Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 32 [Part 1]

It’s been 2 hours now and Li is still holding me. We’re sitting on the couch now, with me on his lap. Jaime left the room when he tried to sit next to me but Li viciously hissed at him.

“Li isn’t it time you let me go now?” I asked.

“No,” Li refused to let me go.

“Why not?”

“Because I said so,”

“When are you going to let me go?”

“Not yet,”

“But-” I began to argue but Li wasn’t having it.

“Why are you complaining? I know you’re loving this, being so close to me,” Li cockily told me.


“No buts,”

“Can’t we at least talk about things?”


“Then let me go,”

“No,” Li insisted.

“We either talk or you let me go, which one?”

“Fine we’ll talk but first I need a drink,” Li agreed.

“Ok lets get a drink,” I agreed and made my way to the kitchen to get some wine out.

“Not that kind of drink,” Li told me when he saw the wine.

“Oh you need blood,” I understood instantly.

“No,” Li shook his head as I began to take out the blood bottle.

“But how-” I tried to ask.

“I want your blood,” Li surprised me.

“No,” I disagreed. Li is not drinking from me. It hurt like hell when he marked me, I will not have him drink from me as it is likely to hurt even more.

“Yes and you need blood too,” Li disagreed.

“No I don’t. I’m a Hybrid,”

What the hell is Li taking about. I don’t need to drink blood. I haven’t needed it ever since Li turned me so why do I need it now?

“You still need blood, you’re half Vampire,” Li told me.

“I don’t want it,”

“You do. It’s been over a year since you turned, the human blood inside your body is almost gone. You will need more to replace it, it’s best if you take some now and even better if you had mine,”

“No,” I refused. I have no desire to drink blood, I don’t need it. I can survive without.

“Please,” Li pleaded.

“Ok you have a bit of my blood but I’m not taking any of yours,” I agreed to keep Li quiet.

“Ok,” Li quickly agreed before I could change my mind.

I put my neck closer to to give Li good access to my neck. His fangs came out immediately and pierced into my skin which hurt just as much as when he marked me. He drank my blood for a couple of seconds before pulling his fangs out gently and licked the area clean of any blood.

“Now it’s your turn,” Li decided despite me telling him no as he neared his neck to my lips.

“No Li,” I mumbled.


“No,” I insisted.

“Fine,” Li sighed and I though that was the end of it as he moved his neck away from my lips but then Li did something I wasn’t expecting.

A small dagger appeared out of nowhere and Li grabbed it.

“Li what are you doing? Why do you need that?” I said as I eyed the dagger suspiciously.

“You’ll see,” Li said and without warning, he made a small cut on his neck with the dagger and instantly blood came oozing out. Then the dagger disappeared.

“Li what have you-” I began to ask but then I smelt the blood. It smells so delicious. I want it. I want it now.

“That’s it,” Li said as I realised my lips were nearly touching his neck and my fangs were already out. I couldn’t take it anymore, my fangs dug into Li’s skin where he made the cut. I drank his blood without thinking and it was amazing. I feel stronger.

Li moaned.

“Yes baby take as much as you need,” Li moaned again. I took my fangs out. I licked his skin to clean the blood off as Li groaned before asking

“Why did you stop?”

“I shouln’t have done that, you made me. You knew I wouldn’t be able to resist your blood,” I accused the smirking Vampire.

“I’m sorry,” Li apologised. He doesn’t look sorry. ”There was no other way. You needed the blood, you were getting weak,”

“Fine I forgive you,” I easily forgave my husband. “Now let’s talk,”

“Ok,” Li finally agreed. I tried to get out of Li’s arms and he finally let go. Jaime had returned without me realising; he sat on the couch opposite us while looking sad. I hate this.

“Ok we need to decide how my time will be divided between the two of you,” I said as I looked between the two brothers.

“So any ideas?” I asked but neither of them replied.

“How about I spend 3 days a week alone with both of you and one day we have to ourselves or we can all be together, how does that sound?” I suggested.

“It’s worth a try,” Jaime commented and Li surprisingly nodded his head in agreement.

“Ok, if it doesn’t work then we’ll think of something else,” I paused. “So how do you want to do this? Do you want the three days with me together or spread out throughout the week?”

“Together,” Li said and Jaime agreed.

“Ok so maybe Jaime should go first because I’ve always been with you since we got married,”

“Ok,” Li muttered.

“Ok that’s settled then, we’ll start next week,” I said. I’m not looking forward to that, I’m not looking forward to that at all.


Jaime’s pov

I can’t believe that Li let me mark Sage. When he saw my mark on her, he was furious but he had every right to be angry because my mark stands out more than his.

I’m surprised I’ve found my mate, my true mate. It would be good if I didn’t have to share her with my brother but I’m just glad I can spend some time with her alone next week. I thought Li would never agree, he’s so possessive over her and after what happened earlier, I thought he’d keep me away from her.

I don’t think Li will let me anywhere near her, as long as he’s around. I miss her touch, all those amazing sparks and her kiss. Kissing her was the best thing that ever happened to me, I want her lips on mine again. I have to get her alone some how.

When the 3 of us agreed on things Sage ran upstairs to their room and Li followed her. I don’t know what they are doing, they are probably mating or something. I’m glad I won’t feel no pain anymore because I have Sage’s mark. I can’t wait to marry her and mate with her. I’ll finally feel complete.

2 hours later, they both came downstairs hand in hand. Li had a guilty look on his face and Sage was blushing which meant they definitely mated. I’m so jealous right now, if only that was me with Sage, her under me screaming my name. If only.

I really can’t take this a minute longer.

“Sage,” Li spoke.

“Hmmm?” Sage replied as she glanced at Li.

“Why don’t you change into your cute little Werewolf to show Jaime,” Li suggested.

“She can turn into a Werewolf?” I asked in surprise. Neither of them told me a thing.

“Yes she’s a Hybrid,” Li replied. Wow! I didn’t know that.

Sage disappeared and a pile of her clothes were left before it started to move. Li rummaged through the pile of clothes and pulled out a white little wolf with light brown eyes. Aww! How cute.

Sage walked to me, jumped into my lap and licked my face as I petted her soft fur.

Li hissed in disapproval.

“Aww mate you’re so adorable,” I cooed before Sage got off my lap to go back to Li who picked her up into his arms.

“Isn’t she supposed to be bigger?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah but to get bigger she needs to be in her Werewolf form for hours but if she grows too big, the house will be in ruins,” Li replied.

“Then lets buy a house with lots of land where she can run,”

“I’m already working on that, I haven’t managed to find somewhere no one will see her,”

“I’ll help,”

Sage needs to grow into the wolf she is meant to be.

Sage howled cutely at me before Li carried her upstairs with her clothes.

A few seconds later, they returned. Sage was back in her Vampire form and fully dressed.

Sage sat beside me and Li sat opposite us to keep an eye on us. I put my arm around Sage and she snuggled close. Li hissed but before he could get up and snatch Sage away from me, I did it to him.

I stood up and picked Sage up into my arms.

“Jaime what are you doing?” Sage asked as she held onto me tightly, she thinks I’ll drop her but how can she think that? I’m her mate, I would never hurt her.

“Something I should have done when I first saw you, I’m sorry Li,” I apologised with a glance at my brother. Before anything else happened, Sage and I were gone.

The End of Part 1

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