Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 31 [Part 1]

Sage’s pov

What have I agreed to? Will this even work? How will I share my attention with them both? Will Li let me mate with Jaime? What if I give one more attention than the other? They’ll be jealous. When I mate with both of them won’t we all catch aids and die? What if I love one more than the other? How the hell- I thought to myself before I was interrupted.

I felt two strong arms go around my waist and felt sparks. I knew it was Li.

“Baby it’s ok. We’ll figure something out. Don’t worry, we’ll make this work,” Li said as he brought his lips to mine and kissed me.

We heard Jaime gasp and fall to the floor. We pulled apart. I ran to Jaime and helped him up.

“I’m sorry Jaime, I’m so sorry,” I apologised. I completely forgot it still hurts Jaime when Li and I touch. Jaime put his arms around my waist. “I forgot it hurts you when I touch Li, really am sorry,”

“It’s ok but you can change that,” Jaime assured me as his arms tightened around my waist.


“You know how,”

Now I remember.

“Li we have to mark each other so Jaime doesn’t feel pain if I touch you or hurt you if I touch him,” I pleaded with Li.

“If you mark each other you will want to mate,” Li said sceptically.

“So? We are gonna have to mate at some point,”

“Ok fine, you can mark each other but you can’t mate until you are married,” Li surprisingly agreed.

“Ok,” I smiled.


“Ok we won’t mate until we are married,” Jaime agreed with a little hesitation. I know he is desperate to mark and mate me but we can’t right now. We have to respect Li’s wishes.

“Good,” Li said.

“Can you give us some privacy? You won’t want to see me mark her,” Jaime glanced at Li who didn’t say anything, he just left the room.

Jaime looked at me, I nodded my head. His arms were still around my waist. He rested his face on my shoulder facing my neck and breathed in. Then his fangs came out, he was about to bite me but I stopped him.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want me to mark you?” Jaime asked sadly.

“I do want you to but do you have to mark my neck?” I asked.

“No but I want to mark your neck,”

“But Li’s mark is on my neck,”


“Don’t you want your mark away from his so it stands out?” I asked.

“It stands out on the neck,”

“I know but it can stand out on other areas of my body too,”

“Like where?”

“I don’t know, my wrist,” I said the first body part that came to mind.

“Your wrist?”


“Your wrists are always covered, I want my mark to be seen,” Jaime shook his head.

“I won’t cover them,” I promised.

“Why don’t you want my mark on your neck?”

“Because when Li marked me there, it really hurt,” I admitted. “I don’t want to go through that again,”

“Sage it doesn’t matter where I mark you, it will hurt but ok I’ll mark your wrist,” Jamie agreed. “If that is what you want,”

“It is, thank you,”

Jaime took my left hand and kissed the top of my wrist where his mark would be. Then his fangs came out and went into my skin, the pain came for a second but was replaced with immense pleasure. Jaime licked off the blood and his mark appeared. His mark was a dragon, it was exactly the same as Li’s dragon but instead of red, it was blue with Jaime’s initials. It covered most of my hand and nearly reached my elbow.

“I’m glad my mark is on your wrist because I can see it easily. It also stands out more than Li’s mark which is covered by your hair, he’s going to be pissed when he sees it,”

“Oh no!” I hadn’t thought of that. Li is going to be livid.

“It’s too late know, he has to live with it. Anyway, it’s your turn to mark me,”

Jaime showed me his neck eagerly.

“Ok where do you want my mark?” I asked.

“On my neck of course,”


I leaned into Jaime’s neck and buried my fangs into his skin for a second before removing them. I licked off the dripping blood and my mark appeared. It was the same mark he gave me but it had my initials with it. It covered a lot of his neck and went down to the top of his chest, just like Li’s mark.

Jaime made a small mirror appear out of nowhere in his hand to see my mark on his neck.

“Wow! It’s amazing,” Jaime admired his mark with a smile.

The mirror disappeared, Jaime took my hand and kissed his mark on my wrist which sent sparks down my body. Then he kissed my lips where more sparks erupted all over my body. I kissed him back and our lips moved together.

“Sage can I ask you something?” Jaime asked nervously when we pulled apart.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“Will you marry me?”

“Ok,” I said without hesitating then Jaime brought his lips back to mine to kiss me passionately.

When we pulled apart, Li walked back into the room and asked

“So is it done?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Let me see,”

I gulped and Jaime tensed beside me. Li came towards me and whispered in my ear

“Show me his mark,”

I held my wrist up and Li looked confused at first but then he saw the mark and the confusion was replaced with anger.

“He marked your wrist,” Li spat out. I nodded my head and put my arms around him to calm him. Li put his arms around me.

“You smell of him,” Li hissed angrily and he tightened his hold on me. Jaime came closer.

“Mine,” Li warned.

“She’s mine too,” Jaime disagreed.

“Mine,” Li said so harshly that Jaime whimpered and I nearly did too. Li kept holding me and wouldn’t let Jaime anywhere near me. How is this going to work now?

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