Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 30 [Part 1]

Li’ pov

The next day the three of us headed out to see the blood witch. I can’t believe I agreed to this. Jaime could be Sage’s other mate then I will have to share her with him and that will make things worse. If me or Jaime got jealous we could end up killing each other, Sage would be mateless and alone.

I’m really dreading this. I don’t want to share my mate, she’s mine but I need to know what’s going on.

An hour later, we reached the Blood Witch’s house. We got out of the car and walked towards the front door, the door opened before we even reached it.

“Come in I’ve been expecting you,” a female voice said but neither of us moved. Sage grabbed my hand before a young lady came in view but I didn’t pay any attention to what she looked like, I only have eyes for my mate. The only thing I noticed was that she was too pale before she asked

“I thought you came here to see me?”

“We came to see the Blood Witch,” I finally said.

“I am the Blood Witch. You need to come inside to talk,”

“Ok,” I said before we went inside and the Blood Witch gestured for us to take a seat as she sat down. There were only 2 chairs available to sit. Jaime took one and I took the other before pulling Sage towards me to sit on my lap.

Nobody spoke, we sat in silence.

“Aren’t you here to ask me something?” the Blood Witch asked but still no one spoke a word.

“Fine don’t speak but you don’t need to, I know why your here,” the Blood Witch paused. “Yes Sage has two mates, they are you two brothers,”

“Jaime, Sage is your one and only mate just like Li. That girl Lily was never your mate, you just got it wrong,” the Blood Witch explained to Jaime before looking at Sage.

“You have 3 choices, 1-you can accept Jaime as your mate and you can have 2 mates. 2-reject one of them, the one you reject will lose the mate bond towards you and I’ll give him a new mate for his own or 3-reject both of them and the 3 of you will get 1 new mate each. What is your decision Sage?”

Sage didn’t answer.

“Ok you should think about it and when you’ve made a decision, come see me,”

Sage nodded her head and we stood up to leave.

The car ride home was silent. We were all lost in our own thoughts. The thing I didn’t want has happened and it’s Sage’s decision on what to do. What will she do? Which one of us will she reject? Will she accept us both or reject both of us? I’m not looking forward to finding out.

When we reached home, we all sat in together on the couch in silence.

“Sage what are you thinking?” I broke the silence some time later.

“Nothing. I don’t know what to think. I know I have to make a decision but we should all talk about this first. You both need to tell me what you want,” Sage looked at me to go first.

“I want you,” I answered without hesitating. Sage is my mate, I’ve wanted her since the moment I laid eyes on her. I’m not about to want something else now.

“I just want you happy. If that means rejecting me then do it but I don’t want a new mate if you do reject me,” Jaime said sadly when Sage glanced at him for an answer.

“So basically you both want me and I don’t want to hurt either of you more than I already have,” Sage paused before asking me. “If I accept Jaime as my mate, would you both be ok with sharing me,”

“Yes,” Jaime said while looking at me with hopeful eyes. I looked from Jaime to Sage, then Jaime, then Sage and back to Jaime. They both looked at me with hopeful eyes. Sage wants me and Jaime, I can tell. I hope I don’t regret what I’m going to say to them.

“I just want us all to be happy and together so I think if we all agree then we should go to see the witch to tell her that Sage wants the two of us as her mate,” I said. Jaime’s eyes widened in surprise, He thought I would never accept him as my mates other mate. I didn’t think I would accept it either but it’s what Sage wants. She is the most important here and must always be happy even if it means I will be hurt.

“So do you agree?” I asked Jaime.

“Yes,” Jaime said and Sage nodded her head also in agreement.

“Ok let’s go and see the Blood Wi-” I began to say but was cut off with the doorbell ringing. I opened the door and was surprised to see it was the Blood Witch.

“I know your decision, it is done. You and Jaime will both remain as Sage’s mates for eternity, I hope you all have a happy life together,” and with that the Blood Witch disappeared. I hope so too, what the hell have I gotten myself into?

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