Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 26 [Part 1]

Sage’s pov

Li was laying next to me in our bed with his arms around me. I know he told me his secret but I have a feeling he hasn’t told me everything.

“Li you aren’t hiding anything else from me are you?” I asked unsurely.

“No,” Li replied and rested his head on my chest.

“Are you sure?” I asked as Li hid his face on my chest and mumbled something.

“What did you say? I didn’t quite hear that,”

“There is something,” Li admitted. I knew it.

“Are you going to tell me what that is?”

“Yes,” Li agreed but he looked a little afraid and I wondered why.Whatever he has to say can’t be anything worse than what I already know right?

“It’s ok babe, don’t be afraid. Just tell me,” I said softly.

“What if you leave me again?” Li asked and I could tell he was terrified at the thought of me leaving as was I. I don’t ever want to leave again.

“I won’t leave you, I promise. Tell me,” I urged and Li nodded his head.

“Well you know when I told you I killed my family wellmyyoungerbrotherhe’sstillalive,” Li rushed out the last part making it impossible to understand.

Li took the bed covers and put them over his head then moved closer onto my chest.

“Aww! Babe this is really cute you acting like this but I didn’t catch what you said. You spoke too fast, tell me again slowly,”

Li didn’t say anything he just put his arms around my waist. I moved the covers off his face, he looked up at me then reached up and kissed my lips.

“Please tell me, it can’t be worse than killing your parents can it?” I asked when Li pulled away.

“No,” Li finally said. I held his gorgeous face in my hands and he looked deep into my eyes.

“Then tell me,”

“I didn’t kill my younger brother, he’s still alive,” Li finally admitted then hid his face back on my chest.

“Your brother is alive?” I asked in surprise. I didn’t even know Li had any siblings.


“You never mentioned siblings before. What’s your brother’s name and what happened to him?” I asked curiously.

“His name is Jaime, he’s at University,”

“When was the last time you saw him?”

“I haven’t seen him in person for years but I talk to him through webcam all the time,” Li told me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted to surprise you as Jaime’s finishing university in a month and is coming home,”

“Really? That’s great,” I smiled. I’m finally going to meet someone in Li’s family.

“So your not mad at me?” Li asked anxiously.

“No,” I replied.


“Because I get to meet your brother,”

“So you won’t leave me?”

“Nope. I’m afraid your stuck with me,”

Li smiled.

“So what’s Jaime like?” I asked

“He’s just like me but he’s 22. You’ll like him,”

“I hope so, I can’t wait to meet him,”

“I told him about you and he can’t wait to meet you too,”


“Yes,” Li confirmed before the was a small silence where I realised something.

“There’s more to this isn’t there?” I asked with a knowing look.

“How do you know?” Li asked with an eyebrow raised in surprise.

“I have a feeling. Please tell me everything,”

“Ok,” Li agreed then paused and held me close before continuing.

“I haven’t been completely honest about how my parents died,”

“It’s ok, you can tell me the truth now,”

“I don’t know where to start,”

“Start from the beginning,”

“When Jaime turned 18, he found his mate. Her name was Lily and he brought her home but Dad was angry he completely lost it and killed her, he killed Lily. My Mum was furious with Dad and tried to leave but Dad was still out of control and she died too, my Dad killed her, he killed Mum,” Li told me and couldn’t stop the tears that were know flowing down his soft cheeks. He tightened his hold on me but it didn’t hurt. “After Mum’s funeral, Dad was still out of control. He completely changed because he couldn’t deal with murdering his mate so he started drinking a lot and when he was drunk he would beat me and Jaime. We Just took it, we missed Mum and Jaime was devastated about Lily.

One day, Dad came back from work and told me he knew who my mate was and if he saw her he would kill her too. He said if his mate and Jaime’s mate were dead then I couldn’t have my mate either. That’s when Jaime snapped. He lunged for Dad but Dad was stronger than him and I had to step in. It happened so fast. One minute Dad was alive and fighting and the next he was dead. We buried him and then moved on,” Li finished. That was a terrible story. Li and Jaime lost their Mum thanks to their deranged Dad. Jaime also lost his soul mate. I don’t know why Li never told me any of this. If he had then I would never have left him. He’s been through so much. I could have helped him.

“Li you should have told me then I would never have left you ever,” I sighed.

“I know, I’m so sorry,” Li apologised.

“It’s ok I forgive you unless you have something else to tell me,”

“No that’s it, no more secrets. I promise,” Li promised.

“Good, now we can be together. Jaime will join us and we can be a little family,” I smiled.

“Really just the three of us?”

“Yeah just the three of us,”

“I can’t wait,”

“Me too,” I

“I love you Sage,” Li told me happily.

“I love you too Li,” I replied and pressed my lips to Li’s and felt relieved. I now know the truth, Li and I can be happy. When Jaime arrives we will be even happier.

Little did I know that it was far from it.

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