arms and hear her lovely voice in my ear confirming she is mine.

Only a few minutes later, I realised that I wouldn’t ever see my mate again. Today I only saw Sage by chance, I doubt I will ever see her again. Damn it! I didn’t talk to her long enough to get her number and I don’t know where she lives. I have to see her but how? She must be gone by now. Maybe if I start looking now, I will catch up with her. She can’t have gone far if it’s only been a few minutes.

Without another thought, I was rushing out of the café at a human’s pace and began to search for my mate.


I’ve been walking in the area trying to find Sage for half an hour with no luck. I used my enhanced vampire senses but still nothing. It’s like she’s not here, like she has disappeared off the face of the earth but that’s impossible because she’s only human and couldn’t possibly have done that.

I think I’ll go home but wait...........There she is, Sage. She was walking slowly and gracefully down a street, unaware that I was watching her. She saw a bin and threw in a bag. It must have been rubbish from the meal she brought earlier from the café to go.

Sage was coming up to an alleyway. A pretty girl like her shouldn’t be near an alleyway which is such a dangerous place. I ran towards her with as much speed as I could muster with being a Vampire and I was at the alleyway in less than a second standing directly behind my mate. The sunlight was shining on her hair making it look brown. I couldn’t let Sage just walk away from me again not knowing how long it’d be before I saw her again so I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the alleyway.

Sage looked back startled but then she recognised me. “Li?” she asked while looking relieved to see I wasn’t a complete stranger. I can’t believe she remembered my name and it sounds so sexy coming from her mouth.

“Hey beautiful, I’ve missed you,” I said.

“Have you?” Sage looked confused. I can see why, I sound creepy. Who tells someone on their second meeting that they missed them?

"I have,” I paused as I regretted what I said while thinking This is it. I’ve scared her.

“What’s wrong?” Sage asked upon seeing the sudden change in my facial expression from happy to unsure. I guess she isn’t afraid but she soon will be.

“I’m sorry,” I apologised. All I could think about was taking Sage home with me to keep her there forever.

“Sorry for what?” Sage asked while looking as confused as ever.


Without giving Sage a chance to protest, I gently picked her up in to my arms.

Only a few seconds later, we were no longer in the alleyway.

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