Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 23 [Part 1]

When I woke up after I blacked out, I realised I was still in the car and it all came back to me. Sage was passed out next to me. I could smell blood, it was Sage’s blood, she had a small cut on the side of her head. I checked to see if she was breathing. I can feel a pulse, she’s alive.

I took my phone out of my pocket and called an ambulance. I was told one was on the way.

I didn’t want to move my mate to make things worse so I waited for the ambulance to come. When it arrived, the paramedics ran to my mate and gently tried to get her out. I helped them and we all got into the ambulance.

“What happened?” a paramedic asked me.

“A lorry came out fast towards us. There was no time to move, the car swerved and then I blacked out. When I woke up, my wife was passed out and then I called an ambulance,” I told him.

“It’s good we arrived before it was too late,”

“Does that mean she’s going to be ok?” I asked hopefully.

“From what we can see, yes. I don’t see how she won’t make a full recovery but she did hit her head pretty bad. She’ll need to see a doctor,”

That sounds promising. I hope there isn’t any serious damage to Sage’s head.

“When will she wake up?” I asked anxiously.

“It’s different with each patient. It take days, weeks, months or longer. Maybe sooner. We’ll know better once a doctor sees her,”

“Ok,” I nodded my head. I hope Sage wakes up soon. She’s done nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve this.

We reached the hospital and the doctor did some checks.

“Well Mr James there’s good and bad news,” the doctor told me.

“Tell me,” I demanded.

“The good news is that your wife will wake up in a few hours and will make a full recovery,” the doctor assured me.

I was relieved but what was the bad news?

“And the bad news?” I asked.

“She may suffer from amnesia,”

“Amnesia?” I asked.

“Yes but we won’t know if the amnesia will be permanent or temporary until she wakes up,” he said and left. I can’t believe my mate is hurt, it’s all my fault and now when she wakes up she might have amnesia.

It’s been hours now but Sage hasn’t woken up and I’m beginning to think she never will. I held her hand and talked to her.

“Please wake up, I’m dying without you. Damn! I love you so much. If you don’t wake up, I don’t know what I’d do, you’re mine,” I said sadly. I can’t bare the thought of losing Sage.

Suddenly, Sage’s hand held on to mine and she slowly opened her eyes. I ran out the room to get the doctor.


Sage’s pov

I woke up in a white room. I looked around and realised I was in hospital. The left side of my head hurts like hell. What happened? I don’t remember a thing, just my name. Sage.

Then someone ran into the room, it was a man. He’s the hottest man I’ve ever seen. Who is he? Why is he looking at me with such love in his eyes? Does he know me?

“Sage?” he asked.

“Do I know you?” I asked and the man’s face saddened.

“Don’t you remember me?”

“No but I wish I did, who are you?” I asked curiously. I wonder who he is.

“I’m Li, your husband,” Li told me. Wow! We’re married? How the hell did I manage that if it is true?

“We’re married?”

I can’t believe this I’m married to a gorgeous man how did I manage to get him?

“Yes,” Li said and held out his left hand to show me his wedding ring. I looked at my left hand and saw a plain silver ring and a silver diamond ring. Wow! It’s beautiful.

“Wow this must have cost a lot,” I said.

“It was worth it, you’re worth it,” Li paused. “I know you might think I’m lying to you or something but I’m not because we really are married. I have proof at home. I’ll show it to you when I go to get some of your stuff,”

“Ok but what happened?” I asked. I really don’t remember a thing.

“We went shopping and were going home in my car but a lorry crashed into us, it was too fast. I couldn’t move the car in time and blacked out.

When I woke up, I was fine but you weren’t. You were unconscious and hurt. I called an ambulance and here we are,” Li explained.

“How long was I passed out for?” I asked.

“About 4 hours, do you remember anything?”

“No I don’t remember anything at all of my life, just my name,” I said sadly. I can’t believe I’ve got amnesia. I don’t know a thing about myself or my life.

“Don’t worry I just spoke to the doctor and he said you’ll slowly remember everything. I can’t wait until you remember me,” Li assured me. Aww! He’s soooo cute.

“So how long have we been married?” I asked curiously.

“Nearly 6 months,” Li smiled.

“Wow,” I said and then there was silence.

“I’d better get some clothes and stuff with our marriage proof,” Li said suddenly.

“Ok I’ll see you later,” I nodded my head.

“Later,” Li agreed and walked out.

I was tired and fell asleep shortly after.

After a while I woke up, Li wasn’t back yet. I wonder what’s taking him so long. I miss him it’s like a piece of me is gone I feel incomplete I thought just as Li walked into the room and I felt complete. Wait........ Is that because of Li? Is he the one that completes me?

"Hi,” Li said with a smile.

“Hi,” I replied.

“I brought you some clothes and stuff,”

Li reached into his inside jacket pocket and talk out some papers. He handed them to me before saying ” These are our marriage papers and certificate,”

I took a look, they seemed legit with my signature and his.

“Do you believe me now?”

“Yeah,” I said and Li smiled.

“So?” Li asked after a minute.

“So what?” I replied.

“So what do you think?”

“I think you should come here so I can get a closer look at you,” I patted the mattress of the hospital bed which seemed to please Li as he made his way over and sat where I had patted my hand. Wow! He’s even hotter looking up close.

Li stared into my eyes with so much love and relief that I believed him. He seemed to be getting closer and closer to me every second until his lips were on mine. I couldn’t help but kiss him back. I know I don’t remember him but this feels right. His lips feel soft on mine and this feels amazing.

I deepened the kiss by putting my arms around Li and pulling him closer so we were pressed against each other. We ended up making out.

After ages, we pulled apart and just gazed into each others eyes.

“Li,” I muttered.

“Yes beautiful,” Li replied.

“Why did I feel sad when you left?”

“You felt sad?” Li didn’t look surprised at my statement.

“Yeah, it was like a part of me was gone,”

“Can I tell you at home?”

“Ok but when will that be?”

“I spoke to the doctor before I left and he said he’d discharge you tomorrow,”

“Really?” I asked. That’s a relief. I don’t think I would like to stay here for much longer.

“Yes. I’m taking you home tomorrow and I’ll explain everything ok?” Li promised.

“Ok,” I agreed.

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