Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 18 [Part 1]

The next morning Jenny’s family arrived and I left the hospital to let her be with her family. I will see her later, the doctor said she can go home today. She just needs to take it easy for a few weeks.


When Jenny got home, she told me her mate was coming over to pick her up. He was tall and blond with green eyes, he was perfect for her.

I was so happy for Jenny but it made me think of Li. I miss him so much. I wonder if he will forgive me, I doubt it after hurting him the way I did.

I put the TV on because I was bored, I started flicking through the channels and landing on the news. I don’t usually watch the news. The news reader was talking about a number of mystery attacks that had occured over the past few days throughout the city and urged everyone to be careful when going out alone and tighten their house security. The newsreader continued to say that these attacks were from the same person or gang from leaving all the victims with similar bruises which also sounded like Jenny’s.

This really freaked me out. There is an attacker/s on the loose and I could be their next victim if I’m not careful. I switched the TV off not wanting to think about it.

Suddenly, I heard noises outside the window. It sounded as if someone was scratching their way in through the window. My heart was beating so fast and I was too afraid to check if I was right.

I ran upstairs to my bed and got in under the covers. I wanted to feel safe and my bed was the first place I could think of. However, I didn’t really feel safe there as the noise continued. The only place I felt truly safe was in my mate’s arms but I couldn’t go to him now, could I?

The noise got louder and louder as if it had come upstairs with me, I’m terrified, I need my mate now.

Without thinking about it, I had teleported to my mate.

As soon as I saw Li, I ran to him.

“Sage?” Li asked as he pulled me into his arms. “Sage is it really you?”

I didn’t reply I pushed my lips to his. I feel completely safe now. I’m with my mate again, at last.

Li pulled away.

“Sage I can’t believe this, you came back to me. I missed you so much,” Li put his lips on mine and kissed me furiously. I kissed him back. He wanted to taste me, he wanted his tongue in my mouth. I let him in and his tongue explored every inch of my mouth and occasionally our tongues met. He deepened the kiss and pressed his body against me. I knew he wanted more when he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. The next thing I knew we were in bed and making sweet sweet love.

After, we just lay together. I looked over at Li, he looks happy with his eyes closed. That was about to change because I was about to hurt him again. I got up and began to put my clothes on. When I was fully dressed, Li opened his eyes and looked at me with confused eyes.

“What are you doing?” Li asked.

“What does it look like?” I replied.

“You’re leaving me again aren’t you?”

“I am,”


“Because I am,”

“But we slept together,”

“That was a mistake,”

Li looked so hurt I couldn’t bare it. Why did I come back to hurt him even more. I should have stayed at Jenny’s, I would be dead now from whoever was trying to break in, then Li could finally have been happy with me gone.

“Please don’t go, I love you,” Li pleaded with teary eyes and my heart broke.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here,” I apologised.

“Please Sage. Don’t do this, please,”

I walked to the front door and walked out of the house. Now I feel terrible again, I don’t feel safe at all. Why did I walk out on Li and hurt him again? I’m such an evil mate, I don’t deserve Li but I want him so bad, I love him. Do I really want to be away from him? Of course not, I have to go back to him right now.

I ran back to the house and into Li’s arms.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Li. I love you,” I cried.

“It’s ok. Just don’t do it again ever,” Li comforted me.

“I won’t ,” I promised. I brought my lips to Li’s and we made out passionately. I’m so happy I came back to my mate. I feel safe, he loves me and will protect me from whoever is responsible for the attacks.

It got me thinking to the day I left Li. He’d said he’d do things I wouldn’t like. What if it was him? What if he was the attacker? What if he did that to Jenny? He wouldn’t would he? There’s only one way to find out. I pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” Li asked.

“It was you wasn’t it?” I asked with a knowing look. I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out earlier. It all makes sense now.

“What was me?” Li asked in confusion.

“You hurt Jenny and all the other attacks, it was you wasn’t it?”

A smirk appeared on Li’s lips. Oh no! He really did do it didn’t he? How could he?

How does she know it was me? How did she find out so quick? It had to be done though I told her she would regret it if she didn’t take me back. I heard Li think to himself before he reminded me

“I told you I would do things you didn’t like,”

“Why are you doing this?” I demanded.

“You know why and you can end this. Just give me what I want,”

“What do you want?”

“You know what I want,"

“If I give you what you want, will you stop?”

“Of course,”

“Ok,” I gave in.

“Ok what?”

“Ok I’ll give you what you want,”

“Really?” Li’s eyebrow raised.


“Prove it,”

I put my lips to Li’s and kissed him passionately to prove myself. We ended up in bed again.

It was amazing, I didn’t want it to end. When it was over, I couldn't think and we just lay there in each others arms contently.

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